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  1. Thank you, do you think this post should go on the official discord channel?
  2. If you ever tried to make some particular planes you have probably noticed that there is always the "shape" problem, in this new version we saw modular wings come in and so I thought about a very cool idea: an in-game part editor. I thought about a very particular editor design. ---------------------------------------------------- PART EDITOR 1- upper bar should contain the following buttons: in the left [back to KSC, section editor], in the centre [undo, redo, round corner, add attachment point, display], in the right [save, load] 2- middle part should contain the part itself with all tbe features to change (you can change the displayed things with the input/output gestion). 3- in the bottom part there should be things like symmetry and properties Eventually to add a section to a part you just have to select a side or a section of the part and then press "edit section" or "extrude" ‐--------------------------------------------------------- SECTION EDITOR The section editor makes it so that you can use already existing sections or create new ones to modify your part (for example you can create a section with two Mk1 attaches (for engines) under and a Mk2 tail over (for tail control) to make a fighter two-propeller fighter jet. Sadly I didn't have time to make an image of how I think the section editor should work, but it should be some kind of simple 2D cad with lines that can be divided in parts (starting from a rectangle or a circle). Eventually I think there could also be some "procedural options" to make a part totally procedural ------------------------------------------------------------ CONCLUSIONS I don't know if this post will ever be seen by KSP developers, but if they do, pls consider that I though of this idea, but this is a not-refined concept, I only made a possible version of how I think it could work, feel free to tell me whatever you want about this concept. Thanks for reading
  3. Purtroppo non posso programmare, ma penso che qualcuno che trova interessante la mia idea potrebbe rilasciare la mod a cui sto pensando. La mod riguarda (come probabilmente avrai già letto) sui fluidi: un sistema che cambia il modo in cui funzionano le stive di carico e parti simili, ora se metti una stiva di carico in un aereo e ci metti delle parti avranno resistenza, sollevare... e quindi comportarsi come se fossero fuori, la mod dovrebbe risolvere questo problema e migliorare la fisica dell'acqua, come rendere inutili le prese d'aria sott'acqua, aggiungere alcune prese d'acqua con i motori ad acqua... sarebbe anche bello farlo così che nelle stive di carico non si vede acqua (sott'acqua) se sono chiuse, ma se si aprono si riempiono d'acqua e cambiano assetto e riempimento d'acqua. Sarebbe anche bello rendere più pericolosa l'esplorazione subacquea, aggiungendo la pressione dell'acqua che cambia con la profondità e facendo anche in modo che i kerbal subacquei indossino sempre una tuta intera. So che è piuttosto difficile da creare, ma sarei davvero felice di vedere un mod come questo essere rilasciato Qui lascio un'idea delle aggiunte della mod, dimmi se pensi che siano buone o meno Miglioramenti: Le baie di carico possono essere riempite d'acqua se vengono aperte sott'acqua e cambiano galleggiabilità, anche le baie di carico sono impermeabili quando sono chiuse La pressione aumenta sott'acqua, i cordoli e le parti possono essere distrutti se portati sott'acqua due ali staccate una di fronte all'altra si comportano come nella vita reale, non producono doppia portanza e resistenza, e un velivolo dietro l'altro ottiene la turbolenza tutte le parti aerodinamiche si comportano sott'acqua come farebbero in IRL (più controllo con le superfici di controllo) Parti: Cisterne di zavorra (Mk1, Mk2 e Mk3) Prese d'acqua Pompe dell'acqua Motori subacquei radiali Regolari motori subacquei Pozzetto resistente alla pressione Parti che resistono a forti urti (ad esempio potrebbero essere utilizzate per siluri lanciati dall'aria) Varie: Migliore visione subacquea I kerbal possono nuotare sott'acqua I Kerbals hanno bisogno di bombole di ossigeno per andare sott'acqua con l'EVA Do you think this could be cool?
  4. I was looking for good mods for KSP, when I noticed that all KSP underwater mods are outdated and now work very bad with new mods and versions, so I think there should be an "underwater" mod, that adds new underwater mechanics like air intakes not working anymore if underwater, some kind of water scooter (for Kerbals), new underwater engines and a new ballast tank in order to make going underwater (in a controlled way) possible without glitching... I also think that some kind of water pressure system should be added, as well as Kerbals drowning if they don't have full space swit underwater... I know this could be hard and I also know I'm asking a lot, but I don't know how to make mods (I'll try to learn...), so if someone has time, I would really like if someone made an underwater mod, and if someone does, just know I don't want credits If someone makes a mod like this pls tell me and if someone knows a mod like the one I'm looking for pls tell me. When I will learn how to mod, I'll try to make this mod and if I will, make sure you'll find it down here.
