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  1. I am not sure if it is even possible to do what I have in mind...but in the real world, if we did radially mounted engines onto smaller tanks, only the outside shell of the tanks themselves would be there...the rest of the tank that was there, cut away to be a part of the larger center tank. Reduction of the total mass an obvious result. The game does not take this into account and regardless of how it is mounted, total mass of all the tanks are still counted, including volume of liquid inside. TWR results no longer true to real world results. Every object in the game suffers from this single problem. It would be awesome if there was a plan or method to "re-render the ship" when we send to the launch pad...everything that is attached to one side of a coupler is a single entity, instead of several individual parts. A fuel tank that is comprised of 3 parts, plus nose cone and engine...now all 1 part instead. Attach that radially around another tank and offet...when re-rendered, all the internal bits are removed to simplify the model and presumably reduce the mass of what wouln't be there in a real world example. Fewer things to process and keep tack of. GTA V has a building feature to it that was simple, but used this concept of removing vertices and such to simplify the object when rendered in game. Though to be honest, that game's toybox was pretty limited in what you had to work with. Despite, performance didn't take a hit with a more complex looking ride. Which is kind of the idea there. Could they do this with KSP 2?
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, I've done this. The trouble however, is the complexity is itself the achilles here. One engine plate and 8 engines radially around a center engine. Versus several more tanks and cones to pretty it up and aerodynamic stuff. The performance hit is insane. I have this one craft that rivals Starship...12.5 meters wide, it sports an S4 tank with eight S3 tanks and cones radially and offset accordingly, with an additional bunch of FL-T800s and engines to fit a 33 engine count...TWR is sort of OK...all that extra tank mass isn't helping and also contributes to the problem. More parts, severe performance hit. https://imgur.com/a/3m9p5DQ
  3. As stated, I am NOT disabling SEVERAL MODS I LIKE to try this mod out. I like KESA, and community fixes and resources and....as stated, it isn't going to happen. Updating the code might help, but disabling some of the mods I have would break the game for me. Solid no. I'm pretty sure I am not alone in this.
  4. As much as I would like to "try" this mod out, I continually run into a compatibility issue with Patch Manager. Given the number of other mods that rely on Patch Manager being the most recent version, and of course, KSP no longer being compatible with 0.91 and all that...well...ya know....
  5. I would like to think that there would be a way to weld the parts as "one" when going to the launch pad...an engine and fuel tank with a decoupler are now a single object rather than three separate. Probably way easier said than done. That said, a lot of the parts I use are mainly for reaching orbit for the very heavy craft I am trying to push out and the most powerful engine doesn't have a nice way to couple 2 or more engines on without it looking stupid. Limited functionality in the engine plates doesn't help, and the largest one available is too small for the largest tanks. It's more an OCD thing really, so I end up using multiple lesser engines to match the output power, but they end up increasing the mass and negating any benefit to TWR. And the complexity of the engines with gimbles doesn't help, the performance suffers with the additional animation and associated "physics" for every engine added. This is where I am sure most of my issues lay. If I launch the payload portion of the ship without the launch vehicle, I do not suffer the severe performance penalties, and this despite a great deal of the 400 parts in this portion of the entire craft when I was using "cheat" to test some things as I developed the ship. Even on the pad with engines off on the launcher, the performance is horrible. At some point the devs will hopefully increase the tool box to include bi/tri/quad and penta mounts in the 5 meter space for the larger engines....I am hoping the mod community also addresses this and provide engine options for huge craft with multiple engines not unlike what SpaceX is doing with their heavy lifters. a bit like KSP 1, but hopefully not without the Kraken. If I can simplify the launch vehicle, that would make a significant difference in performance.
