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  1. I would play this game but my PC is very stubborn. As in, it stubbornly refuses to be a non-potato PC. It looks very cool and fun, though.

    It appears to be on sale for Xbox. Is it worth it on console?

  2. @ColdJ, are you using the Dark Textures mod for some of these? Did you make your own textures for the Airplane Plus parts, and if so, how? (I've already had to edit the Dark Textures config because some parts were asking for a non-existent texture)

    Here's my SR-71:


    I already had a stock version made (The 71 Thunderbird), but I began working on it again after installing Dark Textures and Restock Plus. 


    I used Dark Textures for the RAM, obviously, and the .6m fairing from Restock Plus for the longer, slanted shock cones (which cover up te regular shock cones.)


    It has a modded camera so it can capture spy photographs (but at a low altitude and speed, unfortunately)


    And of course, I landed it perfectly.


    X-15 as well. Not much to say here, it's just a rocket plane.


    It's got bolt-on wings for takeoff.


    Stupid seaplanes


    Really stupid seaplanes

  3. On 6/12/2024 at 7:33 PM, SunlitZelkova said:

    I had a moral quagmire today about whether it's okay for me to have fun playing war themed video games. It was probably brought on by the last two weeks of intense study of modern day orders of battle and potential conflicts. Topped off with scrolling the "For You" section of Twitter for the first time.

    My conclusion is this: it's terrible, but hey, there are worse vices. Ones that physically harm you or even others. If it gives you dopamine every now and then *shrug*

    And here's another thing: I know so much more about history and politics now than I did before getting into war themed play (starting with little paper planes I made and leading to video games). Stuff about those two subjects that make me a far more informed person than I might have been had I not gotten into that kind of play. I think as much as this knowledge is terrible, I'm better off having it than not. I can make much more informed decisions in society and be more aware of what's going on in the world.

    So I'm going to continue playing war themed video games, despite often feeling awful about turning the end of the lives of thousands of men and women (whether real or hypothetical/fictional) into entertainment.

    It's worth it to have as accurate an understanding of history as possible. I remember how my understanding of films changed completely after taking an APUSH class. I understood what was happening and why- that's valuable.

    I wouldn't say that violence-themed video games (FPS, war-themed, etc.) cause people to be more violent. When it comes down to it, it's so hard to actually do any of the things focused on in those games, because of the physical limitations, but also the moral limitations as well. The people who do those violent things they do in video games are pretty unstable to begin with and might have done those things anyway.

  4. 10 minutes ago, AlamoVampire said:

    ———note before adding my word———

    im now forced to alter my own prior addition to maintain proper grammar.

    ———end note———

    Players eat rhetorical speeches vivaciously


    I'm sorry, I genuinely missed that. I'll try to remember next time.

    Players eat rhetorical speeches vivaciously and 

  5. IT'S SR-71 TIME, BABY!!!!




    Both engines have flamed out... does this count as a dual unstart?



    Approaching the enemy silos now... (the white tail cone is from a bug in the KSP Dark Parts mod, I had to go into the config files and fix it)


    Success! Images captured in full resolution!

    I used a camera mod for this, it was fun to recreate a mostly functional mission.


    A most unusual landing


    It would not stop pitching up, so it flew up quite a ways, eventually pointing straight up before it stalled. I only barely recovered in time to just scrape off one engine.

    Looks at the kerbal's faces. They say it all.

    IT'S ALSO X-15 TIME!!!




    Why use an entire B-52 when you could bolt some wings on?


    Also a U-2 but it didn't perform as expected.



    (apologies I am just excited by planes)


    I love seaplane time. It gives me a chance to remember KSP's water physics.


    Yes, those same water physics that make your plane fly into the air at 1500 m/s.


    But the pilot's OK. I think. He did just get yeeted at Mach 4, so he might need some snacks. Also intensive medical care for the next 5 years. Who knows. Isn't science fun?

  6. I saw a comet:




    I didn't know they were visible from so far away. I don't have Distant Object Enhancement installed, so this was a pleasant surprise.




    The N0-RSK-1 leaves for deep space. It will leave Kerbin's sphere of influence and return with the science generated.



    I landed next to the KSC. I didn't plan this, but when Trajectories said I would get close, I maneuvered a little to bring it closer.


    On our way to the Mun.


    The RSK-7's abort system isn't ejected, because I don't have the .6m decoupler yet. Then, on my way home, I realized it came with a built-in decoupler system. Oh well.

  7. OK, new rule:

    Punctuation is decided by the user posting the next word.

    If you start with "Saltines" the next user can decide to make it a list: "Saltines, bathyspheres" or a different word that makes it not a list: "Sardines are"

    Placing a comma after a word when the structure is still unknown reduces the possible paths the sentence could take.

    For clarity, the current sentence will remain as is.

    Saltines, bathyspheres, submarines, are connected, but


    That sentence is a prime example of why this rule is in place now. With the addition of the comma, it was forced to be a list at least three items long. The next user was deprived of the opportunity to make it "Saltines and bathyspheres" (two items), or "Saltines are" (one item.)

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