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  1. I guess I should've been more clear when I said "minigame". Because this is what I had in mind....Not playing "tic-tac-toe" over and over again.
  2. RIGHT! Sadly, I think we're going to be waiting on Tarsier v 2.0 :-( And, I think it's obvious that this community wants science to be more fun than - go here/there > click button > DONE! We want something more interactive/minigame like. I think this was the natural progression of KSP1 > KSP2, not this colonies thing.
  3. I really do like the idea of science minigames. I mean who here doesn't like science? lol. But seriously, science could be waaay more fun in ksp2. One of my favorite mods in ksp1 was Tarsier Space scopes. That turned planet discovering into a telescope picture taking minigame that was really fun for me. I'm sure there are many more instances like this that could be implemented. I'm interested to see what they've come up with.
  4. Yeah, I'm not really a fan of the 8bit computer programmer style they went for. I do dig the general shape and layout, but I think the stylization hinders a lot of potentially useful changes and visual functionality. Lower fidelity and alphanumerics really should be avoided, even at the cost of creativity, and especially when aviation is involved.
  5. This would be fun to know, though not too sure about our chances. rofl!
  6. You can move the camera to change your perspective while editing your fairing, which solves the issue of needing to see your payload from at least 2 angles in order to make a nice fitting custom fairing. I guess I just have too much bias for an old familiar, well refined, ksp1 system that worked great for me all these years, lol. I suppose my mind will likely change when the new system is ironed out and functioning without bugs, then I'll be able to judge it fairly. I just really avoid using fairings atm but am excited to see ksp2's improvement regardless.
  7. I'm no expert, but wouldn't knowing the future be necessary for concurrent processing in this type of situation? With physical interaction being linear, in relation to time, I could see it being very difficult to keep multiple threads running in time with one another.
  8. its hilarious how self-contradicting the results are. Everyone likes the mechanic to improve visual quality but doesn't want any visual quality degradation to improve from...priceless...gamer gotta have his cake. 'Tarsier Space Tech with galaxies' Is an EXCELLENT KSP1 mod that does most of this. I would love to see it again in KSP2. But obviously would never be viable for stock, people already find rocket science hard, they won't like things that make this space sim any harder.
  9. The KSP1 design is perfect and did not require a refresh. They nailed it already, why change it?
  10. Reported Version: v0.1.4 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 64bit | CPU: 12900k | GPU: 4090 SUPRIM X LIQUID | RAM: 64GB corsair dominator 6000m/t DDR5 vessel wings are disfigured, appear broken, after a revert to launch after a crash, which this effects flight. Fix requires a revert to VAB and relaunch from there. This happens every time I attempt to reproduce the problem, and has been happening since 0.1.0 vessel does not matter, this happens with all vessels with wings/stabilizers/control surfaces.
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