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  1. To clarify, while the code designs for most of these things are similar (ie both ksp1 and 2 use a pqs system), the actual code is different, as far as we can tell, no code has been straight up copy and pasted. This doesnt neccisarily detract from your point that many of the bugs of ksp2 are due to using similar systems to ksp1, but its an important distinction that needs to be made.
  2. Most of these are just asking for hotfixes in general, not neccisarily for 1.3, and then just to make sure the community knew that was all the hotfixes for 1.3, they went ahead and clarified. Like, I dont think the communication was bad here, it was pretty implicit that this was it for 1.3, and then just to make sure they made it explicit. Its hard to take your complaints about communication seriously when most of them is just ignoring what is said and just hyperfocusing on one phrase completely stripped of context, like tell me again about how nate simpson said “wobble is good” and just convinently ignore the “can” slapped in the middle of the actual quote
  3. I mean, tbh I dont think most people were expecting any additional hotfixes for 1.3. I thought it was pretty clear to everyone involved that those hotfixes were just for regressions/bugs that barely avoided getting into the update. Like the team has stated many times that theyre generally reluctant for hotfixes
  4. I think kerb is a part of what they meant by revisiting communication strategy but also the switch to videos is almost certainly part of it as well. Mike being out for paternal leave will definitely slow down comms, so I wont expect the small scale comms (stuff like directly commenting on reddit/forum threads) to significantly improve in the next few months. We know the reentry video took like over a month to make and I assume a lot of the time was just getting the procedure down, once the team gets more used to it theyll probably be able to make videos much more efficently. Im guessing large scale comms (ie videos) will peak in a month and a half or so, but as holidays and paternal leave happens dip to like a 2-3 week cadence.
  5. Please find me the quote that says this, I in fact remember them several times saying the opposite.
  6. Also they've had 3 years to prep their FFFs for a single year. More communication is good but sadly more communication is complicated.
  7. I realized I never shared my actual thoughts on this thread. Yeah the communication slowdown sucks, I think its a reason for a lot of tensions. I don't think its because the devs are too scared to speak or whatever (honestly the cms talk about as much in the forums pre comm slowdown). If you want the offical CM answer, check below, if you want my analysis I think its pretty explainable by two things. 1. The CMs have been down a member for around two months now, the most drastic slowdown compared to the time of weekly upnates was right after the CM left the team. Having a third of your team leave will seriously mess up your workflows. 2. The CM team is switching to a new format for large scale communications. I think the call to switch to a video format is a good one, the recent reentry video was pretty well received, however the swap to a different workflow will slow you down a lot. I think in retrospect not doing a fullswap from "upnates" to videos wouldve been good that way natural delays and the like in videos dont get seen as the devs abandoning all communications. Both of these fortunately are temporary things, but both hiring a new CM and being able to better regularize video production will take a while to happen. (btw we got a minor update on the getting a third CM back today see below) Mildly off topic but also not, for my take on the interplatform communication, its fine. I think there's a fundamental disconnect between "What we (involved community members) would like to know" and "What's actually productive to broadcast out" that I generally try to fill. For example, the unity change wasn't highlighted a lot, it was only posted in the modding discord and the modding subforum on here. I think a lot of people would want to know that the unity is changing as we are a curious bunch, but if you just put something out like that on the unity change, even if you specify its just a change that effects modders, people will either go "Okay and?" or "This means that hdrp is happening in 1.5!!", both of which arent good responses from your community. I do think where interplatform communication could improve is 1. Communicating the mild scales news gap that dev tracker fills to reddit and twitter feels lacking (disclaimer, I dont use either of these platform for ksp), I think a link to dev tracker or something like that in the reddit header would be neat. 2. I think that casual communication is inherently hard on the forums because threads are very focused and formal (compared to the more branching and casual discord conversations), however I still think some casual communication would be nice. Like, I dont think there's any thread to where you could go @ dakota hows the hunt for the new cm going? And it wouldnt be off topic for the thread. But I do think there are times where a cm can casually interject in a thread and add a bit more context. For example I think a tiny two-three sentence comment like the first discord image (would probably have to be worded differently to account for cultural differences) would do a lot for this thread. I think just casual clarifications and microscale news here on the forums would do a long way in the perceived communications gap.
