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  1. There's already mods for those, and Tantares works very well for kitbashing them.
  2. IFS is outdated and completely obsolete. I don't know whether it's causing this issue but I can guarantee it will be causing other issues for you. There is never a reason to have it installed.
  3. Seconding, new paint options are always cool. Oo, what's that thing? Looks vaguely AI generated or photoshopped.
  4. DON'T use RSS/RO or FAR with THIS mod!!! They don't support it! Ask for help in their own threads, NOT this one, THEY are the ones who make configs for other mods.
  5. Ermm, yeah, I think that's it. The hydrolox engine that looks kinda like a big Delta II AJ-10. The extending variant has identical stats to the non-extending variant, except with a slight increase in weight, making it useless.
  6. @CobaltWolfHey, the uhh, I can't remember what it's called but the Delta IV DCSS engine that was supposed to replace the RL-10, the extendable version is identical to the regular version except with increased mass, I think it should have slight increase in ISP or something?
  7. Dude, like they said, this is a question for the RSS/RO thread. Most KSP modders have no interest in such mods and therefore don't make their own configs for them.
  8. They really couldn't, for several reasons. If by some miracle they could, it would have essentially been a safer, somewhat more efficient, but more expensive Space Shuttle alternative.
  9. I'm Jewish, so my kerbals are Jewish too. I made a launch vehicle shaped like a menorah to celebrate chanukah in-game. And I tried to make a rocket-powered dreidl, but that didn't go so well.
  10. No, it's a continuation of unfinished parts from SOCK.
  11. I don't think it'll ever become a thing. KSP2 is a soulless cashgrab made by different developers, and now months after its release still doesn't have any kind of modding support, let alone even a small fraction of the features that were supposed to be included on release. Please, please don't fall into the trap. The game already caused plenty of damage to the KSP modding community before it was even released by putting just about every major mod on hold for over a year. I love Tantares and I don't ever want to see it end. You have made something truly wonderful and unique, and you don't deserve to throw it away for such a game as KSP2.
  12. The other Buran test articles were sturctural mockups, only used for mating/demating tests with Energiya rocket, and cockpit mockups, they could never have flown at all let alone into space.
  13. Seeing as KSP2 has turned out to be a soulless critical and financial failure with unreasonably high minimum PC spec requirements, are the plans to port stuff over to there out the window?
  14. I think a cargo version would be cool, kinda like a primitive Dragon capsule, or like the already existing cargo Gemini.
  15. The guy has barely any experience in the base game let alone with mods. Over in the ACK thread, he didn't understand staging. I just echo what cheesecake told you in the ACK thread, play the base game first for a few tens of hours, get a feel of the game first before jumping into mods.
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