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  1. everyone the system requirement have been changed look on steam.
  2. me too he was a good moder with a lot of talant.
  3. they haunt me in my nightmares
  4. beta testing alredy wow you are fast (i know it contains limeted fetures)
  5. @WarriorSabe the starless void skybox is not appering is there someithing i need to do to activate it? never ming i updated Kronometer and the void skybox worked
  6. @Gargamel is right the first game no longer being updates however ksp2 will have Parallax like terrain.
  7. @WarriorSabe i have saw on your github that you have steller neighbourhood mod for edge of eternity
  8. i have been testing it with outher parts packs and it works very will with them
  9. congrats on the release! (also a lot of the images are broken)
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