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  1. Me playing KSP everyday and wondering why it keeps crashing:


  2. UxAsirh.jpg

    Error 404 Reputation Not Found

  3. My profile picture is now a more compact version of my logo and fits better in a square. It's not a png this time due to the constraints of my image editing software. I wish I could combine this with the full logo.


  4. Me after every mission realizing I forgot something crucial:18136E45-6964-4F0C-8AAF-BD6B9640BA93.jpe

    Lol :D 

  5. Currently working on a low-complexity Jool 5 for my science save.

    Not low-mass, Bradley Whistance style.

    Not low-cost, also Bradly Whistance style.

    Not overkill, Stratenblitz style.

    Not a crazy big SSTO, Matt Lowne style.

    Just- simple. The lander is simple, the mothership doesn't have kraken-bait gravity rings, a basic nuclear tug...

    It's still gonna be hard, but I have a goal to get a Jool 5 done by the end of the year and I now have less than a month.

  6. Whee! My profile picture is at long last a logo for my company!

  7. Here's my newest mission on WoRM:

    It's that little "surprise" from the Americans I mentioned... ;)

  8. Orbital Mechanics

    Good thing I've started early, though I have yet to figure out what the "argument of periapsis" means. I don't think it's urgent, for "get into x orbit" contracts, matching inclination and then a Hohmann transfer works great. See the original comic here.

    Special thanks to Randall Munroe for first telling me of KSP, he has started on a wonderful path of joy, satisfaction, and frustration. Thanks to Matt Lowne as well, for actually showing me what the game is and getting me excited for it.

  9. I noticed in your signature that you pointed out how your username has 3 Ls in it and that this is an unfortunate mistake. Were you aware there is a name change thread?

    Hope this helps.

    1. Kerballlistic07


      I know I can change it, but I don't really want to just because it's one of those things that was unintentional but ended up being funny anyways. Thanks for the suggestion though! :D

    2. Kimera Industries

      Kimera Industries

      I can see that! For me, my username was uncapitalized and it just bugged me a bunch so I changed it. :)

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