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  1. I think it would be a useful feature of KSP 2 if we could have ropes and winches like in the Kerbal Attatchment System mod. It would be useful for adding to things like helicopters, lowering things in and out of cargo bays, making trailers for rovers, making a perseverance-style skycrane in which the skycrane lowers the payload down on a cable and many more things that I'm not creative enough to think of.

  2. By uncontrollable, do you mean that it just tips forward/backward on launch, or it just spins out of control when you are in the atmosphere?

    If it's the first one, you could try rotating the engines on the actual shuttle piece towards the center of mass, as said by Cantab, but if that doesn't work for some reason or is just too hard to get working, you could simply just mount two shuttles on either side of the big fuel tank like this:


    This works quite well, but is pretty cursed and might not satisfy you if you're trying to build one similar to or a replica of the American space shuttle.

    If it is the second thing, it might be caused by there being too much weight at the top of the craft, which you can fix by simply doing a steeper gravity turn, adding more fins to the sides of the orbiter, or maybe both if one doesn't fix it. Again, adding fins might ruin the American-space-shuttle feel your going for, but do remember that the space shuttles were some of the hardest to fly spacecraft ever made, and you might not get the hang of the art of space shuttling on your first few goes.

    Hope that helped, Jaq

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