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  1. I deleted the other backup and it works, thank you for your help and congratulations for the mod
  2. @leonardfactory Indeed, these are kerbals from another save
  3. Here is the screenshot of the decorations The savegame https://uploadnow.io/f/TKjGql3 Here is the playerlog https://uploadnow.io/f/wjSl6sq I redid a second campaign to have the decorations from the start
  4. Hi My kerbals do not receive first time decorations such as first kerbal in space or first EVA and all the others where there is a first time. An idea ?
  5. I had to click on it without knowing what this button is for, thank you
  6. I have several problems with the mod. I have the impression that there is a bug with the separation of the rocket stages. For example, the rocket stages automatically release when they are empty and when I release my capsule, the parachute automatically extends. Is this a known problem?
  7. @lemon cup Perfect, I succeeded. Indeed I had not put the right part. Thanks
  8. Hello, I managed to put the destiny lab into orbit, hook up the S0 Truss and I'm trying to hook up the P1 Truss. I must have made a mistake in the direction of the mooring pieces because the module tries to dock upside down I use this part to dock the parts Can someone tell me which way these pieces go or show me how to put them the right way ? Thanks in advance
  9. I'm just trying to figure out how to join all the pieces together before I send them into space and get stuck because the pieces don't join. If I understood correctly I must put the pieces like this To give that And then glue the piece in green on the 2 parts of each segment Did I follow your advice?
  10. Hello, I just started doing the ISS and I don't know how to hook the segment truss directly between it in space. Anyone have a solution?
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