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  1. Conics_Patch_Draw_Mode will change the way the orbits are draw. 3 and 1 are the only useful ones. Conics_Patch_Limit will change how many orbits ahead it will predict. I highly recommend changing this to at least 3.
  2. Does KSP have commercials that I never see? How did people find it through TV?
  3. Mine's same as here, Endeavour
  4. Is this the first nuclear powered vehicle from NASA in quite a while? I remember there being some issues with them making nuclear powered stuff.
  5. For now, I think wider rockets are far better that taller ones because of the way drag works. So for the time being, don't use tall rockets.
  6. I would recommend following Ghery88\'s advice. Slow down long before you are close to the ground. The altimeter rarely gives an accurate measure. If you can, turn on the terrain scatters so you can see the rocks. They will let you know how close you are. Also, when you are coming in, try to have very little horizontal speed.
  7. If there is any significant atmosphere on the planet, the only way I can imagine returning is by leaving one ship in orbit, and landing with a second ship. It would be easier with docking, but two missions will work for now.
  8. Is Kerbol going to become an object in this update?
  9. Great work. I wish this had been up when I first started. A well made video that every new player should watch.
  10. Great job! It\'s a lot easier to go to Minmus first, so even better. Now try Mun, Minmus, Mun, Kerbin
  11. I use it for the surface information and orbital information tabs. Also, the kill rotation function on the Smart A.S.S. is far better than the ASAS in everyway, so I like to use that. The autopilot things usually don\'t work for me.
  12. I wish it used the Gpu for physics. I couldn\'t afford both a CPU and a new graphics card, so I opted for the card. Now I\'m suffering
  13. The opening ceremony didn\'t compared to the amazing one in Beijing four years ago.
  14. Dubstep as a genre has some specific characteristics that Skillex\'s music lacks. But I don\'t think anyone really cares.
  15. Endeavour


    I don\'t know what an X51 is, but if its not a laptop, I would recommend building your own like all of these guys. My dad helped me assemble my first one when I was 12, and I\'ve assembled quite a few since then. The key thing is to find what you want, then find it cheap. There are always deals out there, and if you wait a few weeks, whatever you want will be on sale somewhere.
  16. I would say use Mechjeb. It will be very difficult to get the pieces of your base close together without it. Otherwise, bring lots of fuel.
  17. Always return opposite to the Mun\'s orbit. Patched conics will tell you what to do.
  18. Does it work with any rockets? I would love to try this on the Mun.
  19. We can\'t know that until it happens. I was simply saying that 2 Gs is a safe bet, whereas 7 is more uncertain. So aiming for 2 Gs seems to be a practical goal at this point in time.
  20. Yes. The amount of delta V you get out of your rocket depends very much on the specific impulse. Higher is better.
  21. We can assume the 2 Gs will be safe because it is not extreme. We cannot assume that 7 Gs will be acceptable.
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