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  1. I thought I did…I don’t remember. I don’t have much time to work on this mod so I am thinking of stopping (what little work I have done) work on it.
  2. Will fix it and upload it to github soon
  3. It’s from brightness clipping, TUFX hdr fixes this
  4. School has started for me so I am not doing much work on this mod, I should still be able to fix bugs just might take longer.
  5. Ah good you found the "Cursed" bug, nobody knows how to fix this short of reinstalling everything (this may not even fix it I have no idea) RSMP isn't the cause of this it just reveals some hidden issue (what I have been informed at least, like I said I have no clue...sorry)
  6. On rails timewarp (the fast one) doesn’t effect burnout, it lasts for like 60s with no timewarp iirc
  7. No, as of right now KPP is not even compatible with this mod.
  8. Updated github, it's much less bright but with a larger range
  9. I changed how the smoke fades out as well as changing the look of the main plume in the vacuum. Sorry for missing the castor, it’ll be done tonight if I don’t get busy. You have to do it in the waterfall menu in game, then save that. I’m going to turn it down anyways as it’s far too bright imo.
  10. Yes remove the lights or reduce the strength of it.
  11. 0.3 - Prettier plumes update: (Spoiler for images) Github and Spacedock have been updated with the latest plumes and fancy gadgets. Katniss Parts Pack is not currently compatible with the new realplume effects-use at your own risk.
  12. In the works but I'm impatient lol.
  13. I’ll get it uploaded in a few hours, probably wont finish the burnout sadly. Also forgot to mention, unless I find a workaround (I probably can so this might all be useless) , katniss parts pack will break all the new realplume effects I added/reworked. I think I can get around this by just renaming things. Hopefully I can
  14. In my main install, with all the visual goods: Need to fix the burnout, then I would consider the plume "done".
  15. The waterfall effect is the burnout of the SRB, which happens IRL, especially visible on the shuttle/SLS. Progress on revamping, plume now blends better with the smoke, as well as the smoke extends out longer and lasts longer than before. For me it began to fade out at ~20 kilometers in so, although this could change for you!
  16. Restock+ does have support, I'll look at it though!
  17. New vac plume, based off Antares. Gonna see how much stuff I can remove from realplume...
  18. Show a picture of your gamedata please, also make sure waterfall is updated to the latest version.
  19. Working on updating the rest of BDB, probably gonna make new vacuum plumes (for STAR motors) and maybe a better burnout effect.
  20. if you can show some pictures it might help me improve on them.
  21. alrighty, will change that
  22. Send a picture of your gamedata, and what it looks like in ksp. Also, some stuff isnt finished yet.
  23. It doesn’t show up 99% of the time, and I haven’t found a way to fix it without breaking the entire plume. I was gonna mess around with the configs yesterday but I’m sick now so that isn’t going to happen.
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