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  1. I always think your profile picture is soup.

  2. My main issue was fps and it's a lot better! Heat went back up to normal tho, but that's an issue with my actual computer.
  3. My GPU is running much cooler, and the CPU is staying about the same, but hopefully, this helps. Ksp loaded, they are both down 10 degrees.
  4. Ksp has been really lagging for me too. It's odd.
  5. Banned out of logical coldstew
  6. Banned for having an approved flight plan.
  7. I used to play heavily modded installs, but recently KSP has been running terribly, I installed BdB only and it's causing my computer to overheat. Are there any steps I can take to make it run better? It was doing better with Nvidia's Game Ready Driver 535.98, but the latest drivers have somehow made it worse. Specs: Computer: Aorus RC47 CPU: Intel Core I7 10750H GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 RAM: 16gb
  8. Banned for being below @AlamoVampire
  9. In ksp1 today, I got a friend of mine into ksp. He made it to the mun.
  10. You are banned for knowing the right word.
  11. A Saturn V that puts small probes into a Starlink-like orbital shell that points pictures of SCP-096 at the surface, so occasionally someone will look into the sky and suddenly they are being hunted.
  12. Banned for a pfp that made me forget.
  13. The amount of islands also makes me think there is heavy volcanism.
  14. Space shuttle jet with jet engines instead of rs-25s
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