  6. On a lark, decided to fire up KCD while I wait for KSP to get my ship into orbit. Over 72FPS in THAT game while KSP 2 renders at 3 FPS to orbit...lol
  7. Thus far, everything that I can determine points directly to the game engine itself and not the graphics rendering. I've played games in the past where I had a huge number of polygons going on and it would impact frame rate performance...Homeworld 1 and 2 their remastered updates for example. Early in the game, ships were simple and limited in numbers. This by design, you had to learn how to walk before running. Regardless, frame rates were good. As I got deeper into the game and the ships became more complex and numerous, and LARGE...performance greatly dropped. The CPU was doing its best to keep up with the math going on...the GPU however, really struggled to keep up. It failed. Dialing back the eye candy and resolution helped, but there was a limit. And watching the hardware monitor keep tabs on the CPU load, what cores were being heavily used, GPU load also being measured in the same ways. If you needed an upgrade, it was obvious in those benchmarks....a CPU/GPU in the load ranges of over 90% were good indicators that some upgrades were needed. It was an easy thing to understand for most. There were work arounds. Disable the eye candy, dial back the resolution....slap more RAM in, go bigger RAM in the GPU and on it went. My last rig (used as a "TV" now) sports 24GB DDR3 with an Athlon FX8350 and an AMD 770 6GB DDR4 GPU with SSD for boot drives. It is old, but still can play many of my games with ease. Some, like Homeworld remastered...not so much. KSP 1 it does "ok"...not great, but workable. Modded? lol...noooooooooo... Enter this rig. Not high end, but way more than a match for pretty much every game EXCEPT KSP 2! AMD Ryzen 5600 with 32GB DDR4 (3200) and a 6650 with 8GB DDR 5, with a 120MHz monitor to take advantage of some high frame rates. Memory is running dual channel at rated clock. Games like Homeworld are no problem...at all. I've cranked all the eye candy up and get over 60FPS late game....Fallout 4 used to have issues with frame drops and regular and weird "pauses" if I cranked up the eye candy. Not anymore. Fallout 76 was the same. Not anymore. Starfield (crap game tbh), I was sporting 120FPS....same can be said of Star Wars Jedi series, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, GTA V and more...those games pose no challenge to this hardware. At all. Which is great for me. And as I said, not a high end rig. Horizon: Zero Dawn...I crank up all the eye candy that game has to offer and still maintain 120FPS without breaking a sweat. This game? KSP 2? It matters not what graphics settings I have set. I could go lowest settings or highest settings and the results would be mostly identical. When I first ran the most recent update in December, no mods and a clean install...frame rates were great. I was looking at 120FPS in the load screen and saw modest drops as I began a new game. Progression was fine, but frame rates steadily began to drop as I went through the different missions. My ships gradually became more and more complex. And with that, my frame rates dropped to dismal levels. While watching this happen, second monitor had all the hardware stats going on, giving me real time info on what was going on. Reality is this. True frame rates were not being displayed. At least, not in the sense of what my GPU was capable of showing me. Pause the game and instantly the frame rates climb into the 50s for example...I can move around the ship and zoom in/out and all the other fun stuff with the mouse/KB and see no lag, no frame drops of any kind...related to vertices and the like...this is the same behaviour I would expect of other games like Homeworld. But unlike Homeworld, the moment I unpause the game, I have an immediate drop to 5 FPS or less...on a ship with about 450 parts at launch. 20 minutes later, the boosters were dumped at about 35KM, knocking off about 20 parts and giving me a 2 FPS boost when those fell out of visual range. In the time it took me to tap out the above, my ship finally made orbit at 100km...I am not a slow typer, I use all the fingers and thumbs, but it still took me a bit....lol But really. The The CPU barely registers over 15% on any single core...the GPU even less on average. KSP 1 had a similar problem, but that one had more to do with the part library itself being too large, rather than a very complex ship causing poor performance. At least, in my experience. KSP 2 however, behaves like a hungover mule. There is lag going on, but it doesn't look obvious where the problem actually is. As though the rendered information from the CPU takes a jaunt to the "Mun" and returns back to the GPU to render the first frame before sending the handshake, taking the same route back. I honestly don't know what to make of it...all the other games I mentioned above? I see heavy GPU/CPU/Memory activity...KSP 2? Memory sure does get hogged up in a hurry, but never crests 20GB...it's like trying to move a bunch of files from one hard disk to another...a single 20 GB video will transfer from one SSD to another far faster than 20GB of 30kb text files ever will. I wonder if that is what is at issue with the performance? Would the game benefit from some kind of post "re-render" of the ship when going to the launch pad? Instead of a capsule and parachutes being separate as in the vab, they are now one object on the launch pad...hidden vertices removed. Not sure if that is even possible. But something isn't working as expected. It is taking a LOT of the joy of this game away, and that is a shame.
