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  1. I did this landing from Duna Low Orbit. Fuel tanks can make it without heat shields, but reaction wheels cannot.
  2. I have not needed or used heat shields for other Duna landings I've done in the game so far. So I didn't really consider them. I built version 1 of my 300t payload without heatshields, tested reentry and landing, and it worked. Including heat shields as part of the 300t payload from the beginning would have been the safer bet. Lesson learned.
  3. Use the Cheat Menu, with Alt-F8. Spread the Longitude of Ascending Node by 120 degrees for each of your 3 satellites.
  4. You need more than the 6867 you have, but you definitely don't need 13,060. The text for many steps of the Trip Planner is misleading. Here's how it should really read for Kerbin to Duna and return: 3400 Kerbin to LKO 930 LKO to Kerbin SOI Exit, Kerbol orbit 140 Kerbol orbit to Duna intercept, flyby 250 Duna flyby to Duna highly elliptical orbit 360 Duna high orbit to Low Duna Orbit 100 Low Duna Orbit to Duna Surface (using aerobraking, parachutes, and final landing engine assist) 1450 Duna surface to Low Duna Orbit 360 Low Duna Orbit to Duna high orbit 250 Duna high orbit to Duna SOI exit, Kerbol orbit Total: 7240 With your departure from Kerbin to Duna, and your departure from Duna to Kerbin timed appropriately, this is all you need. The Kerbol orbit you end up in after the last line of this Trip Planner should get you a Kerbin encounter. If the Kerbin Pe of that encounter is not within the Kerbin atmosphere, a very small correction burn should take care of it. Then you land on Kerbin with aerobraking and parachutes. Of course, bring a little extra.
  5. I've had trouble with separators. For now, I'm using back-to-back decouplers
  6. I've also had very good success using engine plates and decouplers. If I want a nosecone over a docking port, I do this: Nosecone Decoupler (arrow pointing down) Decoupler is attached to engine plate attachment node So there is a fairing here between the decoupler and the engine plate, covering the docking port Docking Port Engine plate (with attachment node facing "above")
  7. I flew the same 300t payload to Minmus, and then to Duna. One launch.
  8. That's how we're supposed to do this, right? ... Right? ... Oh well, too late. That's how I did it. With one launch, I flew a 300t payload to Minmus, and then flew that same payload to Duna. All screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/120d8Bt Highlights: Launch to LKO More: LKO to Minmus landing Minmus back to LKO LKO to Duna landing Burning for Duna More: By the way, I landed 20.2km from the landing location of my first Duna mission.
  9. @Dakota, you might want to address this in the rules for this challenge
  10. I've seen this problem with a couple of parts as well. I spent some time trying to create a scenario that would reproduce the problem consistently, but so far I've been unable to do so. I see in today's KERB that the dev team is also unable to reproduce this problem. @Scarecrow71, if you are able to reproduce the error consistently, please describe how to do so in your report. With that description, perhaps we can get some dev action towards a fix for this one.
  11. Yes, it was more difficult for me than my KSP1 Duna Elcano. The biggest problem was the "finger flick" bug. Here's how I described that bug in my Mission Report: And, yes, I experienced what I call the "finger flick" bug consistently and repeatedly throughout the whole journey. This is the bug where, with no input on my part, the kraken flicks a giant tentacle and knocks my rover to the right or left, sometimes spinning it out of control, sometimes messing up a tricky ascent or descent. This bug has already been reported by others through the bug reporting process. What a pain! Without this bug, there were long stretches of terrain where I could have just paid half attention and accelerated back up to speed periodically. With this bug I was constantly stopping spinouts and overcorrections - constantly putting myself back on course. There were also a couple of places where the terrain itself was more difficult than the route I took in KSP1. The poles were definitely more tricky. I also had a few sections where the ground made my wheels wobble like I was riding over cobble stones, and it bounced the vehicle up and down and slowed speed to practically nothing. Very difficult to drive through these areas, and especially to climb. And visually these areas looked like any other hilly area.
  12. I finished a polar circumnavigation of Duna in KSP2. No parts mods, and no mods that change the physics engine, or science gathering, etc. But I did use quality of life mods. Enjoy!
  13. I finished my Duna and Ike mission, which included a polar circumnavigation (Elcano) of Duna. A lot more screenshots in the Mission Report, but here are a few favorites:
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