  5. I didn't know the "fake" devs account (I thought it to be the "devs account"), but, since some "wing airplanes" exist (experimental planes), why wouldn't it be possible on KSP, where you can literally make literally an engine plane (only engine, pod and wings)? If you see the B-52, it has two gears on the wings, why couldn't I make it without getting my plane to bounce controlless? I personally hate this bug and, since I usually make strange airplanes, I encounter this very often... when you try to make a Mk3 "double-decker" plane fly, like the A-380, it becomes very hard to control it putting gears on the fuselage...
  6. Yes, that's exactly what I already do, but it feels kinda cheat and it doesn't look realistic... when the wing bends (for example when you strongly pitch at a high speed) the gear doesn't... and autostrut makes the vessel bounce even stronger... and if you lower suspension settings it's not enough for a not so light landing... Sadly even struts aren't enough, it's all about the gears (I guess), I also tried to enable rigid connections, but somewhy wings immediately detach, and it leaves no way to make an airplane just from wings, like a glider with just a kerbal seat, no cockpit to attach the gears on... the only solution for this thing is to attach a medium strut, wich I think is very awful and anti-aerodynamic... I think that in KSP 2 it should be solved anyways...
  7. No restrictions, you can decide everything (number of kerbals, docking ports etc.)
  8. THE SSTO BASE There's a pretty hard mission for whoever likes sstos and bases, that could look very simple, but surely it isn't: make a spaceplane that also functions as a base, it has to be pretty big and totally retractible, to complete it I simply advice you to use all of your creativity. Enjoy the mission and if you want share your footage.
  9. @KerbalSpaceProgram what do you think of it?
  10. Well, if it's impossible in reality with our tech to do it, in KSP it is: I remember you that someone can do a Jool Five mission without IRSU... if you mean that ion engines take too much time, no problem, install better time warp, it's just a technical addition, it doesn't add anything too op... The challenge is just to enjoy, it's not to take all your week
  11. Yes, that's true, but it would ruin everything... think of an enormous rocket, it can't be commanded by one person, NASA has a lot of people working for every launch, it would be not so realistic to think of one person controlling a big rocket and maby even dock it while piloting a spaceplane... (I think... the size I'm thinking of isn't for tech stuff, but for kerbals). For the tech thing, in ksp 1 only the big probes had full control, because otherwise it would ruin the experience and make you underrate everything... If it's true that in science mode it would be better as you say, in Sandbox mode it would be a bad thing... I think it would be too much. Another thing about it is that if you don't have any reason to land a complex base on a planet to have literally a new KSC, you just land a Mk1 probe with solar panels... Maby I'm wrong, but I think this is how it should work...
  12. I'm really excited for a lot of things, but a thing I think is the best is the improved exploration: interstellar travel, a new planet, and the new colony sistem are only some of them, always about exploration a thing that will finally make the atmosphere exploration even better is the new plane sistem, in fact you will finally be able to travel all around Kerbin without going in space or making some strange things with wings. Another thing I think improves exploration a lot is the new fuel sistem: in fact, if exploration was very simple before (a simple nuclear spaceplane and you can go wherever you want), now it's a lot less underrated because going very far away now needs a "kerbal style" vesel, with different types of fuel tanks and engines. As a counterpart I really like that now parts that before needed to be very strange (like a size-1 electric battery or big landing legs) now are way more realistic and way better.
  13. THE GRAND TOUR Story: The KSC is out of money and the flat kerbiners are becoming more and more popular, make a spaceplane and land (with EVA) on every planet and moon (Jool excluded), returning to Kerbin to prove they're wrong. Make a spaceplane (SSTO) to spend less. Rules: -No cracken drives -No mods (if not told in the difficulty) -No cheats -No part detachment Difficulties: Easy -KSP set on Easy -All the engines allowed -Landing on every planet (except for EVE) -Docking allowed -at least 3 kerbals on board Normal -KSP set on normal -only Mk1 (or smaller) or radial angines -No docking -EVA on every planet -at least 5 kerbals on board Hard -KSP on full difficulty -No ion engines -EVA and science on every planet -No engineers on board -Return to the KSC runway -at least 15 kerbals on board Crazy -No nuclear engines -No Mk3 or rocket fuselage - At least 20 kerbals on board Insane - No landing gears (only legs) - No autostruct - At least 30 kerbals on board Impossible - Engineers allowed -Following mods installed: 1- Kerbalism (or TAC life support) 2- Real Fuels 3- External Solar System (more planets to land on, except for the gas giants) 4- Dang It! Interstellar - Mod Galaxies Unbound Nova Kirbani to install -mods "near future..." allowed -mod trajectory allowed. If you want, write down here you achievements and, if you want, some footage. Obviously all the difficulty is more and more difficult, so if in normal mode docking isn't allowed, it isn't allowed for all the difficulties that are harder, I just forgot that docking IS allowed for Interstellar travel (I don't know if it's possible otherwise), but if someone of you can do it without docking write it here
  14. I was watching a KSP 2 video, when I noticed a thing I always personally think graphics-ruining: most of the Rocket tanks have non-connecting textures, for exaple the size 4 fuel tank has a lines texture on the bottom for the long one, but no line texture on the upper part of other tanks, wich makes the classic enormous KSP rocket have a bad aesthetics, so I think it would be a thing to add the possibility to have a connective texture (I think that, since KSP developers decided to change graphics, they could also solve this thing), I mainly think of two options: -make textures automatically bind together -make more part versions to bind textures manually Obviously the best thing would be to add an "advanced coloring" option to get the "part versions" thing and to make it so that it automatically bind with the option unabled. What do you think of it?