  8. No. I never said the mod "fixes" it. Someone else implied this via community fix. It had no effect. And I am currently in another scenario with this problem on Moho. This time with the Croissant mission. I had no issues with the entire mission straight on up to the landing. All navigation lines remained intact, including landing trajectories. I was able to do the science, an EVA to get samples and then I turn around and set to launch back into orbit. Not one thing of the mission to this point was awry and I managed to do the entire thing without any need to reload any of the saves I made along the way. Then I launched to return. And lo and behold and all that fun stuff, the lines were gone. A quick load back to before I launched and it was fixed. That alone never worked with the previous mission to Moho. Gotta chalk it up to "this game is methed up"....
  9. I hope I didn't give you the impression I was having issues with accuracy here in respect to any maneuver being planned. It has a bit more to do with the tool switching to "return from moon" mode automatically (as your screen caps have shown) without giving me the option to do anything but that. If I were orbiting Eve, I would have the other maneuver options available. The behaviour isn't limited to Eve/Gilly...any planet with a moon will do the same thing and deny the ability to do anything but "return from moon" if I am orbiting a moon. Which isn't what I want to do and not necessarily just the host planet orbit either. In the case of Eve/Gilly, I stopped at the moon first to drop off a probe before going on to Eve to place a second probe and learn a bit about it (I consider myself a year long "newbie"). The tool would not give me the option to create a plan from Gilly to Eve. As I said, it was an easy maneuver for me to manually create a path to Eve without the tool. I was hoping it is a simple matter of a toggle to enable the other options on demand. Eve to Gilly, the tool allows a maneuver to be planned, but not return back to Eve using those same tools...on a multi-moon system for example, I cannot use it to go to the other moons as is. I can return to the host planet and THEN the tool will allow a maneuver to be created to another moon. (Kerbin and Minmus/Mun) As you no doubt know, this is an aweful waste of fuel. Unless I missed something important, it seems restricted. I never got far enough in KSP1 (severely buggy when modded), but I think Mechjeb had something like that...maybe others who know that tool and have used it to plan maneuvers from moon to moon...I never got far enough in that game to try it, so I don't know how it works from experience. Anyway, still love the tool regardless.
  10. As stated, save game unmodded or save game modded, both yielded same result. Usually that's all that is needed.
  11. Encountered another bug with a transport ship delivering two craft to Eve, one to land on Gilly and the other on Eve. I would set the orbit around 8K and start looking at trying to do the maneuver to land on Gilly at the impact site. Set the maneuver, and attempt to do the landing, and discover the node planner decided on its own to burn in advance of what I wanted. A quick load later and the 8K orbit I did have is now a crash. I think it extends from another issue with the payload bay and delivering the landers...the lander will no longer remember the orbit after a reload. And I also experience that no fuel bug, which prevents creating a maneuver node. Usually I can just create a new stage, move the engines to it and delete the old stage and it recovers. For some reason, this trick didn't want to work on the Eve mission....ended up having to cheat it to complete the mission. Hopefully the developers fix the issues with the payload bay and provide something a bit more friendly like KSP 1 had. The ability to create interstage nodes was nice to have, not sure why it is missing completely here. lol I have that...it didn't do a thing unfortunately.
  12. I am enjoying this very useful mod. However, I am running into an issue in regards to using the tool to change SOI from Gilly back to Eve, as I chose to drop off a lander on Gilly first before dropping the second onto Eve. The tool refuses to give me the option and forces a return to Kerbin as the only thing I can do with it. While it isn't really that hard to do this manually in this instance, I thought it might be worth while bringing this up as something to allow the user to decide which planet it should focus on, or allow to toggle it off when not needed perhaps.
