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  1. You can change that in the windows 11 settings. Just remapped it to printscr and it does both now without the need to use a combination. There's an option in accessability to do this.
  2. In a game like this I actually would like to also see multi-monitor support. Not in the way to increase the game to the complete screen space (like in the guide linked above) but to have different screens for gameplay and menus.
  3. Thanks for the hint, I guess you are refering to the windows+shift+s combination which can be remapped to printscr.
  4. As I stated in my initial post to this thread: Open the settings.jason and edit the ScreenResolution entry. If you want to see it working I recommend trying also editing "FullScreenMode" and setting that one to "Windowed". In my case I am currently running a complete custom resolution of 2400x1200 on a 3440x1440 display for the simple reason borderless is not working as intended - whenever I tab out of KSP2 the game minimizes what it should not do. By using a custom windowed resolution I circumvent this issue. As the window will have borders you want to select a resolution that is smaller than your screen size for it to work best. As @waslater mentioned above: The ingame settings will not show the true resolution you entered but with testing it out with custom windowed resolutions you will immediately see it working as intended. Just DO NOT change resolution ingame after changing it this way and I recommend using Notepad++ for editing files like this.
  5. I would not call any 3d game "performant" at any given resolution these days if it is below at least rock solid 1% low 60 FPS. Especially when you are -like me - very susceptible to motion sickness.
  6. You can enter whatever resolution you want to play on in the settings.json that can be found in: c:\users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Low\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\Global Change the value for "ScreenResolution" to your desired resolution. With the next start of the game it will use that resolution, just do not change the resolution in the settings afterwards.
  7. I simply use the "print" key, then ctrl+v everything to Paint and save it from there.
  8. I created a Rover and did some cruising at the Space Center. First of all the ground textures look terrible but when driving around I encountered some strange behavior with the trees - that are probably almost everywhere on Kerbin. The loading of high resolution models does not seem to be bound to distance alone, as some of them closer to the rover had the less detailed textures. Another thing I observed was the FPS behavior: The max FPS do not really change if you zoom max in or out. The difference in frames is rather unsignificant and this is also the case when you enter the parking deck. In every other game I played FPS will improve massively when you either look directly to the ground or when you enter a building. Not so in KSP2. Looks like everything is within LOS all time - no wonder performance is bad. Raw numbers: (Max settings, windowed mode with a custom resolution of 2400x1200, 5800X 6900XT 32GB RAM Win11 Adrenalin 23.2.2) Looking down on my Rover: - Max Zoom in (actually inside the cargo bay) 48-50 FPS with 1% varying from mid. 20s to mid. 30s - Max Zoom out 42-43 FPS with 1% lows in the high 20s/low 30s While being paused the FPS go up significantly: - Max Zoom in 79 FPS with 1% lows varying from 50s up into the 70s - Max Zoom out 72-73 FPS with 1% lows in the 60s When I pause the game CPU usage goes up from 18-21% to 26-31% and GPU also goes up from 50-60% to stable 99%. The massive discrepancy can also be observed when using a chute above Kerbin. With a different resolution (3440x1440, max settings) the max. FPS above a heavily vegetated area - probably almost everywhere on Kerbin - where staggering 10. After landing they went up to 36. In this instance GPU usage was even more ridiculous. In flight with chute open 20% and on the ground almost maxed out. Last but not least is the games behavior when it's unpaused and the window minimized. While CPU usage is varying from 16-25% GPU usage still - while not rendering anything on screen - is at 45-95%. My best guess about the performance behavior of KSP2: It's creating a CPU bottleneck when physics come into play. And it's behavior when running in the background or minimized is completely out of order.
  9. Which will probably require optimization by PD to fix the problem. From what I've read so far there are quite a lot of different results from very similar systems which is rather strange to some degree. What I find rather frustrating is the fluctuating GPU load and that borderless windowed mode is not working as intended - switching to an individual resolution (went with 2400x1200 by editing the KSP2 settings) in windowed mode "fixed" that issue. Just had a ship return to Kerbin and opening the chute dropped FPS to 10 from 20ish above Kerbin (with a ridiculous 10-20% GPU load), as soon as the chute was cut it went up to 35 and 100% load in a heavily vegetated area with tons of trees - not great in terms of performance but at least the GPU load was were I expect it to be in a game like this. Not that the eye candy you get would justify such low FPS on my GPU. If I had to guess I would say the game is being CPU bottlenecked in physics heavy situations. And while I am typing this CPU-Fans in the PC are at 100% again while the game is not even on screen and there's only load on a single core. This game is in a very poor state even for EA considering it was delayed THREE years.
  10. Maybe someone should provide a savegame or at least a vehicle save first. This would enable getting replicable results. It will also be necessary to decide what settings to be used (graphics settings as well as resolution). Just posting numbers without comparable settings is quite useless. It would also be usefull to use always the same tool to display FPS, I would suggest using FrameView as it is easy to use and does also show CPU/GPU usage without the need to setup the display.
  11. I am not sure it is the GPU limiting performance. On another thread - I think it was on reddit - someone mentioned physics to be problem and I think he was right. I am playing the game on a system powered by an R7 5800X in conjunction with an RX 6900XT and 32MB of RAM at 3440x1440. With this configuration I am getting 20 FPS on the launchpad while the menu - using FrameView - is running at 330 FPS - 100% GPU, 18% CPU. Other things that I observed in conjunction with graphics settings: - Changing the resolution on the launchpad - even to 720p - does do not much to improve FPS. But it screws up my multi-monitor-setup completely, even changing the resolution on the second display. Maybe the used GPU driver (23.2.2) is another factor. - Borderless window is not working as intended - if I tab into another window the game is minimized but GPU and CPU fans ramp up massively - the GPU load goes to 100% almost immediately, something that is not the case while being on the launchpad at 20 FPS the GPU would turn the FANS of if I had enabled Zero-Fan-Mode. Load is so low (sometimes below 20%), that fans are at minimal RPM. - Flying a plane supports the theory of physics being the problem. It's even worse than on the launch pad - 16-19FPS while the game is running but as soon I pause the game FPS go to 50. Even turning SAS off alone improves the FPS to almost playable 29-33 FPS and SAS is most likely handled by the CPU. - FPS in the Tracking Station, looking at Kerbin is 90 FPS/1% low in the 50s while the GPU load is in the mid to high 40%, CPU load 20%. - All observations were done with VSync off and no frame limiting in place.
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