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  1. "For I have stared into the eyes of the gods, and man they really want a refund." Also no final payload, I couldn't think of anything good for...this thing, and I'm too lazy to redo the staging for the Delta's fairings.
  2. Finally getting a chance to play this mod, loving the parts so far. I don't have pictures here, but the HLLV doesn't destroy my framerates quite as bad as I thought it would. I'm also glad this exists because I tried making the booster awhile back using procedural parts. But this mod looks way better!
  3. Playing with these new engines. Awesome stuff! If I had one critique, it's that some of the engines seem mildly overpowered. But if that's the intent, I won't complain.
  4. I never thought I'd be rewarded for sarcasm. For real, thanks for sharing this. Didn't know this existed.
  5. This is me right now but I'm replaying Cyberpunk 2077 since Phantom Liberty will be out soon. Yes, I want to launch my Steiner scout lance to the mun. Because it's still stealth if no one's left to spot you! The question is when are we getting parts for NCC-1701-all of them. I apologize for my references, I will show myself the door.
  6. Thank you for responding. And I apologize for any trouble. Regardless, this mod is awesome!
  7. Sorry for the late response. I've been busy with other stuff. The sound for the SRB1200 boosters still doesn't seem to be working. Can I delete that particular folder in RSMP in the meantime? Like I said, as far as I know all the other boosters seem to work just fine. I don't mind having stock effects for the SRB1200 series in the meantime.
  8. Ah yes, the ultimate KSP technique: concept rabbit holes!
  9. I don't think that's the issue. I looked through the configs and compared them to the SRB's that don't have issues, but they seem to look fine as far as the sound is concerned. Odd.
  10. Awesome work. Only issue I've noticed so far is that the SRB1200 series boosters (the Titan III boosters) from BDB seem to lack sound. The plumes are beautiful though!
  11. Just reinstalling an old friend. I just learned that SRB Waterfall has been renamed RSMP, and no longer needs TUFX as a requirement. Edit: I've noticed one issue where the SRB1200 series boosters aren't making any sound when RSMP is installed. I already posted on that thread but wanted to mention it here too in case. Still very pretty though!
  12. I might have tried going in the opposite direction (if you want to call it that). Sadly regular Atlas didn't have enough power. Atlas V might be a different story.
  13. Best birthday gift ever! well, technically mine was yesterday, but I had to work. So perfect timing! (Is it odd for me to get this excited for booster skirt/core tank variants?)
  14. What if the Saturn V, but all of the stages? I'm calling it Uranus V, because we all know Uranus is the most memeable planet for...reasons. Sorry I've been out for a hot minute. Work's kept me busy for the past couple weeks. Also other games and America Day celebrations. I have other stuff in the works too. I went to a neat glass art museum in Tampa, and they had a cool space exhibit, stay tuned.
  15. What if the Saturn V, but all of the stages? I'm calling it Uranus V, because we all know Uranus is the most memeable planet for...reasons. Sorry I've been out for a hot minute. Work's kept me busy. Also other games and America Day celebrations.
  16. Wow, thank you! Also you might want to adjust your post, it's doing this jumping up and down thing because it's trying to give scrollbars to the mod links. Don't worry, I have most of these mods except Hullcam and Mechjeb. Honestly, this outdoes a lot of the stuff I do. I tend to stick to the stock Kerbol system, and I've been winging it without using Mechjeb. What you have here is impressive to say the least. I don't know what classes you're taking/used to take in school, but you deserve extra credit for something in here.
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