  13. I am using a Ryzen 5600G and an AMD 6650 8GB dedicated GPU with 32GB DDR4@1600. Initial game release was very poor performance. Granted, everyone's experience wasn't great, the game wasn't really playable regardless of the visual. The December update gave me a huge boost up to 120FPS. But this only lasted for small ship designs. As I progressed through the game and had to use multiple engine design to compensate for the weaker engines in early science mode. Lots of parts equals lots lof frame rates lost. 200-300 part ships became a nightmare to fly due to less than 10FPS on average. Changing GPU settings had little effect on performance. This most recent update helped a bit with the performance.
  14. I tried that, but it didn't work as expected. Sometimes the QS/QL works for moments when I lose input control to the ship, but that wasn't it either. Could be worse I suppose. Could be whatever I encountered that caused the crew thumbnail display to completely vanish...but only after I separated the lander from the return ship and created a QS...if I do a QL at any time going forward, the thumbnail display will vanish, leaving me unable to select any crewmember to EVA. They are still on the lander, can see them in the Kerbal Manager even. I can reload the save I did right after the first undock when the tool was displayed. The saved game thumbnail itself will even show the rectangle that holds the crew thumbnails...but they will not return to view. Closing the game completely and restart will not correct the problem. The only way to fix it is to revert to the save where both ships were still docked and go throught the entire undock and landing process without doing any QS/QL. I became very proficient at dropping the lander almost straight down into the hole from orbit, enough so that I was actually able to accomplish the "hole in one" as it were and be able to complete that mission with the EVA on the surface. That's where the visual glitch I mentioned above appeared...it was landed, just didn't look like it was. The return to orbit, the crew icon display did not vanish after QS/QL. Weird is ...yeah...why? Some kind of game penalty for doing a QL for a descent challenge HIO? lol With the exception of the docking port being reversed, the rest of the mission went ok. At least it IS playable, despite these weird glitches.
  15. So the cheat to orbit seems to be the only option then? I found it finicky with polar orbit, it refused to show the path...but if I started with an equatorial path and adjusted to the polar and other adjustments, it seemed to be ok with that and I was able to go through the motions to do the RV and finish the mission. Sort of. I didn't catch it in the vab, but I had a docking port that was installed backward, so I could not properly dock with the return vessel. Another cheat for that. Feel so dirty. lol
  16. I encountered a weird one with the Mohole in One mission. When I was "in the hole" and landed, I wasn't really "landed". It looked like the ship was still suspended. Graphical glitch aside, it is nothing compared to when I decided to leave and get back into orbit. I ascended to an AP of about 25K and spit myself into what I thought was an orbit reasonably aligned with my return craft to set up the RV. Nav Ball details show me with an AP/PE that appears to be orbit, both numbers are close to circularlized enough for sustained orbit. Not so fast. Zoom to map to start planning how to do the RV...and no orbit line can be seen with my lander, no means to set the node. The return ship I can see. But not the lander's path. Quite the game, restart, try it again...same thing. Quit the game, remove all the mods and reset all game settings and old school launch to orbit...still same result, no visible orbit lines of any kind, crash or otherwise. The only thing that seemed to fix this strangeness was to use the cheat menu and set the orbit to something close to what I was attempting and the orbital path is as it should be, and I can now set my nodes. Has anyone else encountered something like this? Modded or otherwise? Is there an alternative way to "fix" this without doing the cheat? Some bugs can be overcome with the quick save/load...but this one doesn't want to play nice. When learning how to do the Moho transfer, I read somewhere that the orbit needed to be higher than I would Minmus or Mun...80k or something like that. Others said 10k as minimum was ok. But I am curious if my 25k orbit target was too shallow, should I have went to 50k and tried circularizing and then I would see the navigation circle? I gave up messing with it and used the cheat to get home, but I am curious as to what happened and if it is a known behaviour or simply just my setup?
