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  1. Yup, trying to do everything from IVA. I'd try throttle limits on action groups using the following, I think I've used it for that: I've not found a great way of controlling MechJeb from IVA other than via RPM or MAS IVA MFDs. I have not looked a kOS though, but last time I checked there's no kOS to MJ interface, but there are kOS scripts that can execute nodes and there's kOS PropMonitor which works on some MFDs (sometimes hidden), a bit tricky to set up, but once you do you can control tons of things (Atmosphere Autopilot, robotics, remote vehicles). Look into that, BakerOS perhaps, and also check out https://www.youtube.com/@Vulkans who does a lot of IVA flying, and even builds their own IVA mods (usually private, but the OPT-J one is now in a mod, I think MAS itself?!) As for MAS, perhaps we can hope that IVA master @JonnyOThan will adopt it, but I think they're having too much fun with FreeIVA (and looking after RPM).
  2. I've found that MAS controlled MechJeb does often result in different behavior, though usually not this extreme. Great video and descriptions on what's going on, though it's out of Reviva's realm of resolving - likely something involving MAS, and MOARdv the author is no longer working on it last I read. From the video, I might have some thoughts - the particular craft seems to have a fairly high TWR (2.0 according to IVA view) for such a maneavuer, which only lasts about 1 second - so the impulse is quick and overshoots - then the craft turns to chase the correction which is in the opposite direction. Why MJ direct can handle this I'm not sure, but design wise there's probably only just enough reaction wheel power to stabilize it, and possibly MAS isn't setting up some control values (tolerances, pids). To help: Try limiting the thrusters to get a much longer burn, perhaps even as low as 10%. This so the reaction wheels can handle stabilizing, but also so the throttle down can hit the mark without overshoot. Not sure, but I didn't see any RCS thrusters, and RCS wasn't enabled (there's 27 monoprop though so I might not have seen it). Definitely add rotational for stability, but translation will also help for the fine control to finish off the maneavuer (I think?) I recommend using RCS Build Aid to ensure they're balanced. You could spam more RW, but I usually play with the equivalent of MandatoryRCS, and prefer the coolness factor of RCS. Hope that helps! Cool SSTO! (One day I'll finish K-Planes which aims to have SSTO contracts for payload deliveries)
  3. This is a very cool theme, thanks for creating it. Gives KSP1 a more modern feel, to match all the 230+ mods I use to prolong the life of the game.
  4. Ah, yes, they were hard to find, I think they're originally mentioned in the Airplane Plus KSP forum posts: APF16 = acronym for "ASET/RPM for Falcon cockpit" APIP = acronym for "Airplane Plus IVA Pack" Both of these actually have hyperlinks in the https://github.com/harveyt/reviva#dependency-summary part of the README: Optional Airplane Plus IVA Pack GitHub RPM AirplanePlus Done Various plane/chopper cockpits Optional ASET/RPM for Falcon cockpit Dropbox RPM AirplanePlus Done F-16/mk2 non-commerical IVA I have hyperlinks for other IVA mods, but I'm been only adding them in as I support them. Glad you like Reviva and the README - I actually started out with a text file of URL links and hand edited each IVA in (and out) as I needed them and eventually went "well this sucks big time, I should make it easier"...
  5. Brilliant... this will be great for Aerobee style mods (Taerobee, CNAR, Wacapella, Sounding Rockets, RaiderNick's), love it!
  6. Glad you're enjoying it! I've done most of my testing on Stock and KSRSS 2.7x, I'd imagine RSS is very hard for speed for sure. RO/RP-1 is definitely hard mode. I've not been playing much KSP recently, but I'm feeling like dusting off and updating KSRSS 2.7x scale career, and so K-Planes (and Reviva, Wacapella) may receive updates over the coming months (years?). As yet K-Planes has no shuttle or SSTO contracts. History of Spaceflight only goes to Apollo, no shuttle contracts there unfortunately. However that's why I'm doing K-Planes, to cover from X-1 through Shuttle, SpaceX and things like Near/Far future SSTO (think Opt Spaceplanes). Though it's purposefully not historical, but goal oriented and will try not to limit solutions to particular mods.
  7. Yes, it recreates the RPMComputer module, so I'm gonna guess the Start() which seems to do that will find nothing and lose that info. So can I get it from comp.vesselDescription before I recreate, set it on new instance before Start() is called and it might work? BaseComputer::RecreateComputer() should have a PreRemoveHook() added that saves it, and a PostAddHook() to set it to make it generic. I'm not sure if MAS would need something similar. Actually that'd be too late, as I'm doing AddModule() to create the new RPM computer, which probably does Start() before I can set anything, I think I'd call the SetVesselDescription on the vessel computer... but ah, it's internal. Ah the vesselDescription is persistent, does that mean I can set it in the PartModule config node then?