  8. For context on this, the kerb specifies that the fixes are applying to one specific bug (engine plates were extra wobbly), and that was fixed. Anyways, its nice to see that wobble is getting addressed, not too suprised this is when its getting addressed considering its honestly lower priority then orbital decay, its hell to work around, but it can reliably be worked around. Though Ill acknowledge im not the best accurate judge of either because despite my 100 hours in the game i have not encountered either significantly because i do mission profiles that tended to avoid them. That being said i cant really be too excited or dissapointed around how good these changes be when we dont even know what they are. If its just “hey heres autostrut” then im gonna be dissapointed, if theres a clever thing that i didnt think of to address wobble then i wont be. (also this is decent evidence for my theory that the videos will tie into 1.5, if reentry is revealed to be in 1.5 through the video on it i will be so smug)
  9. I dont think you can credit the low player counts to the conceptual design of systems that arent in game yet, like no ones going to go “you know id love to play ksp2 but man i disliked that nertea dev blog about something not in game so now i wont” We’ve known for a few months that all the art assets for science are done, this means that the basic design of all the science parts have been done for a few months. Honestly we know more about science, its just that we know in broad strokes itll be like ksp1 science (do experiments, get tech points, repeat), but the main differing will be in the specific experiments themselves. The only thing where knowledge is iffy is what the experiments will be, but besides that we have a pretty firm grasp of what science will offer.
  10. I think having multiple science types are neat in paper, however I dont think they'd fit the game. The generic science points means that if I want to go to Eve, but I want an inflatable heat shield to help me, I can explore dres, eeloo, anywhere, and get what I need to go to Eve. If I had to collect atmospheric points however, then I'd have to go to laythe and.. thats about it. Generic science points means that if you want to progress in the game in a specific direction, you're not limited in how you do it, with specific science points you now have a much narrower route to go down to get what you want. I think this is one of the better proposals I've seen for specific sciences, I do like that you kept around generic science and kept the amount of sciences minimal, however I think the very freeform nature of all science being generic fits ksp the best.
  11. I have surprisingly little thoughts on LS besides "yeah I think itd be neat" but as others have pointed out that concept art is absolutely wonderful
  12. The only change we know of for a fact that'll be in 1.5 is this (taken from the ksp2 modding discord): I seriously doubt thats the feature they've been teasing, nor would I recommend reading too much into this. Dakota has also stated on the ksp2 discord that this change is primarily for developmental reasons and the only players this will really effect is modders (hence why this news was only delivered on the ksp2 modding discord). As far as I can tell, the only direct effect players may expect to see is a minor performance benefit. That being said, modders are very happy about this, apparently a lot of really nice developmental tools will be introduced with this change. These developmental tools will likely speed up ksp2's development as well which is nice, but of course this alone can only do so much. Don't expect colonies out January 2024 because of this change. For changes we dont know of, if the two videos in the pipeline have things that could be relevant to 1.5 (reentry heating and wobbly rockets), I expect that if they are relevant, they will confirm so in those videos at the end (IE btw we plan on doing these wobble changes in 1.5). I have no clue how long itll be till we get these videos, we know the previous one took quite a while to make, but also doing something a second time will always allow you to do it quicker so in short idk.
  13. On further thought wouldnt bet on it but wouldnt be suprised if we get halfway wobble fixes. I dont think itll be in the full scope we want/the dev team intends, but I wont be suprised if we get something that helps a decent bit.
  14. My guess is reentry visuals, probably gridfins and maybe a few other parts, and maybe reentry heating and the terrain they showed off. There's a few other things technically it could be (buoyancy rework, CBT, etc etc), however I doubt it will be those things.
