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  1. Thank you all for your help. The game eventually crashed and I was able to reopen it, and everything works fine.
  2. Hello, I'm new to the forum and not familiar with it, so hopefully I put this in the right category and am doing this correctly. After building a Vall spacecraft I wanted to test the lander, so I put it on the runway and attempted to use the cheats to put myself in Vall's orbit. The craft disappeared before exploding inside Kerbin. I reverted back and tried again. When it asks me for the orbital elevation, I usually put in zero and let it set the minimum orbital value, but this time it let me keep it at zero. This resulted in it simply floating off of Kerbin's surface with no view of the ship and no orbital map view either. I tried this a second time (same results) but when I went back to revert and try a third time, the gray screen with all of the buttons to go to the tracking station, revert, save, etc. (can't think of the name) won't open. I can't move either and I'm just stuck in space. Is it okay to shut down my computer? I spent a lot of time on the craft so hopefully it has saved, but I don't know about the game itself. Does anyone have an idea of what happened and/or I can fix it?
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