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  1. A NASA like program could maybe also have the option to request and get higher budget for very ambitious missions, like a landing on the mun.
  2. Amazing would be a way to replay craft flights and film cinematics out of them
  3. I really like @Periple's hangar idea a lot, at the KSC aswell as a hangar building that would have to be connected to the landing pad and VAB in a colony would be really cool. I really hope for features that promote reusable vehicles and instead of building a new craft everytime, handling your specific crafts each with their own story would be really cool!
  4. I actually kind of asked the first question in an AMA: "If you can tell us, will probe stuff be before crewed in the tech tree? So are the first missions in science mode more likely gonna be uncrewed or crewed?" (Datau03, Discord) And Shana Markham's answer:
  5. I'm not sure how this could best be implemented, but I would love for there to be a very good reason to build reusable crafts. Also, colonies should always be limited by their resources but I think that is obvious
  6. I like the idea and this is very well written! Maybe they could add parts which can flex a little but have a higher maximum stress before breaking, for example special radial decouplers, but they should only be optional
  7. What about some gameplay clips of WIP stuff like science or even interstellar, colonies and multiplayer? That would be really cool!
  8. We want moar hotfixes, yes please! Have a nice weekend everyone!
  9. Although a bit dissapointed for the fact that science is several months away, still nice to see progress being made and excited for future updates. Continue the great work and have a nice weekend!
  10. The patch has improved things a lot for me again, thank you for this long list of fixes and continue the great work
  11. Thank you Nate for the exciting Upnate! I'm looking forward to Patch 3 and all future updates I wish you all a nice weekend!
  12. Thanks for the update Nate! I wish you and the team a happy weekend!
  13. Thanks for the update! Funny, I was right now in the process of building and flying a crewed Laythe mission. Also, does visit mean land or flyby?
  14. Hm, I chose 2 but I' say I'm both 1 and 2, I'm wo excited to be able to actually see and interact with my friends
  15. The multiplayer screenshot was posted on March 31st Seattle time.
  16. Thanks Nate and everyone else on the team! Have a nice weekend!
  17. I am very faithful in the devs making this an amazing game. They have been playing multiplayer and the other stuff like interstellar and colonies for years and there is a lot of stuff relating to this in the gamefiles too. I think the features do not need that much more work.
  18. Hypee!! Thank you all at Intercept, continue your amazing work!!!
  19. WOW that was worth the wait! Thank you all at Intercept, you are amazing!
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