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  1. This may be a bit off topic, but as an American in high school right now, I think that more students need to understand the purpose of what they are learning. I feel like too many of my classmates really miss the point of school. They think that the school is trying to get them to remember all of these random facts and processes, but it's really trying to teach them how to learn. They think a math test is just a test of what they were taught, but it's actually a test of how well they can learn that type of math.

    I feel like if more people understood this, we'd see more effort and more interest. I know once I realized this I stopped disliking school.

  2. I agree with you about the probe and Z-Map for sure, as well as on the planes. It's been mentioned that the planes haven't been redesigned in quite a while, so they're due for an update soon anyways.

    As for the Lander and Orbiter, I think those are meant to be examples of what is possible, because getting creative is something new players might not think of because they haven't seen anything unique before.

  3. We are not going to be a "spacefaring civilization" (whatever that means) any time in our lifetime, so there is no point in aiming for science fiction. We should focus on goals that are achievable with current technology and budget constraints.

    Exactly. It's our job to do achievable projects so the next generation has something to work off of, so that eventually a spacefaring civilization is possible. That's why I think a Moon base is a better idea. But I know that most people can't think further ahead than 10 years, not to mention beyond their own lifetimes.

  4. what about simple multiple solar systems? like you go to the tracking center and select kerbol star. and you're in the kerbol system. then you could select Cream soda star and youre in a star system that might have a lot of cream soda on its planets.

    perhaps even a terran system and you're in a solar system that mimics ours.... although we'd need new rocket parts i'd imagine.

    so we could have multiple star systems with multiple configurations but no need to code in interstellar travel.

    I really like this idea. The Kerbals could be the consistency across all of the different, unconnected systems.

  5. So, for every 100ml of fuel you suggest we should go 300ml oxidizer? sound a bit of an overkill to me. I thought 200ml would be a reasonable amount. the LOX would be at extremely high pressures and thus expand when at the combustion chamber. :)

    The ratios they've given aren't volume ratios, they're mass ratios. The expansion of the oxygen isn't going to create more oxygen atoms for the reaction. Using a mass ratio, you can find a volume ratio.

  6. Unzip ModularFuelTanks.zip into {KSP}/GameData. You should have:








    Then, if you want to play with LOX and LH2 and all the goodies, unzip RealFuels.zip - otherwise leave it zipped to stick with LiquidFuel and Oxidizer.

    Are these supposed to be the install instructions? I really want to try this out, but have no idea how to install the thing. Could somebody take some pictures, do a step by step, or make a video or something?

  7. I would like to try it out on steam to see how it works, but with the whole irreversible thing, I can't see myself switching. I like to try things out before I make a decision. I have no problems with the KSP store, and I might have them with Steam. Not worth it to me.

  8. No, you couldn't. Engineering the lemons that we all know into some sort of explosive, is not currently possible. I doubt it will ever be. I can't believe that some people think that just because something happened in a video game, that it can happen in real life as well.

    If you want to help someone understand something, start with respect and a little courtesy. People don't usually like being insulted.

  9. ... not sure if trolling...

    So two hohmann transfers would have 4 burns...Burn from orbit A to orbit B, Burn at orbit B, Burn at orbit B to orbit C, Burn at orbit C.

    And if you realize that the "burn at orbit B" and the "Burn at orbit B to orbit C" could occur back to back as essentially the same burn you would notice 3 burns.

    The point is to be thrusting horizontally and preferably as much as possible as low as possible in the gravity well. Those primary attributes are shared whether you do it as a single hohmann transfer or a bi-eliptic transfer.

    That's not how a bielliptic transfer works though unless I misunderstood your explanation. The goal is to go from one circular orbit to another, so you burn your apoapsis higher than the final orbit, then burn your periapsis up to the desired altitude while at apoapsis. Then you circularize for a total of 3 burns. This is only better when ratio the semi-major axis of final to starting circular orbit is greater than 12 I believe.

  10. We don't know if it's real or not for sure, but why take the risk? Obviously because of the infrastructure. Oil will be used as the primary energy source until it is too expensive to continue doing so. Only then will things change. It's only a matter of time before the companies are fracking, deep sea drilling, and using tar sands, reducing the cost for a time, and only once every possible oil source is used will things change to alternative sources.

  11. All in all, it had to be completely redone, so they might as well have just got rid of it, so they replaced it with the Mk1-2, which is superior in just about every way.

    Better in every way, except that the hatch and ladder are rotated slightly, making it not line up with the crew tank ladder.

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