  15. I've been very curious about radiation for a while and this is a pretty satisfying answer. If I'm understanding this correctly, its a case of "Radiation is definitely something the team is interested in exploring, but there's a lot of conceptual groundwork and devtime accounting that needs to be explored before we can be confident if we want to implement it or not, so we're gonna do that before we pull the trigger." Which fair enough, very much hope we get it but its not an easy decision to make for yall. Fair warning, the rest of this comment will be quarter analysis, three fourths my personal ideas, and about quadrice the length as the response I got so ignore if you dont care for that stuff. I am going to be spoilering this because it will be one of those posts, apologies.
  16. This is pure speculation but if I were to read into this image: We see a primary and secondary category for missions. My guess is that the primary category will be primarily your "land on duna"s, and your secondary missions will be your "visit the mun arch" style of missions primarily. The fact that orbit around kerbin is a secondary mission means I could be completely wrong about this though (though it could also just be like that because its kinda unfair for visit mount gregory on kerbin to be your second mission in the game for that category).
  17. They're definitely working on it and I feel like its getting close. Its been accidentally confirmed that next update will be 1.5 so no science no next update, but I wont be suprised if its 2 updates from now for like real this time. There's a few code changes that got pushed in with 1.4 that are almost certainly for science (spoilers for that code My take on what to expect for ksp2 science is the science side of kerbalism lite. Still going to get generic science points and stuff like that so zoomed out enough is similar, but there will be focused tweaks and stuff that will make the gameplay more engaging.
  18. I have a feeling buoyancy is gonna take quite a bit (as in 8+ months) as it isnt exactly high priority.
  19. I'm pretty sure this is a pol hole, the colors look similar and the sun looks to be the same size. Not to mention Pol already is pretty cratered and hole-y so this would fit right in. (image stolen from suppise on discord)
  20. There’s a few handmade areas that are physical models plopped down into the world (like the ksc, or the various easter eggs). My bet is the terrain sneak peaks are those and theyre being introduced so science missions can direct you to cool looking places (ie land on mount gregory the tallest mountain on kerbin)
  21. Pol? Pit looks cool, pol already is one of my favorite bodies in ksp2 so it having a special feature seems great. maybe this is a planet 8 reveal its not too late
  22. I went into more info in the crash thread, but to sum up what I discussed there about this bug (which seems to be a dependent of the crash bug). Only certain parts seem to have this whacky additional text, these are all engines, clamps, electrical generators, parachutes, RCS, stabilizers, and lights. The size of this whacky text also varies whenever opened, closing then reopenning will lead to different sizes of whacky text .
  23. Reported Version: v0.1.4 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 home 64 bit | CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-core processor | GPU: Radeon RX 580 | RAM: 16 GB Specs: Severity: High Frequency: Low Description: 1. Press shift on a part in the VAB, notice that the additional info text is all whack (I assume this is related to crash for later reasons). 2. Spam shift on methane fuel tanks (which dont have additional info), notice that nothing happens. 3. Hover your mouse over certain engines (which all do have additional info), game eventually freezes, try to close it and fail, try to escape by openning a second version of ksp2, only for your fullscreen game to become windowed and now you're in the whack dimension and have to restart your computer. Cry Only certain parts seem to have whacky additional text, all engines, clamps, electrical generators, parachutes, RCS, stabilizers, and lights. The size of this whacky text also varies whenever opened, closing then reopenning will lead to different sizes of whacky text . Additionally, only a small subset of parts appear capable of triggering a crash. All lights and the clamp wont trigger a crash for example, while the goliath jet engine reliably will. Additionally, for all electric generators, viewing one electrical generator will cause the next generator you view to have larger additional text. This will continue on consecutively until your game crashes. My current theory as to how this bug works is that some parts are capable of generating additional text so large that it crashes your game.
  24. Honestly Im not really concerned about cancellation yet, as far as we can tell their funds have been increasing (as they've been hiring more people). Intercept games is very close to PD (and thus Take2) as PD literally owns intercept games and is their pet project. Not to mention relative to everything else take2 works, intercept games is cheap and despite whatever the total production costs for ksp2 will be, the profit potential is high. As far as I can tell, they have enough political influence to last them a fair bit. Where I will get concerned is if come science/colonies, we don't see a noticeable turn around (note I dont think this needs to be a full u turn for them to avoid cancellation). I don't personally think no change in community will happen mind you but we shall see.
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