  17. I am hopeful that what we have been presented with so far is merely placeholding as they develop the mechanics of the game. There is a tech tree mod (I haven't tried it) that may help. Like you, I felt the entire tree was unbalanced based on the demands of a mission and available parts from the tech tree. Great, I have a docking port I cannot use because none of my modules are big enough to use it...and I have to progress quite a bit to get the smaller one and by that point...WHY? Some missions ask for a lot but have little return for science, making it a slug fest to get to the better tech tree options, progressively getting worse as you go. Cheat works....I shouldn't need it....but it works. As I get deeper into the game, despite the cheats, I am finding an assortment of issues that are hindering the playability. It might be mods interfering, so I cannot discount them. I am only using K2D2 and navigational mods, avoiding skins and parts stuff that ends up bloating the game. That said, an assortment of flights to Duna...attempted flights, I would invariably encounter a completely different flight characteristic on every re-attempt...quick save in orbit shortly before the insertion window...set up the burn and line everything up to intersect and off I go. Sometimes the burn calculators are bang on, other times they are off...by a wide margin, too short sometimes, too long other times. I thought it was the mods, tried doing the same thing without and found the same weird behaviour...I could quick save right before executing the burn and repeat the process a dozen times and get a dozen completely different results...maybe two might be close to target when the burn is done. Mid course correction is expected, but that is dependant upon the first burn being as close to accurate as possible. KSP 1, I rarely had difficulty doing this...manual or mechjeb, I found I didn't do a lot of saves and reloads for virtually everything I do nowm in KSP 2. Another bug I am not liking is the one that decides I don't need that docking port attached to my lander hiding inside the payload bay shortly after reaching Kerbin orbit. Or when my Kerbals cannot get back inside the ship. Yeah, that's fun. There is an update coming soon. I hope it addresses some of these things for us. The mysterious signal thing is cool, but there needs to be much more than just those singular attractions.
  18. Went through all that...despite the effort, it refused to see that specific update. That said, another restart today saw an update to two others, node manager and flight plan and now Node Controller had an update...and unlike the last time, it stopped to prompt for an overwrite of the manual install of that mod instead of merrily and joyfully overwriting it this time. Weird.
  19. Oh yeah...that I agree completely with. Weird issues aside, this is one of the few "helper" mods that makes the game more playable than it was...it has a way to go for all the bits and pieces planned...Node Controller I am having an issue with CKAN refusing to see the update. I can copy the folder over and all that, but if I use CKAN, it will merrily ignore the new update and overwrite it with enthusiasm. Thankfully this game doesn't need CKAN to run the mods. Here's hoping the game update comes with a host of decent fixes...a big one for me is to fix the problem with complex ships with large part counts can seriously cripple game performance. It isn't GPU or CPU related either....both were under 30% load and yet I was crawling along with 14fps at best on my Duna mission...the game began with 120fps performance and devolved. This was present without mods. The game sucks at low FPS...it really does...lol
  20. I haven't noted this behaviour in any of my runs. But many (way too many) saves and reloads trying to get to Duna, I determined that any time I engaged K2D2 to do any autopilot maneuver I preprogrammed, I would lose control of the antenna, gear, lights, solar panels. That seems completely normal and intuitively makes sense that I could not do anything regarding flight control...but lights and antenna and solar panels do not fall into that category. That said, when K2 completes the program, it should be relinquishing control back to the "pilot", that being us. It doesn't seem to want to release control. Q-S and Q-L is a fix to get control back. Shouldn't have to do that. Given use association, I am leaning with something related to K2...I am having some weird issues with maneuvers not following the program correctly, with overshoots being the norm. If I reduce my engine thrust to 25%, that helps a lot, but the intercept originally programmed is off target. SEVERAL mid course corrections later...I suspect there is an issue with the game itself keeping track of the correct information...when the displays tell me I have 5 times the delta v needed to do some maneuver and I end up using all of that and then some doing a "short" maneuver? I could reload and perform the same thing and get an entirely different flight where no fuel was wasted and I got the desired result. I don't believe K2 is doing that however. It just doesn't want to give up its authority on demand...or so it seems. Maybe a dependency is messing with it?
