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  1. I was going to say no mods, but I have MechJeb already. I am using about 20% of it, should have explored it a little
  2. Is there a way to check the center of mass in flight? As much as I try to balance the fuel and set drain priorities I occasionally end up stalling on reentry. (My recovery rate from that is not very high) When it happens I cant keep the nose down, and pretty sure it is because the tail became heavy. Thanks!
  3. It is the mk2 bay and I put the fuel cell at the edge to save some space. Guess no saving after all .. thanks for the tip.
  4. Is there a way to make parts in cargo bay not have aerodynamic drag? I just does not seem fair. I have a fuel cell and a rover body and both generate drag. Plus the fuel cell is off centre and makes the plane pull sideways. Also, imgur.com does refuses to upload my pics, wanted to post a screenshot. Thanks!
  5. I need to remove this heat shield - the largest one - and put other stuff on instead. I find that once in construction mode the engineer can remove and add anything highlighted(green) except the shield, which is also highlighted. The descriptions on wiki and in game say nothing about whether it can be moved in EVA. Anyone has more details? Thanks!
  6. Finally found my favorite mining spot on Gilly:
  7. Yes, I thought I was doing something I saw in a video, but there might have been a mod involved(what is a winch?). Where do I report it if I should report it? By now everyone is waiting for KSP2
  8. If you do a pure Hohmann - using two prograde burns as given by the formulas - you would end up in the sphere of influence of the destination body, with no orbital velocity(lithobraking ensues!). A transfer to a body with its own gravity needs to also solve achieving orbit around it. More complicated, but still called Hohmann.
  9. So I went up with an engineer and attached the part to my SSTO, but when I land and recover the whole plane the mission does not complete. The part is listed at recovered in the recovery report. Did I botch the mission by attaching it?
  10. As I opened KSP today Steam prompted me to choose one of two saves before even starting the game. This never happens, usually the game starts and then I choose from a list - with a different layout. The message also stated that I must choose one or it would not start. Both saves were yesterday 9:21pm, one local and one in the cloud. I chose the one in the cloud, but they were probably identical. When the game finally started I only had the file from yesterday, with everything I did since reverted What would cause something like this? There was no crash or irregular exiting, and I had at least two sessions since yesterday.
  11. I cannot get my KSP fix because I'm waiting for KSP2 That said software projects don't work like that. I imagine there already is a financial incentive to releasing sooner, and any other considerations do not move the needle any further. So I will sit here with my withdrawals
  12. I get about 10km/s in hangar, but the difference is I have no nucular engines on mine(yet). Try removing them as a test?
  13. Oof .. I might look for the faster SSD for my next system. Yes, I forgot to mention these happen at auto-saves. I do have a bunch of craft flying around aimlessly, time for deep cuts
  14. I do not have a lot of mods - both expansions, MechJeb2, TAC Fuel Balancer, AFBW and a couple others that were dependencies of these. Lately (especially after adding the Fuel balancer) I find that there are rather frequent - say once per minute - stutters, where the screen freezes for half a second. If I happen to move the camera around I will find the movement overshot when it recovers. Also really annoying when flying planes and need 'real time' control. My video card is 3GB IIRC, and computer is kinda old - 4yrs. Is this behavior normal? Thanks!
  15. Have you checked the Vernor control thruster? It uses Lf+Ox, and it is activated with the RCS controls - no need for action groups. Since it has only one direction you need to place them so you can cover all directions you need. In all, seems a lot like what you are describing - without the bother of creating groups ..
  16. I felt that the one booster configuration needs more testing in KSP:
  17. On the topic of one booster rockets *cough* Atlas 511: The KSP booster is bigger! It made it to orbit after a few attempts, using the thrust imbalance for gravity turn. Someone should have remembered decouplers and chutes ...
  18. I have a miner0x series, a station0x series, a lander0x, a tanker, and a few smaller ones. They are named after the payload, and I have a few assemblies ready to add for the rocket - which I usually tweak anyway. Hmm, I should find some cooler names ..
  19. This was a month ago, but I feel I need to add one more detail .. Being a new player (less than 1yr) I assumed from all the Kraken banter that there is a feature in the game that spawns a fearsome monster is you are far enough in the game. So I didnt mean the asteroid is bugged - rather I thought I was finally picking up the trail of this mythical creature Maybe there should be a mod that adds a Kraken to the game ..
  20. For large launches I have this problem that I end up needing the largest boosters but then I need to set the fuel at half(ish) on it. The smaller ones do not seem to burn fast enough for my taste. And I rarely do more than 2. I launch small stuff with SSTO lately.
  21. Thank you, I will have to put it on the wish list. I find that the handful of mods I am already using slows my computer more and more. Looking at the load times thread, I will soon get from 2min load to 20 min load . Anyway, props to all the mod developers!
  22. Is there a cheat to override the limit on the time warp? I am tired of watching craft orbiting Gilly in real time ...
  23. Sorry to hear about your module. I assume by bin you mean designating a - orbiting - volume of space where you expect the debris to stay so you can avoid them? As you point out they will not stay clustered .. The only method I know is to delete them one by one in the tracking station. It would be nice to have a delete all option. Then again if it skips the warnings about killing crew it might increase the risk to kerbals . Unless you meant to physically gather them like in a cargo bay (also they would not stay in ..). Bring many claws attached to the craft and grab each one, I guess that will keep them attached. Quite a feat of robotics, I would just delete them and lift new ones from the launch pad. OR have an EVA engineer attach them to mounting points you prepared on the craft? This one I never tried, not sure about it.
  24. When accessing crafts from alarms it happened to me that I ended up in the wrong one - they were also named identically, but should not matter. For the craft buttons I mean all the toggles in the control module of the craft ..
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