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  1. I have been searching and searching for a long time for a KSP Discord, but have only found the Subreddit Discord (bleh), Dev Discord (redundant now), and various YouTubers’ Discord servers. Is there an official one that I’m just missing?
  2. Not at the moment, but I might back it up to a Google Doc. Why do you ask?
  3. People across the forums are talking of Forum Armageddon, so I guess it's my turn. Beyond, being on the KSP Forums, is definitely going down with it. And since the only median to share the save with might soon be gone, there's really no more point in making more of this thread. That, and lack of motivation has stifled its development. My install's been giving me trouble, I'm tired of having to do the same mission over and over because the game keeps crashing, and other games have really been pulling my interest away from KSP. Is Beyond cancelled? Well, that's a solid maybe. I'd hate to end it on such a cliffhanger. We haven't even built a Mun base yet! Maybe there might be another update, but with how bleak things look right now, it might be over.
  4. I'm sad to see probably my favorite mission report go, but I'm excited for the new one to come out! And take all the time you need to work on the new report and get into it. After all, it's not fun to read a mission report that the writer's not into. Thank you for the awesome report, TwoCal!
  5. NOVA 5 RETURN - YEAR 4, DAY 81 CREW: Marsha Kerman MISSION OBJECTIVE: Return Marsha Kerman home from Kerman Station LAUNCH VEHICLE: N/A "Nova 5 has successfully undocked from Kerman Station." - Gene Kerman (CAPCOM) After a happy 10 days aboard Kerman Station, it's sadly time for Marsha to return home. She says that this was perhaps the most stunning vacation she's ever been on. "The Celestial Lounge was perhaps the most stunning thing I've ever seen!" Marsha stated. "I spent most of my time there, gawking for hours as cities and oceans passed beneath me! Food could've been better though. 8/10, would recommend!" "Chutes deployed!" - Gene Kerman "Successful splashdown confirmed." - Gene Kerman Another mission complete! Marsha came back successfully, and Beyond gets a huge amount of money from her. However, many in the public are starting to become concerned with Beyond's goals. Many now question if it's still about the exploration of space for all of Kerbalkind, or just simply another one of the UKA's ways to get a quick buck. With partnership after partnership and hardly any steps taken towards heading back to deep space, opinion of Beyond is starting to wane. Maybe it's time to reconsider some things... *** I apologize for the once again very short chapter. I've just been feeling unmotivated recently. KSP still isn't capturing my interest that much, with the install troubles and all, and also it's been hard to get inspiration to write. I hope ya'll understand.
  6. I've been playing a LOT of Cities: Skylines recently. Working on brand new realistic city with a not so brand new name. I also found some good rowhome assets, so, although tedious to place down by themselves, I do have a realistic rowhome sprawl that one sees on the east coast.
  7. To be fair, most of the people who watch Bluey and the show’s prime audience is children. I think man’s (or in this case canine’s) conquest of the red planet flies quite far over their head.
  8. Yeah, I’m just too lazy to keep writing CKR right now. I won’t make an excuse, I have nothing to hide.
  9. I apologize for the very slow update rate right now, my install's been giving me trouble lately. I might need to purge some mods.
  10. YEAR 2, DAY 69 - Dzhebediya Kerman, first Kerbal to set foot on the Mun aboard the Druzhba 7 mission
  11. You said it. Writing and summarizing a mission is surprising difficult, especially when it’s hard to get an idea of what your audience is thinking.
  12. Here’s drawing of the Philadelphia skyline I spent quite a few days making. This is an actual place in Philly too, I literally just zoomed in on some random spot on Google Earth, and then just copied it down.
  13. Moar boosters! But in all seriousness, couldn’t you possibly establish a new colony on Laythe? Sure, it’s far and expensive, but it may pay out in the long run. If you have OPM, Laythe maybe also be a good staging point for missions to Sarnus and beyond.
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