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  1. I don't believe in coincidence lol I guess the best thing to do if that's the case is verify files and make a shortcut to the .exe file and cut steam out all together apart from updates. You do lose screenshot functionality (f12) but that's about the only useful thing imo.
  2. Glad you got it sorted it. Always nice having a clean install. The image repair probably would have worked but if you know how to do a clean install, it is usually the best option.
  3. Did you try Lowering the spring strength on the suspension? You can do that on the fly. Might just lower enough to help.
  4. That looks possible to jetpack jump Could try lowering the suspension settings on the craft or put a angled ladder on it.
  5. Hi, you can do a custom resolution in global settings in the app data stored on your c drive. Just open the json file with notepad. Edit and save.
  6. Hi, worth checking Windows is up to date as well as your GPU driver. Check temps on your CPU and GPU. Worth checking that you don't have other unwanted tasks running in the background including updates from windows,steam etc. Close any other game platforms. Epic, Rockstar etc. Check your hard drive/ SSD isn't too full and no errors using chkdsk command. Run malwarbytes just in case. If all that checks out fine may be worth trying Run sfc/scannow in command prompt as administrator. If that fails use the DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth command.
  7. That is messed up lol Have you tried lowering the force on the ports? Might help possibly Edit: Sorry I might have misunderstood. Are they still attached in the picture? If so wondering now if it's a SAS bug. Does it happen straight away or after a reload?
  8. Hello Everyone! Well here it is. Epic Tank Battle requested by francescorusso1986 & OG originalgrahamster. Big shout out to them for coming up with the idea. This took me a little while. Well I managed to perfect the firing since my sniper video. Turning off engine gimble helped. Also changing to the round probe really made a difference. Due to no moving parts I had to adjust shots by engine power. Had issues with wobbly wheels affecting the shots so had to work round that too as was getting miss fires. The other issue was kerbals de spawning so each tank had to be slightly different. The music track came from a album my mum had when I was young( about the same time you were born francescorusso As soon as you guys requested the video I already knew what music is going on it, copyright claim or not lol. Anyway hope you enjoy it. Made in KSP 2 Kerbal Space Program 2 Tanks will be available to download at the KSP Forum. Thanks For Watching You can download both tanks here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1g5bGdPmociXRR9goVV6kvZsiC4R1Q82S?usp=sharing
  9. Lol. I like to do things a bit different. You obviously got it to work then. How odd.
  10. Have had a few people saying there getting the error too when trying to add to VAB. Interestingly if I do a fresh copy since the update it seems to work. Thanks Mike
  11. Hi, as far as i'm aware. Getting a invalid paste. Here is a example if that helps. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17RZcxia54QAMi8vnHXIbSweiIyx344FV/view?usp=sharing This file did work before. Strange that some still work but not all. Hope this is helpful. Have changed it to the json file type on the bus in the share craft for now. Thanks Mike
  12. Reported Version: v0.1.3.2 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Win 11 | CPU: 12770k | GPU: 1080ti | RAM: 32 Hi, have found with some crafts you get a error when trying to paste a craft in the VAB. I know you can do this via the Json file but this is a much nicer way to share crafts. Was working on previous version. Thanks Mike
  13. Hi stardroid. Had this problem myself yesterday but with the medium wheels. Just had a look and on medium wheels you can turn off auto steering adjust that sorted it. Can't find that option on the XL3. Probably worth filling out a bug report. Maybe they will add the auto steering adjust setting to these too.The medium wheels can take a fair bit of weight. I made a 600 + part bus ( in the craft exchange) on four of them and manually adjusted the suspension settings. That came in at 360+ tons if that's any help. Sorry I can't be of any more help
