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  1. The concrete grows cracks. Plant Hill.
  2. I attempted to set up my Thrustmaster joystick to use in KSP. Current casualty count: 129 130 Flight roster: 128 seat space tourism crashed into Kerbin Hiryuu Kerman crashed into Oxygen Tank Macden Kerman crashed into Administration
  3. 0/10 Machines can't use Venmo I am human because I mkae speling misteaks.
  4. 4/10 Egregriously blatant spelling mistake
  5. Note: this mission report begins immediately after the first launch to construct the Snack Accelerator. If there was an opportunity waiting for you across hundreds of light-years of the void of space, would you reach out and take it? Minmunth 23, 442. A Kerbal astronomer, peering through his telescope, notices a planet around another star. Being a Kerbal, of course, Doodbin Kerman immediately set out on a quest to reach it. He designed a ship: the Snack Accelerator. Of course, living the Kerbal equivalent of the Industrial Revolution, he couldn't do much about it. 250 years later, though, Jebediah Kerman, digging through an old archive, found his plan and began to work. On the 252nd anniversary of the designing of the Snack Accelerator, the first module flew into space. Aboard a medium-powered lifter, Jeb, Bill, and Bob rode a pillar of fire to orbit. "Well, this is quite the view, isn't it?" -Bob Kerman Thirty-five minutes later, their Rhino engine spoke again. "One minute, thirteen seconds to burn. Mark!" -Jebediah Kerman Circularization burn complete, Jeb and crew waited for the next segment of the Snack Accelerator to launch: the Science Module.
  6. Right on time! @Nazalassa you still active?
  7. Just got FFT. Time to experiment with 110 meter long torch drives!
  8. Floor 4025: Two thousand square meters of space completely covered in fox hair and radioactive sludge.
  9. Who? @ColdJ likely, based off of my calculations
  10. Yes. @TwoCalories Edit: tags don’t work on mobile without some shenanigans
  11. https://kerbalx.com/Akagi/Integral-Science-Unit-Mk1 Just your average science+return pod. I used it for a Mun mission and all went well. Note: no batteries included.
  12. Jeb will make an ICBM and launch it at the KSC for "funzies"
  13. Does anyone know the record for most science in 1 launch? I'm interested in seeing if I can beat that record...
  14. Banned for not changing your profile picture
  15. surprising for a launch using only Start technology
  16. Sure is fun to uninstall every mod you didn't make and make a fresh new sandbox save to commit war crimes on unexpecting Kerbals advance the future of the Kerbal race via our brave new test subjects volunteer astronauts!
  17. @Manwith Noname Is there a TURD UI? I can't find where to use it
  18. I worked more on my jet biplane... now it has guns!
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