  21. I thought warp had some to do with it, but generally speaking I don't make it a habit of trying to do things in warp. That said, of the times I did try to do external things like extending panels or gear or turning on lights, that the action will not take place until warp is complete...and usually completes the action. And I can also reverse the commands. I am observing a condition that it doesn't matter if I leave the gear alone through the entire trip...a Duna mission I am currently attempting to do is experiencing this weird issue where I cannot extend gear, ladders, solar panels or enable lights...seemingly at random. THE only fix I can determine is to reload the game...and sometimes even F5/F9 isn't enough to fix the behaviour. Of course, I cannot say this has anything to do with K2...but I don't use many mods simply because the base game is buggy enough...so no parts or GUI mods to mess with things...except that headlamp mod, that's cool...for all I know, community fixes might be where the problem is. Just downloaded the newest update here, will the problem persist or go away? Duna awaits....
  22. I don't get the bickering over the game features as seen right now. The game is still a long way from complete...and I very much doubt that the science portion is complete...or even half complete for that matter. They are building the trusses of the sky scraper and have yet to verify if those are going to do the job...and you guys are all being critical of the progress before you even see the finished product? While the "For Science" portion of the game is limited, it is a great starting point that can be easily expanded upon as the game development progresses. Crying about the lettuce being so boring as the chef brings out the various ingredients for his signature meal is...premature. And let's face it...this game is NOT just for those already familiar with the game...it is also meant for millions more who may be completely unfamiliar with it and enjoy the progression to learning rocketry...because not everyone is a "pro gamer" at rockery ya know... As someone else rightfully points out...you have SANDBOX MODE to satiate your need for speed. You have several mods to expand the limited options to date, and can even get rid of Paige...and more. You have a functional environment to play in now...and yet, you cry about a portion of the game that never existed before...weird...and annoying at the same time. There are many things to nitpick this game as is right now...but alas, those issues are pointless blather in a forum where the developers are likely not paying much attention to...because it isn't in the form of a bug report or following their instructions for feature requests and changes. Blowing hot air that goes nowhere here. Over a game that still has a long way to go before it can claim 1.0 status instead of 0.2 currently.
  23. I am experiencing an issue with regard to the interface not appearing when called. Two "different" problems encountered with it. The first was when I used F2 to minimize the HUD to see what that was all about. Everything minimized as expected, except when I went back to have the HUD displayed, the interface was not present. If I went to minimize the HUD, the interface would be shown there. Restarting the game corrected this behaviour. The second problem was with a new playthrough and the interface doesn't appear at all when requested. As before, a game reset corrected this. Of the assorted tools I have here, this is the only one that doesn't behave. Beyond this weird issue, it does most of what I have needed so far. edit/ another one appeared where the interface would only appear while in map mode and refused to appear in flight, HUD present or not. This with a fresh install. /edit These are all the mods I am currently using. BepInEx (BepInEx 1:1.7.0) Community Fixes (CommunityFixes 0.9.0) Community Resources (CommunityResources 0.2.0) Docking Alignment Display (DockingAlignmentDisplay 0.4.2) Fancy Fuel Tanks (FancyFuelTanks Flight Plan (FlightPlan 0.9.1) H.U.M.A.N.S. (HUMANS v1.1.0) K2-D2 (K2D2 v0.11.1) Kerbal Life-Support System (KerbalLifeSupportSystem 0.5.1) Kesa Solar (KESASolar 1.0.7) Konfig (Konfig 0.0.4) Kontrol System 2 (KontrolSystem2 0.5.1) Maneuver Node Controller (ManeuverNodeController 1.1.1) MapView Focus and Targeting (MapViewFocusTargeting 1.0.1) Micro Engineer (MicroEngineer 1.6.0) Node Manager (NodeManager 0.7.1) Orbital Survey (OrbitalSurvey 0.3.0) Patch Manager (PatchManager 0.6.1) Shadow Utility LIB (ShadowUtilityLIB 0.0.9) SpaceWarp (SpaceWarp 1.7.0) UITK for KSP 2 (UITKforKSP2 2.4.0)
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