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  1. Am I crazy, or did you list the rotational period twice? You also need the suffix "al" after "rotation".
  2. Does this apply to Moho (meaning the Mohole stretches down to 0 meters in elevation)?
  3. 9.5k is enough please send me a download link
  4. i have been playing KSP for some years now and when i try at an interplanetary mission my manouver nodes break it does not happen when in kerbin's sphere of influence. The way it breaks is when i burn towards it the delta V increases but not when mechjeb does the burn my mods are in the proceeding images https://imgur.com/a/NFBUqEL
  5. Could you conside putting the latest download link at either the top or bottom of your post for easy access?
  6. I feel like the aproved mod thing will be true but nobody will follow the modding rules
  7. I was gonna send an image of the error but my browser does not support it on this site so contact me at WilliamW2010#3829 on Discord for an image if you need it same with KSP.log probably
  8. Oh ok does it change the difficultly a lot? Also just a random detail about me since this is a comment the notification sound scared the crap out of me until I saw what it was
  9. So to delete my own post I have to report it ok you know how to follow a topic after posting it?
  10. (also anyone got any idea how to change my profile picture also anyone know how to delete posts? because I clicked on edit thinking I could follow the topic because I forgot to click on the follow this topic and I changed nothing because I could not do what I wanted to and now it says edited so the first edit on this post was nothing and I wanna fix that)
  11. (I could not find a help tag so technical support modded installs has to do also I was gonna put in an image but it did not work)
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