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  1. Updated to the new patch, started the game and launched a rocket.
  2. I love the game and I'm sure it will be a success story in the end.
  3. No doubt. Right now people are on the emotional roller coaster again, but things will calm down. Everyone needs to understand that these are business decisions, and the direction the game is going has to be fine-tuned to its real audience. We can hope for mass appeal and getting all the kids to play the game, but that will happen naturally out of scientific magnetism and tech curiosity. The remaining / new core KSP 2 team has to trust the vision. It's really hard for the people that lose their jobs, but they have a lot to be proud of and the work and passion they put in will land them good new jobs. As for KSP2 - yeah, it probably did not bring the right money in yet, so they cut expenses. But that doesn't mean the project is cancelled or abandoned. KSP 1 had a 8-10 man core team right? So we have a good foundation now, we'll get colonies (basically already done), and all the rest will come slower but it's all gonna grow and expand. This is not the lowest point for KSP2 - this is a new beginning. And the game is almost up, it just needs to grow up and find it's spirit.
  4. Make any mod selection you desire, it will not solve the problems that KSP 2 set out to tackle. You will still be blocked by all the repetitive runs you have to make to build a space station or a Mun base that does nothing.
  5. The game is very close to being great and innovative. I think a lot of the work for the Colonies update has been completed and that update will bring new life into the IP. I see the current T2 situation as a decision to mend course and continue development with a smaller team over a larger number of years - and as the game picks up speed again, hiring will resume. I do not believe in any way that the game will be canceled - its already fun and has a lot of potential, and a lot of the foundational work has already been completed.
  6. Game development is like war - you make plans, you try to execute, things don't go according to plan, you lose some friends in the process, you grieve, but you keep fighting. You pick yourself up and you never stop fighting. I believe in @Nate Simpson and his vision. KSP 2 is a work of art - it's blood, sweat and tears. And it will turn out as one of the greatest games ever made. I have not the slimmest shadow of a doubt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who is, was and will be part of the team. The game is starting to shine, so keep calm and carry on!
  7. A bit late to the party, but I'm proud of my Dunk-it offshore mini-rig.
  8. https://www.pcgamer.com/this-game-wants-to-blend-survival-and-tycoon-games-in-a-race-to-build-a-moon-colony/
  9. The issue is how pointless is having to remember to press the button when the devs actually try to make it flash and sound alerts for you to press it.
  10. Please also fix the pixelated icons and raw / thick lines. They look crisper and cleaner in KSP1. It's like they have a slight pleasant glow.
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