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  1. On 8/1/2021 at 8:52 AM, Lisias said:

    thanks!  :)


    Ouch. Sorry for that. These messages are a pain in the SAS , I know, but sometimes these situations can screw up something. Not always, granted, but since it's pretty unfeasible to try to detect when it's fatal and when it's not, I choose to err on the safe side.


    I really need the KSP.log and the ModuleManager Patch Log - without these files, I can only do blind guesses. Most of the time these problems happens when more than one add'on patch a part completely disregarding that maybe someone else had patched it first.  So  it's pretty possible that KRE will not trigger anything on my test bed because it is only half of the problem,  and I need the KSP.log to see what's the other half.

    You can upload the files using Dropbox or GoogleDrive (remember to allow people to download it!). Or if you have a github account , you can leave a comment on this issue dragging and drop a zip file with the logs.

    Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately i have been without internet for the last few days. I uploaded the logs to GitHub as a comment under General Support Issue #92.

  2. Good morning/day/evening depending on whenever you see this. Your mod has been one of, if not the most useful mod I have used in my on and off KSP experience for about 6 years. Recently i decided to go semi-realistic and am currently happily using RSS and loving the experience. 

    However, today i figured i would download KerbalReusabilityExpansion (KRE) and upon opening i recieved the scary "fatal error" or "Screaming victims" warning. I dont want to mess up my savegame, so i did as you asked and terminated the game. I am on 1.12.1, and even though they are not officially supported, the mods i use work fine. I have been searching around in these threads looking for answers without finding any. I also looked through the issues/34 page and i did not understand what could help me. What do i do to fix this issue? I read something about duplicates happening but i am unsure how to move forward. 

    Can also not figure out how to upload my .log on here...

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