  14. Hi Nic, that is disappointing. I assume it's the 4gb of vram causing the problem although minimum spec on some sites is a gtx 970 which technically has 3.5 GB of good vram( the other .5 is a slower chip) and causes problems when hitting the full 4gb. On most sites it is a 1070 gtx 6gb as the minimum. Might be worth raising a support ticket with your findings. What is the FPS in vab, launchpad and take off out of interest on a low part craft? Are you getting a lot of stuttering or is it just really low FPS? Something that may be worth trying is disabling full screen optimization. Right click the .exe and go to properties. Should be there under compatibility. It can sometimes help with stuttering. Also if not already, turn on windows gaming mode. I assume you're GPU driver is up to date too. Would seem like more graphic options needed in the game for cards with lower vram to perform better. Thanks mike
  15. Hello Everyone! The future of space travel may not be rockets. I present the space bus of the future:The London Space Bus, made in Kerbal Space Program 2 (KSP2) It is based on the 1956 Routemaster which was still in service up to 2005 around London. The Kerbals take a bus trip from Kerbin to the moon for a bit of sightseeing. Watch until the end for possibly my most acurate landing yet Music performed by SilentPartner All Aboard. Please like & Subscribe. It would really help my channel. Craft Spec: Thrust to weight: 1.134 Total Mass:360.76t Dry Mass:149.27 Parts: 630 Height: 10.75m Width: 8.44m Length:20.92m Thanks For Watching Craft Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Gc6qqr-0Puhv2SIM0Zc2-HEfFLuPzkTk?usp=sharing
  16. Hi Nic, looking at your spec I would guess your CPU is holding it back as this is very CPU intensive. Your card should be ok for 1080 low to low/medium( low clouds always) settings from what I have read. You can check what the CPU is doing in task manager. Put the game in windowed so you can see or use something like Afterburner. Would be interesting what the CPU is doing. Things that might help is cut down on background services and apps running and unnecessary start up programs. I personally like to have no more than 70 services going at once. ( Again can check this in task manager) Run the game without steam(shortcut to the .exe) Setting windows to performance mode can give the CPU a slight boost. Basically the only thing you want your CPU doing is running the game. Hope this helps
  17. Yeah, pretty crazy force. Managed to launch a kerbal into space with the same method lol
  18. Hi Everyone! After realising the power of the engines reversed, I thought I would build something a bit different in Kerbal Space Program 2. Based on the Barrett M82 sniper rifle and capable of firing a shot. Not particularly accurate( took at least 50 shots to get the hit on the truck lol) but has similar power to the real thing. Crazy G-force though hitting 1304.59. Not only that, this baby can fly The firing setup is separate on the staging so may want to swap depending if you want to shoot or fly. There is a control point under the front of the scope to switch to for flight mode. Please leave a like if you enjoyed this. Craft Spec: Thrust to weight ( not registering) 0 Total Mass: 179.23t Dry Mass: 85.23t Parts: 154 Height: 11.91m Width: 14.90m Length: 51.94m Thanks for watching Craft Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wSv_SqXtdjvcxkCgbirbog9QsU_QGzh6/view?usp=sharing
  19. Hi, go to the craft file up the top and download the text doc. Right click and select all then copy. Go into the VAB and press ctrl and the v button. You should now see the vehicle. If it's a Json file then it needs to be placed in the save file. You can find that in app data on your c drive. Maybe a hidden folder. If you would like To copy a vehicle to a text, highlight vehicle by hovering over the first part you attached. Should light up the whole vehicle in green. Press ctrl and the c button. From there press the windows key to bring you to desktop. Right click new, text doc and paste it in there. Hope that helps
  20. Hi there, the small vectors x2. Still my favorite engine. Nice balance of trust to fuel consumption. Had to go with these as I find the air breathing engines perform poorly and wanted to keep the craft as close to the real thing( well in Maverick Top Gun anyway lol)
  21. Hi There. maybe worth raising a support ticket and asking. I would guess you would need a steam key. https://support.privatedivision.com
  22. Hi, not sure what happened there. Have updated link. Let me know if you run into a problem. Enjoy
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