  8. Oh, that's even more weird than I thought. Thanks for the clarification, I didn't even properly read the comment/issue (sigh) what hope do I have to fix it (lol). I'll get to it one day soonish.
  9. That's a good bug find there and diagnosis. I'm surprised nobody has noticed this, including me. From what I can see from RPM, the vessel description is parsed when the RPM computer is started, which should be the case when it's recreated. There must be something else magical to prod or do, so no promises on fixing it or how long. I see @JonnyOThan already made an issue in GitHub https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/issues/21 - so I won't forget, I've been less into KSP modding/playing (full time day job is very time consuming). I'd hope that saving and reloading would fix it, not great, but a possible work around?
  10. I've been away for a while (full time job keeps me busy). Thanks LGG for helping out in the meantime. I have no idea why WaypointManager might be needed, I checked the log, nothing obvious. It definitely makes it way easier for the distance based contracts (and for flying in general). I've added https://github.com/harveyt/KPlanes/issues/1 I happily surprised people are trying this out, though it's "Alpha", it's probably more "Beta" now. It is essentially a cut down version of GAP, with some distance contracts, but for scaled planets (I use KSRSS), so it is a niche but handy mod for some RSS/KSRSS (non-RP) players. I use this personally with 230+ mods, so I'm somewhat invested in making sure it works. Eventually, when I have time, I'll do some later shuttle/SSTO contracts: doing it via pure CC / MM turned out to be almost impossible, so I'd have to build custom CC logic (not hard). Again, likely this will be when I get time to play KSP and progress to that point and realize I need such contracts.
  11. Ah yes, I remember that one now. With Reviva installed there's an MM patch to fix it here: https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/blob/main/GameData/Reviva/compat.cfg You could in theory use MM to patch the names (it'd look a bit different than above), or just do it manually, though obviously I'd recommend using Reviva as it allows you to switch IVA
  12. The IVA guys (Kinetic and Jonny) who are adopting several mods and I agreed that providing Reviva support directly in those mods themselves is the best way to go: so for KSA it would provide Reviva config for SOCK (which it does I believe). I'm definitely going to be looking at updating Reviva soon(TM), as my actual work has become less intense, and I'm playing KSP again: usually IVA support is driven by my own usage. I do however want to look at shuttles, as this time I'll be using SOCK (and Benjee's mods). I'm developing another contract mod (K-Planes) which will have shuttle and space plane like contracts, so that's another driving force. Progress is likely going to be sporadic and slow: last year I had way more time as I worked for myself :-D
  13. And I also. I love IVA mods, and in particular MAS ones, but found it so tedious to get the right combination of IVA installed that I suddenly remembered a speaker I once heard: "Don't work on what you love, fix what annoys you." - so I scoured forum posts, and found nuggets of various ideas, read up on B9PS and built Reviva so now everyone can change IVA at any time and try them all out.
  14. Release 1.0.4 (1st Apr 2023) Fixes: Barometer on Capella Experiment 2 really works as barometer (not temperature).
  15. Vanguard KSRSS x2.7 scale? My favourite is TV-3 (exploded just above pad) contract in History of Spaceflight because I can totally pull that off :-D
  16. Also... ... which has a BG compatible stuff: servo controller, more servos (Canadarm) and SLOTH. Also Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit (SOCK) comes with some robotics/canadarm. There's also an Inverse Kinematics mod or two (in-dev), plus I suppose BG itself, DockRotate, winches from KAS, Konstruction, perhaps Coriolis Systems (for deployable tethers). Not really tried them, and not sure how well they work in RSS/RO/RP-1 though.
  17. I just updated (and restarted) with Wacapella and SSS and get the same issue! Funny thing was that I didn't initially notice and thought I'd done something wrong building and launching rockets, but it's definitely broken as you describe. Personally I'm going to write it off as Kerbals not being good at early rocketry - I will fix it properly one day though. It's actually based off a manual fix here: If you follow those instructions you can fix it that way. Just need notepad or textedit.
  18. FYI: Noticed a recent regression in GitHub (I use main branch directly), which won't appear in the released version, so probably nobody else has noticed. But for those that live on the edge... https://github.com/CessnaSkyhawk/SkyhawkScienceSystem/issues/77 The symptom is every part gets an SAS Module, the suggested one line fix is included in the GitHub issue.