  15. Yes, it's true, but the idea is like "you cannot control a size 5 Duna rocket from an Mk1 plane cockpit and with an Mk1 probe core", it's mainly for Sandbox mode, where you have everything you need and it would be enough to have an 1-kerbal spaceplane with a big extendable antenna orbiting Jool to have full control on every Jool mun. Obviously the "miniaturization" could be a thing, bur I think that with a good enough sistem both of them could work together. About the drone controller, it would obviously work with kerbals (otherwise it would simply be a repeater) and the size matters in that case: more kerbals controlling more things (because with this probe sistem Kerbin connection would not be necessary).
  16. I'm trying to get informations about KSP 2, and I think that there are a few things that should be changed. For example I think that, since you KSP developers are adding colors and themes, the GUI should follow the vessel's theme, becoming custom and different for everyone, another thing about color is that the R.A.P.I.E.R.S engine is colored by both sides, but the Mk2 double engine mount is colored only in the upper side, and it makes everything lose a bit of his environment, so I think that some sort of auto-color changer should solve it, making a transition or something like it, wich makes it a bit more dynamic. Another interesting colour addition can be an advanced color option, wich enables the possibility to choose every color singularly, for exaple, you could color the bottom of a spaceplane black and the upper side white and blue, for an old-style aircraft. Talking about technical additions, I think that there are a bunch of useful additions and changes: for example you could make it that, when you save something, it adds a "version" of it, the one you just made, so that, if you regret your choise, you can get back to the better version. A last addition I think that could be very realistic and make everything better is to male it so you can control your probe from a spaceplane or a base, and it could be even better if there were different command levels, like: -Mk1 command pod or cockpit-> no drone control -Mk1 probe controller-> only action groups -Mk2 cockpit or size 2 command pod-> thrust and action groups -Mk2 or size 2 probe controller-> thrust, action groups and single part control -Mk3 cockpit or size 3 command pod-> thrust, action groups, single part control and SAS -Mk3 or size 3 probe controller-> thrust, action groups, single part control and SAS -Land base drone controller-> full control They could connect to the standard probes and function with extra crew, that controls rhe probe another if there is no connection between Kerbin and the vessel. I also think an important addition for spaceplane or airplane builders would be the possibility to regulate the landing gears from the VAB or even in-flight, so that it isn't necessary to make some strange things anymore. Eventually I think that it would be very interesting to make the new water launch site finally useful with some water parts for boats and submarines and physic corrections like control surfaces not affecting the vessel while in water and intakes functioning underwater.
  17. I usually make planes and fly them in KSP, so I frequently have to deal with a big bug: if you attach landing gears to big wings, like the commercial airplanes wings or a sistem of wings, the plane immediately starts to bounce and never stops, and it makes taking off literally impossible (mainly if you have a big part of your wing going further to the fueselage than the gears), and the only solution is to attach the gear to the fueselage and move it, but I think this is a big bug and deserves some attention.
  18. I play Kerbal Space Program since rhe beginning of the last year, and I think there are some little details that could make KSP way better, like air an air compressor, wich transforms intake air in oxidiser using some EC (it could be an IRSU feature) and the possibility to (as a cheat in Sandbox mode) add parts and edit the rockets that are already launched; another cool feature could be an air-distributing sistem just like the fuel one. Another thing I think should be changed is that you must set structural pilons for every part singularly, making this a very long process for big rockets. I think those could be small, usefull features and changes to the gameplay.
  19. I think it can be hard, but you can set a chute (if you have more than one) to open anyway, it will definitely destroy itself, but it will slow down your rocket a lot, if it won't be sufficient, repeat the same thing with one more and you'll be able to land
  20. I can't make any mod, but I'd like to get a mod with real parts like an air compressor that transforms intake air in oxidiser (with an IRSU-similar texture and design), that doesn't make much heat but a lot of noise, some rover cargo bays , long cargo bays and eventually some powerfull air breathing engines for a takeoff without any oxidiser use and big jet engines to use as VTOL hidden engines or engines integrated with a cargo bay.
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