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  1. With this mod it is just download and install or do I need to change settings too? If so, which do you set for the best results? Also what other graphic mods do you guys run this one with, that works well with eachother and makes the game even look better?
  2. What? 1.0 will cost more than 50 euro? I'm sorry but you cannot compare yourself with Triple AAA studios lol...
  3. Have you seen the history of games this studio made, all the false promises and the terrible state of games they delivered? I know you want it to be better, but it most likely will not be better for years to come, if it will be better at all. PS, KSP1 with mods is 100times better.
  4. I know this is probably topic number 1000 regarding future of KSP2, but this video actually confirms the worry I and most likely others have for KSP2 that we wish will not happen. It's not an attack, but I see very simillair things happen to KSP2. I'm talking about the second part of the video, starting from 7:49 minutes How do you see things developing, knowing the track record of the developers now? It looks shockingly identical to their previous games, including comments regarding the games.
  5. short answer; Nothing I don't want to be disappointed again.
  6. Hi all, I've been going through KSP1 again from the beginning and one thing I noticed compared to my gameplay before is that not all contracts appear. As example I had explore Minmus contracts (land, orbit, flyby) in previous gameplays but 95% of what I have now as available contracts are tourists. Even when I deny them, another appears. Any idea why this is? Could it be because of mods? 90% are just visual, but I do have Scansat which also has contracts, never had this one before, so I decided to give it go.
  7. Don't forget KSP1 was for free at Epicgames recently, I bet there's more KSP1 players there.
  8. That's the reason why I went back to KSP1, really good mods out there and enjoying it very much. Might check KSP2 back in 6 months to a year or so , for now I don't see the point of playing till we had at least, as you said, more performance fixes, bug fixes, graphic updates and more content. At the current rate in which they are updating, I think the game might be enjoyable in 2024, but I do wonder if it gets as good or better as KSP1 with mods. For now I guess I won't checking anything on KSP2 for a long time, hopefully I will be surprised in a couple of months, I still have that hope, but the huge doubts are there.
  9. What a huge mess this development is. I had high hopes for KSP2, but truth to be told, the entire game development is one BIG mess, seeing how things went and are going. How did it ever came this far? Nate said the game was nearly finished in 2021, yet we get a super basic game, full with bugs and performance issues with no content. Man... how are they ever getting up to KSP1 standards or even top that game? Nah.. I don't think they every will reach that level. This is just a studio (it actually is) that bought the KSP license, trying to copy KSP1, trying to make it better, yet failing miserably. For the people who still believe in KSP2, I think it's time to wake up. Look how things went the past years, the quotes by Nate and the promises. Doesn't that raise any red flags? I'm curious how the original team thinks about KSP2 now and how proud they must be on KSP1!
  10. @Nate Simpson You said, I believe it was in 2021, the game was almost finished? Yet we get EA with basics not working properly and an empty game? I honestly have lost all my faith in this game and the studio. Seriously, what happened in the years? Truth to be said: I asked for a refund after buying and playing KSP2 and I doubt I will ever buy KSP2 again. I think the game will not survive how it's currently going and truth to be told the entire development is one big mess. I can't understand how it ever came this far.
  11. Thank you. I found out this was indeed the issue.
  12. Scansat altitude was set at Ideal, so I think that's right, will try the inclination part and see if they helps.
  13. Okidoki, Ideal was 70 or 75km so I aimed for that, didn't knew it had to be in an inclination. Will try that! Thanks!
  14. just 90 degrees at 75km. Batteries I have enough. They don't run empty while going in the dark side.
  15. Lets see, hopefully we get something soon.,
  16. I hope so. Still I wonder what happened, because the game was nearly finished, or so was said.
  17. Game was supposed to release as a full game a long time ago. Nate even said they almost finished the game... and we get this? There has been no clarification given regarding this subject, but avoided. There are a lot of red flags with this game that are already said numerous of time. I will just wait a few updates out, see what they do , otherwise I might come back in a few years, but then again KSP2 might be outdated by the next standards (it actually is by todays standards) if development takes such a long time.
  18. Hi All, Decided to give scansat a spin and have a set of scanners in orbit around 75km. Both Altimetry en Biome are stuck at 7% (already went a few times around Kerbin) What's the reason that the numbers don't increase anymore? (power is at 100%)
  19. Hi All, Decided to give scansat a spin and have set a scanner in orbit around 75km. Both Altimetry en Biome are stuck at 7% (already went a few times around Kerbin) What's the reason that the numbers don't increase anymore? (power is at 100%).
  20. Indeed, I did encounter some bugs but to be honest I'd enjoy the game from the start too. Anyway I hope we so content being released next to fixes and tweaks. Can't imagine people continue to play (or buy) if they don't add big content updates soon, even if that means it contains bugs.
  21. Will it be only planets or will it come with contracts etc too?
  22. Most questions answered are also from discord, majority even and so many excellent questions ignored. Who decides what to be asked? I asked a question what happened in the last couple of years, since I remember Nate saying they were "almost"done. I think back in 2021? but ofcourse such question will never be answered, but rather ignored. I'm guessing there's pain there, they rather avoid than facing and giving truth. While I think most of us would love to hear the truth and appreciate the honesty rather than what's said every single time.
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