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  1. Banned for not saying 9-1-1 and 1-1-1 and 1-1-2
  2. banned for me not being on my alt account
  3. the authorities are on their way... i am not under arrest you are
  4. robbers are not good (you mispelled robbers)
  5. i honestly would ask for the libra plane but sadly im a ps4 player, and i dont feel like breaking my warranty and the TOS for the libra
  6. no! never be not nice! kindness does not suck! eating people is not good and mean which you should not do!
  7. mmm salty... wait... humans are not good tasting! you should not eat humans as they are not healthy
  8. ok so its hard to explain but you say a word, and the letter at the end you must use at the beggining of the word example: person: "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" chatgpt another person: "soup!" person three: "prank" person 4: "knock" etc etc... we all get it... ill go first supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and dont use soup, ok? oh and another rule is to try not to reuse the same word, and i dont mean go back thousands of pages to see if the word mosaic was used, just make sure it wasnt used right before, so: person: "sus" person 2: "socks" person 3: "sus" now thats illegal! also be nice, no insulting someone or using curse words, i have a feeling someone will drop one of those bombs... and no spamming, dont reply to yourself
  9. "suicide burn galore!"- someone i know who plays ksp. saved me many times
  10. i got 4 pages... on forum games... when you have dreams of destroying safely launching kerbals into space, and by dream i mean to the dot on realisim, text of rocket parts name and all... i went to eeloo... the longest dream ever
  11. can it run any mobile game on high power? yes? 10/10 "technology of a book." got me dying over here also its pretty good... for a laptop that runs phone games
  12. its like a big hamster, cool stolen from reddit (look up ksp ike realistic reddit, or use this link) i only took it because im a console player, and its a hassle to get a screenshot from my ps4 to here
  13. congrats! wait... are those city lights? hmm... i hope you land on water... i mean splash in water
  14. no, i meant the one you are using, i think the mk3... or whatever its called
  15. i was expecting a MLO, but sized up (twice if the history dlc is active), but its pretty good! also can you make a youtube video or something? where you read it out? i dont know if it would work but...
  16. yep! one question: can you say that the hitch hiker crew cabin is a luxury cabin, with a bed, and just normal luxuries? also is it possible to make a digital bacon lettuce tomato flag? (as a joke)
  17. Wow... just plain fabulous! ok so... what engine is that? i want to use it on my crafts... any chance its stock?
  18. cool! im exited to have a new partner! have you seen my MLT? sorry if the instructions i gave were a bit unclear
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