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  1. Part3:Tylo approaching The spacecraft successfully hit jool's top atmosphere. Beautiful cloud normal can be seen from above! It only took me a little adjustments to reach an orbit above. Now, just warp and wait for the encounter!
  2. Wooooooo finally friggin' graduation exam finished!!!!(though it finished in jun.27)
  3. Part2:Lander transfer The lander transfer stage is powered by 7 NERVs, so it only took me 2 kicks to escape kerbin. I did the jool transfer acceleration in the sun's orbit, in order to do precise maneuvers. This saved a lot of fuel! Note another craft in the transfer orbit. It showed the importance of doing precise maneuvering and timing. It got trapped in a orbit which could never hit jool.
  4. Part1:Lander ascend A terrible lag started at the first second of the flight, pinged the computer heavily. In a roar of 13 mainsails and 24 thuds, this monster lifted off. After 189 seconds, I ejected the boosters manually due to a serious issue in MECHJEB autopilot. The hardest moment passed! As the center stage discarded, Lander and its transfer stage, ~120 tons in total, entered the orbit successfully!
  5. The vessel Tylo lander INDEV3(TLI3) (Currently holding the record of the heaviest functioning 0.17 rocket) Stacked 5 instead of 4 x32tank on the boosters and center stage1, bigger than the eve lander's. Developing prosses: The lander was first designed in the method of eve lander, landing stage looks the same as eve lander, having 2 layers of stacked tanks. Sadly it couldn't make its way to tylo due to its low deltav. First test launch↑ Then I added more boosters on the side of the lander stage, but nothing changed. Like this. Soon the TWR and fuel went short. So I rebuilt the craft and stacked 5 instead of 4 X200-32 on a single booster. Finally, I realized that the landing stage shouldn't be this HUGE. So I cane up with this idea. I turned the landing descending stage into transfer stage and turned the ascending stage into lander. This design worked!
  6. BREAKING NEWS Tylo landing+orbit ascent FINISHED SUCCESSFULLY!!! the log will start soon!
  7. How time flies!My junior high school graduation exam will be start in 3 days! New announcement:Tylo is much closer! (Tylo return will start at June 25th!) ps. my tylo craft finally got progress(boosters can finally detach properly), I'm trying to crack the WR of the largest WORKIN' 0.17 craft. Last record is SCOTTMANLEY's Eve return craft.
  8. 重装系统,我就是这么干的,成功了。
  9. me! Moho used to be red and have atmosphere in ver0.17! watch my mission reports to see it!
  10. Apologizing for you all's waiting... Tylo return is seemed to be too difficult for my poor computer..... Too much Dv needed, I have no time for researching a proper plan, and my Junior high school graduation test aka. Middle exam or Zhong Kao is near so I have to prepare. Tylo Return trial date: July 1th. 74 days to go.
  11. Srry OwO @Abel Military Servicescome
  12. sorry... I didnt noticed that. @Nazalassa
  13. Part 8-- Return to Kerbin I first ejected my craft into a high orbit, in order to get time warp properly. First try to directly transfer. A Kraken teared 2 NERVs down, so I can't ignite properly, can only spin the craft and make a little burn. Second try to slowly approach. The rescuer smashed into kerbin's atmosphere in a velocity higher than 3200m/s, with 20G. Prop module dethatched, exploded. Welcome back, Oblock the DAREDEVIL! (End)
  14. 欢迎欢迎! 这里是【小有名气】的版本考古学家,Kerbal123! 成分复杂请注意!
  15. curious. What new will appear on the sstv decoded footage? I can decode it.
  16. just dont earn money from them
  17. emmmmm.... Dont forget to check the duna SSTV site!!!!
  18. Part 7-- Krew transfer Luckily, after a periapsis match my craft got near to the rescuer!
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