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  1. I created a little info graphic that's handed to schools across Kerbin. To explain some things real quick, the entirety of Kerbin is a single government, divided up into regions, which are further divided into metropolitan areas, which are further divided into towns and cities. Simple, really. Being the nerd I am, I've also thought of a history behind the UKA too. I guess I'll set up a timeline. 1727: Kerbals, sick of constantly competing for resources, attempt to organize into a global body to evenly divide resources. Except for a little batch of three large nations, who form into the Kerbal States. The UKA attempts to maintain good relations with them, but the varying ideologies of both nations severely strains relations. 1735: The Kerbal States launches an invasion on a coastal city, marking the beginning of the Great Kerbin War. 1742: The Great Kerbin War ends, and the UKA emerges victorious. The Kerbal States is forced to hand over all of their territories to the UKA, and finally the entirety of Kerbin is united. There we go. That's how big of a nerd I am. Feel free to critique this.
  2. JULY 8TH, 1974 - ANNEX 1 America will launch its first robotic Moon lander program since the days of Surveyor back in the mid 60s. The mission of the program will be to scope out a flat area suitable for making a surface base. On it are 6 cameras, which will take panoramic photos of the Moon's surface for investigation. Annex 1 is only a test flight, but future missions will be much more ambitious. As for the name, well, the U.S. wants to use these landers as a warning to the Soviet Union. Maybe a simple unmanned lander against a cosmonaut on the surface isn't exactly 1:1, but America will do what it must. As for the rocket, the mission will be launched atop a Titan IIIC rocket. NASA hopes that the Titan rocket can be used for many more applications in the Apollo-Mars program, as the Titan has many untapped potentials. It can lift a wide variety of payloads to LEO, so it shouldn't be so overlooked. Liftoff! SRB separation Go for orbit! Yes, the lander's quite dinky, but that's rush building for you. Also, once again, only a test. Annex 1 enters a parking orbit around the Earth, as the Trans-Lunar Injection (TLI) burn is plotted. The brand new Annex Upper Stage will carry it the rest of the way to the Moon. Go for TLI! Annex 1 now coasts for three days towards the Moon, now ever so prominent in the sky. JULY 11TH, 1974 Annex 1 enters the Moon's sphere of influence, and readies itself to enter Low Lunar Orbit (LLO). Orbital insertion burn Separation of transfer stage After yet another parking orbit, Annex 1 is ready to head down to the Moon's surface. De-orbit burn On final approach... Contact! Annex 1 now begins its mission. It preforms experiments, takes several photos, and blasts the U.S. national anthem to any eavesdropping Soviet satellites. Meanwhile back on Earth, preparations begin for the first big step in phase 1 of Apollo-Mars. Skylab is about to have a pretty big change to it...
  3. N -5 C'mon, @Nazalassa, @Admiral Fluffy, @RevanX_LSR, and @fulgur! They're gaining ground!
  4. I feel like you should stick to KSRSS, and save yourself from the headache of RSS/RO. As for Freedom, if the shuttles are being retired, what's going to continue flying crew to Freedom?
  5. YEAR 3, DAY 273 - CANCELLATION OF THE K-PLANE PROGRAM Beyond has made the decision to cancel the K-plane, as interest in it has waned, and as it stands, it contributes nothing to the current goals of Beyond. Our private partners already have several spacecraft that meet the demands the K-plane program. However, resources from the program have been shifted into a brand new space shuttle program! The goal of the program is to make a 6 man shuttle that can supply Kerman Station cheaply and efficiently. And safely too, if time allows it. The idea is to make a spaceplane that lifts off like a rocket, and lands like a plane. Already prototypes have been designed for a shuttle codenamed "Kitsu". We apologize if you were a supporter of the K-plane program, but hopefully the new shuttle program makes up for it. -Kerbalsaurus Kerman
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