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  1. Hello, thank you for coming back, of course, but maybe it’s worth saying this before going to ksp 2 to completely update all the models in the mod?.. I think it would be cool to see an updated block DM-03, a frigate, or parts of alternative ships of the USSR?.. the same module Zarya, or new parts of world 2, н1 ?
  2. I think it would be great to add the old concept of the Garnet or Spectrum-UV telescope from 1989.
  3. When you have time to add a new shuttle with a cargo compartment of 2.5 m or simply extend the mini shuttle slightly modify it for the delivery of large loads with acceleration unit. I don't know, maybe it will be interesting to you.
  4. Hello, will the modification receive an update in the future?
  5. It looks very cool, I hope that the solar panels will also be updated.
  6. will there be a further update of the mod ?
  7. You can also try to make a recess in the capsule, and install this bulge for the parachute a little to the side of the kerbal's head ?
  8. Hi, maybe I'm not on time, but you can make a kind of hatch in the shield. Where the kerbal goes from the side of the module to the shield, you can apply the texture of the tiles from the shield to the hatch itself.
  9. Hello, I wanted to know what an adder does a ledder collider that non-arfutureprops cargo nets ?
  10. KSP 2 заманил меня своими колониями и межзвездными водами, лучше, чем KSP 1.
  11. It looks very good, thank you for doing it and keep updating the mod before the release of ksp 2 and after it.
  12. It looks very good, will there be updates to other ships?, also TKS
  13. Hola, felicidades por el lanzamiento, pero ¿se agregará más soporte a otras partes de la estación, por ejemplo, desde el Mod stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux
  14. It looks very interesting, is it possible to update all the Soyuz PH series in the future?
  15. Hi, is it possible to create full-fledged fairing wings for a manned Soyuz, with sas rudders?
  16. Yes, I meant that 2 blocks return with a minimum delay and land on the runway.
  17. Wow, have you thought about creating a mini plugin for simultaneous Landings of 2 blocks at once?
  18. It's clear, but how is the work on the mod going in general, what is already ready?
  19. Damn it looks cool, I hope that soon it will be possible to try the mod, and yes, will the new mod work on versions below 1.12.3?
  20. At least something has survived from the files, but it will be a completely different mod, or will new details be included in the modMiniKerbalShuttle v1.4 ?
  21. It is clear, but it is still possible to make the cargo compartment of the shuttle longer for larger satellites.
  22. It looks amazing, but on one leaf where there is a solar panel, one is standing correctly, and the other is torn off from the very stem by the other end.
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