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  1. YEAR 1 DAY 89 The Mesbin Times: First Landing on Statmun! Hopper 2 Probe Approaching Statmun Today marked the launch of the Hopper 2 Probe, an improved version of the Hopper 1, which successfully landed on Statmun's South Pole earlier today. Hopper 2 Probe Landed on Statmun Onboard are several science experiments that will be used to examine the composition and nature of Statmun. Jumper 2, a atmosphere research probe launched a few days ago MSP's next goals are obvious: to explore Graymun and Kerbmun, the larger moons of the Mesbin System. "Due to Mesbin's large gravity well, a new probe design will have to be designed for it. These are the Munseeker Probes, equipped with long range antennas and more efficient engines, which will allow us to visit the outer system." Munseeker 1...
  2. Version 1.4.0 is out! May be buggy, so make sure to post if you see any bugs! https://spacedock.info/mod/2891/AtomicTech Inc. Junkyards#changelog
  3. Maybe i'll try coding a plugin for this if i have time
  4. Concept Shuttle RBS-C "Capricorn" on the Launch Pad in one of the flight sims. Cost per Launch: 30K Max Cost per Kerb: 1.8K Max kerbalx link if you really want this goofball shuttle
  5. YEAR 1 DAY 59 The Mesbin Times: New advancements in Space Travel! The Launch of the Jumper 1 Probe With the launch of the two new probes from Mesbin Space Centre, the Space Program has been improving by leaps and bounds. Earlier today, the Hopper 1 probe was launched to orbit using the largest rocket on Mesbin since the Manifest Destiny! The Hopper 1 Probe Unfortunately, the Hopper 1 doesn't have the navigation capabilities to visit any other bodies after entering orbit. That will change with the launch of the Hopper 2, planned to visit Statmun. Stay tuned Mesbin!
  6. Year 1 Day 1 Construction finished on Mesbin Space Centre! After 2 years of construction, the new Mesbin Space Centre is ready for operations! As a cooperative effort between the many nations of Mesbin, the greatest scientists and engineers will be put to work here. The Space Centre will be the new site for space exploration and research across the whole planet! And the first vehicle will be launched in... *checks calendar* 14 days.
  7. Make sure you installed Module Manager? Or maybe try making a new save.
  8. hello there welcome to my new mission report. this will have a youtube series eventually but for now ill just be a mission report. modlist: intro: Many years ago, a bunch of Kerbals flew from the Kerbol star system to explore and colonize the Kaywell star system. However, they crashed on Mesbin, a big fat spinny rockball. After a few thousand years of setting up civilization, the Kerbals decided to try and escape this horrid garbage planet. Mesbin System Map, taken from the Whirligig World forum page Soon
  9. haven't done a career in a while...
  10. Unfortunately to change this, you need to edit the model of the engines themselves.
  11. Finally published my LTUtils mod...
  12. LTUtils is released! Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/3489/LTUtils
  13. Welcome SkyFall and CalSpace to the team! We wish you better luck than us, like the time our RBS crashed on its second flight. Speaking of which, we haven't seen it in a while...
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