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  1. Hey @Foxworthgames, Congrats on completing the challenge! Great to hear you plan on putting out a video. Send us a link once it is up, we would love to see it! You are the new number one on the leaderboard, here is your official mission badge:
  2. Hey @janfe2o3, we are glad to hear you liked the challenge and congrats on completing it. You are leading the leaderboard. Here is you well-earned reward. You may wear our official mission badge!
  3. Hello and welcome to the official KSP challenge of the German rocket start-up Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA). First of all: To complete this challenge you will need the RFA ONE -Debris Removal Mod. The Mod is available on SpaceDock. In addition to the normal download link the mod is also on CKAN and users will be able to access it. For Details on Installation please consider the ReadMe attached with the Mod or the Installation Guide on SpaceDock. The parts fit together to built the RFA ONE rocket but are flexible and generic enough to be used in many creative ways, just like vanilla KSP parts. However if you build the RFA ONE yourself, you will not have the Lettering on the side of the rocket. The Mod adds the parts you need to build your own RFA ONE, the RFA ONE rocket as a whole as well as the scenario that you need to complete this challenge. The challenge has to be completed just using the RFA ONE Mod. Thanks to a member of the KSP Community for help with the development. Story: The communication satellite C-GS-014 was launched in to LKO just a couple of weeks ago. However, an error with the satellites solar array has left it stranded in a highly elliptical 14,500 x 250 km orbit with a 10° inclination around Kerbal. In order to avoid space junk and prevent contributing to the Kessler Syndrome, RFA wants to use the opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities. They plan use their orbital stage, which is typically used for precise orbit insertion, to pick up the dead satellite and safely de-orbit it above the ocean. You are mission director and have been instructed to launch the RFA ONE, fly to the satellite and capture it with the grapple arm. Once you have successfully docked with the satellite, your task will be to safely de-orbit it above the ocean and have it burn up in the atmosphere of Kerbal. On RFA: Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA) is a German start-up which develops its own launcher, called the “RFA ONE”, to put up to 1.300kg into LEO. RFA aims to drastically reduce launch costs of its rocket to enable innovative business ideas in space to protect and understand our Earth. RFA uses as many components-off-the-shelf as possible, mass-produces its stainless-steel tanks, and uses its highly efficient Helix engine with staged combustion. Its orbital stage for precise in orbit delivery of satellites can, after successful deployment of up to 100 satellites, extend the lifetime of old satellites through maintenance and repair or safely de-orbit dead satellites, therefore helping to reduce space junk. Rules and Goals: 1. RFA ONE Mod has to be used in order to complete the challenge 2. No additional mods, other than visual, may be used 3. Screenshots are required for eligibility of completion 4. The satellite has to burn up in the atmosphere, any debris remaining has to fall into the ocean. 5. RFA ONE orbital stage has to stay in orbit 6. Leaderboard will be sorted after least amount of fuel consumed Screenshots of the following events are to be included: - Screenshot of the RFA Launch - RFA ONE orbital stage attached to the satellite - Dead satellite burning up in the atmosphere of Kerbal above the ocean - RFA ONE orbital stage in orbit around Kerbal with remaining fuel after the mission Badge: Those, who have completed this challenge are eligible to wear this badge. Leaderboard: The Leaderboard will be defined by the least amount of fuel used to safely de-orbit the satellite. 1. @Kroko6 (536m/s dv left) 2. @AtaKerem (473m/s dv left) 3. @Foxworthgames (453m/s dv left) 4. @janfe2o3 (133m/s dv left)
  4. Hi AngrybobH, Yes, we build them fast and as inexpensive as possible (stainless steel), but we plan on reusing our first stage extensively. On the first flight(s) though, we focus on reaching orbit. What generally sets us apart are three things: a) our staged combustion engine, which gives us more performance and efficiency and up to 30% more payload-to-orbit capacity, b) our stainless steel structure, which allows for reusability but is also cheap and easy to process - perfect for mass production of a rocket, and c) our orbital stage, which allows us to put our customers payloads exactly where they need to go. A last-mile-delivery in space, so to speak. Follow us on our social media channels to get more info than the "PR stuff" on our website We try to be as open and transparent as possible there. Rocket builders are often perceived as black boxes - and we would like to change that. So we take the community with us and share our journey. We are at the beginning of something big and are very happy to be able to contribute our part.
  5. How about something completely new and never-build-before in KSP: Our RFA One three-stage micro launcher with staged combustion engines You want to try building it? Many greetings from Augsburg, Germany
  6. We do have some experience in KSP as well, but we try to bring down the costs for small rockets in real life as well by our RFA One. Who wants to try building it...? Many greetings from Augsburg, Germany
  7. Wow, great work guys, we are impressed. But - among others - one rocket is missing: Our RFA One. Anyone want to try building it...? Greetings from Augsburg, Germany
  8. Nice work! In the near future we will even build a real micro launcher in Augsburg, Germany: RFA One. But for now Micro Apollo looks great, too
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