  19. RPM itself only provides some basic MechJeb integration. However IVA modders can use RPM to add to that functionality, but it's extremely rare for aircraft autopilot functionality from MJ (also MJ airplane autopilots are not great). You're probably better off looking into using kOS and kOSPropMonitor (which provides an in IVA console for kOS), and then looking at something like BakerOS (kOS scripts) or similar that can control Atmosphere Autopilot (which is the best) or possibly Kramax Autopilot (which is good). I've not found an easy solution to all of this, so I've never really gone that far (it's pretty complex), so I usually just use Atmosphere Autopilot directly. Note that MOARdV's Avionics System (sort of like RPM, but more complex) has more capable MFDs that include improved MechJeb integration, and some RPM IVA mods include some MJ consoles (eg. ASET). I'd also recommend Reviva ('cos I wrote it) which allows you to try out and switch any supported RPM and MAS IVA while in the editor or even in flight, might help you find something: There's a bunch of links and information in the Reviva README: https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/blob/main/README.md Depends on what you mean: a) does RPM itself work if ReStock (or ReStock+) is installed: yes, absolutely b) are there RPM IVA which work with ReStock and Missing History / Restock+: yes, and in particular look for DE_IVA (adopted) which now combines and covers all of Stock and Missing History with decent IVA which will work too. The only minor issues I've noticed with things like Restock might be some slight mismatched geometry around windows: the internal IVA are designed to match stock, and restock sometimes slightly moves things - it'll work fine, just you might notice (I rarely do).
  20. For getting stuck on science, I find that (NOT RO) Kerbal Construction Time (strangely) can help solve that - you can invest in the Research part of R&D and earn science by building any rocket. Early in KSRSS career when science is low, I was churning out and launching Redstone, Vanguard type rockets and getting more science for launches than actual science on the missions. Obviously KCT means everything takes time, so it's not for everyone, but it was a nice bonus and made for a good alternative. I didn't need to do the early "suck up KSC science" (KSRSS disables that anyway I believe).
  21. I use Skyhawk Science System, and it had to appear FIRST, such that other SSS MM patches work. It may need to be duplicated with FIRST and AFTER[CNAR]. I'll raise an issue, unlikely to fix it soon though, very busy with work these days. https://github.com/harveyt/Wacapella/issues/1
  22. Removing it and then seeing multiple IVA switches means that compat is still needed. I was sure the most recent KSA IVA updated fixed that issue (?). https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KSA-IVA-Upgrade/releases - according to this that compat.cfg is not required for 1.6.3 or 1.6.4 releases, so do you have an older one? Possibly help is needed from @JonnyOThan
  23. Q0: Yes, that's correct IVA internal name. Q1/Q2/Q3: Yes possibly you need :AFTER[xxx] (where xxx is the Tantares mod name) or for now try adding :FINAL (only recommended for personal patches). Q4: Ahah, well you definitely need to add that, otherwise RPM won't be able to run. Put that inside the whole @PART block verbatim, as it's a new module (add, not edit). One way to see what's going on is to look at ModuleManager.ConfigCache, it's a big file so you need a decent editor, but once its loaded, search for the part and it shows you what MM has done in totality. Often that helps understand what didn't work. Oh and welcome to modding, it's entirely normal to spend hours looking at MM cfg files and not understanding how anything works. Much of the time on Reviva was this, and about 1% was actual typing/coding.
  24. Welcome to the forums! And welcome to modding too! Patches always welcome, you should probably start with the easiest, a simple ModuleManager cfg file patch that you can post into the Tantares forum post. If you want to get fancy, you could then try to extend it to be supported by Reviva: the ASET IVA and KSA IVA packs (the newest ones that have been adopted) both provide Reviva config, so you should look there. Reviva allows players to chose an IVA at runtime (in the editor or even while in flight), that way you could have the default or ASET (or others if you can find any, check the Reviva GitHub README). Again the preference would be for a MM cfg file posted to Tantares, the authors may then include it. You could get super fancy and use a GitHub Pull Request. Depends on how familiar you are with such things, and how much time you have. The alternative (less preferable) is to add support to Reviva itself, again a GitHub PR would be best. It's better for IVA mods to support Reviva than the other way around. If you ever go down the Reviva supported route, feel free to ask on the Reviva mod forum post for help.
  25. Questions like this really belong in KSP1 General Mod Development Help and Support - but I'll answer (as I wrote Reviva which does this kind of thing). You'll need two pieces of info: The name of the Tantares command part you want to modify. Look in GameData for Tantares in it's .cfg files for the right command pod, look for PART name = xxxx near the top. The name of the INTERNAL node in the ASET IVA from Making History pod you want to use. Look in GameData/HonkHogan for the INTERNAL name = xxx you want to use. Then make a .cfg file somewhere in GameData (in your own personal sub-directory is best), the name of the file can be whatever you want, but it'll have something like this in it: @PART[TantaresPartNameHere]:NEEDS[HonkHogan] { @INTERNAL { @name = KV1_IVA } } Replace TantaresPartNameHere and possibly KV1_IVA. This script basically says: "modify the tantares part with name, but only if ASET IVA (HonkHogan is the top level GameData name for it), and then edit the INTERNAL to point to the ASET IVA name. If you want to get fancy, then should install Reviva, and provide a config for the Tantares part. Look at configs like this one: like https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/blob/main/GameData/Reviva/MakingHistory/kv1pod.cfg That'll be a bit trickier to get right though.
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