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  1. So, my basic assumption here is that @Casellina X forgot to mute the mic and was commenting things out loud, without bothering to listen the actual meeting... Boss: "So how's everyone feeling about this project?" CX: "...and the atmosphere is getting thin now..." Boss: "The rest of the team seem optimistic. Are you insinuating that there are problems?" CX: "....huh... too much wobble, it may flip on its head...." Boss: "Wobble? Please clarify. Which part do you think is problematic?" CX: "...dump the first stage... right about... now!" Boss: "The first stage of development was planned by me. What's wrong with it?" CX: "... this should go faster by now..." Boss: "Are you questioning my competence? I may rethink that bonus I wanted to give you!" CX: "...guess I needed moar boosters..."
  2. That's funny. For all of my hours of gameplay, it never occurred to me to try and design "slope lander". I always put landing legs in the same height and search for a flat spot.
  3. I honestly imagined hype train as a new, fancy, magnetic levitation thingy, instead of a rusty, coal consuming, better than walking relic from the previous century. Oh well. Choo, choo!
  4. I just had a vision of NASA engineer making angry rant post on reddit... Rocketry sucks And it probably will. My point was, if they need to deal with them, they don't have to deal with them twice.
  5. Ehr... Maybe? In some cases? I get your point now, but I don't agree completely.
  6. Not really sure I understood ya there. Take Nate's statement itself: By introducing short-term solution, you may or may not create a bug in a seemingly unrelated system... thus wasting time trying to fix that system... You eventually end up realizing you shouldn't care... but time went into it, instead of focusing on long term solution.
  7. This game has been under development for a long time (officially). I fear that short-term solution may cause additional bugs, forcing dev team to waste time hunting and fixing issues that shouldn't be there in the first place. I don't mind waiting a little longer if I'm being honest. Hopefully, you guys (and ladies) made the right call. Best of luck with it.
  8. Just out of curiosity, why bother with short-term solution if it's gonna end up in the trash can eventually, but consume so much effort and time?
  9. That's what I was thinking. Structural tube in KSP 1 has that behaviour (for length). It lowers the part count on the rocket, it lowers the clutter in selection inventory and it automatically gives you every combination for every part (angry look at payload bay variety).
  10. I still don't get why parts aren't at least somewhat procedural. It was so obvious next step.... We do? Checking crazy crafts of others is one of the biggest joy of this game for me.
  11. I never really play with any of them. I'm pretending they are instructors to the new gen. I want my Kerbals to be silly named and expendable.
  12. The problem is the content and, in this specific case timing. Like he said, there doesn't seem to be much difference whether we'll get info on wobbly rockets this week or the next. I'm more concerned now with that registry bug. Is it too hard to give at least some insight regarding it? Like... one sentence per day? Still working on it, still working on it, possible fix found, fix in test, fix seems to be working, preparing hotfix, planned release on x.y.z, oops, we'll move it 2 days because reasons...
  13. You have to admit that @Kerbart has a really good point there.
  14. As long as it's about long term solution.
  15. I'll give credit where credit is due. Many "haters of the second kind" actually opened up communications a bit. Just a bit. It is clear to me now that dev/company don't intend to communicate new stuff until few days before release of the next version. I'd still prefer to have a short article once a week what is planned/scrubbed for the next release. That shouldn't take much time. Maybe two articles... Or hire an additional employee to report daily progress... and be available 24/7... on chat ... Oh, who am I kidding? Install surveillance cameras everywhere!!! Yes, even in the restrooms too!
  16. So switching to Unreal, is unreal. I think there's a paradox hidden in here....
  17. Never really checked player numbers, but KSP is kinda obscure game
  18. I'm getting off topic, but... does anyone believe there will be KSP 3 (assuming KSP 2 turns to a resounding success)?
  19. Replying a wee bit late... Sure, some situations require certain behaviour to pull through. But this is about making a very obviously stupid decision. Not that I'm unfamiliar with this sort of affair. Recently, in my country, we had a very, very idiotic decision that costed us a lot of government infrastructure, and put us into inescapable further debt. I won't go into the details, but a "minor" inconvenience led to something that totally wrecked the opportunity for politicians to suck even more money out of the system. I get that they're corrupted, but apparently, they're too stupid even to take advantage fully, in the long run. And no subordinates protested against the decision... That scares me.
  20. Same. This bug should be a priority, since the effects are leaked to the OS. Nice catch @Anth12
  21. Fixing bugs isn't like moving boxes around. There's no such thing as "I've fixed 70% of a bug". It's (almost) always a black and white affair. When you find the cause, you apply the fix. Often with just a few lines of code.
  22. Which begs the question, who gave the green light for that proposal in the first place? I'm getting nagged for every minor thing I do, yet some people in the company go free with ideas totally disconnected from reality. I'll never understand what happens in the upper management in most companies.
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