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  1. Release v1.9.5What's ChangedFixed SpaceWarp.Preload.dll being copied into modulesAdded German localization by @Kosti05Download on SpaceDock
  2. That is completely incorrect for the tech tree The second node should be named "Rapid planned disassembly" Imgur gives me a 404 with this image
  3. What CKAN verson are you using I'm waiting for some more tooling and some other mods to make the flow more balanced, I want to introduce 0.3125 meter parts at the start and I know that someone is working on those, and I want to vastly add to and change up the missions I'll likely look into this when I look more into balancing the tech tree with the other parts and missions I do want to add
  4. Release v1.9.4What's ChangedAdded two MonoMod libraries to support certain types of Harmony Transpiler patches.Download on SpaceDock
  5. The main thing that changed between those versions was the introduction of string interpolation, so maybe the way I was using that method changed and that's why the bug came to the surface, all I can say is that the new version of the method has the intended behavior for that method.
  6. V-SwiFT Variant Switching & Feature Tweaking, a part switch mod for KSP2 Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3562/V-SwiFT Github: https://github.com/KSP2Community/V-SwiFT Author: KSP2 Community Description V-SwiFT is a part switch mod for Kerbal Space Program 2, it allows modders to make variants for their parts such as changing out engine modes, increasing the mass, adding attach nodes, adding resource containers, removing resource containers, swapping out materials, etc... Images An example of the popout window for an engine mode switch variant How to use? There is some documentation currently on the github wiki that is incomplete, the best place to ask for help is through me, or on the KSP2 Modding Society Discord Dependencies SpaceWarp ( or later) Patch Manager (0.11.0 or later)
  7. Ah, that makes quite a bit of sense, as for stuff being easier in KSP2, likely a combination of the 2, me and a few others have definitely been trying to make KSP2 modding simpler.
  8. Quite interesting actually seeing a KSP1 mod being rewritten for KSP2, I really like how you implemented it for KSP2 though looking through the code.
  9. The issue that both of you have is that something is very broken with a vessel in your save that is causing Patch Managers sanity checks for broken vessels to error, and I don't know exactly what is causing that error.
  10. Love seeing wayfarer's wings in there @leonardfactory's mod is awesome
  11. Release v1.9.3What's ChangedFixed bug in Colors patch that affected V-SwiFT variantsDownload on SpaceDock
  12. I fixed the most likely cause of the issue (verified by checking the behaviour of the method) in 0.11.1
  13. That doesn't seem to be the case actually Looking at the relevant piece of code, it would've been a bug introduced since the beginning It will be fixed momentarily Release v0.11.1What's ChangedFix bug in name patterns where #name was essentially being treated as #"*name*" Download on SpaceDock
  14. Some of the orbital ones would have a lot tighter requirements, and then stuff like the original Keostationary orbit would have incorrect orbital speeds and not be possible
  15. Release v0.11.0Whats changedAdds "slotted mixins", an example of these is in the documentationAdds an error counter for patch errors that shows when loading and in patch managers foldoutDownload on SpaceDock
  16. Release v0.10.1What's ChangedFixed a bug where modifying a part's field would cause errorsDownload on SpaceDock
  17. Release v0.10.0This release changes how indexers work, it adds support for the following types of indexers Indexers in variable declarations$x[5]: 3;Nested indexers$x[1][2]: 3;Mapping indexers$x[*] *: 5; // multiplies all values in $x by 5Defining new lists and such using indexers$y[0]: 3; // Creates $y as a list with its first element being 3Download on SpaceDock
  18. Release v1.9.2What's ChangedFix waypoints to not be created below ground if the body isn't loaded by @Falki-git in https://github.com/SpaceWarpDev/SpaceWarp/pull/294Full Changelog: https://github.com/SpaceWarpDev/SpaceWarp/compare/spacewarp-1.9.1...spacewarp-1.9.2 Download on SpaceDock
  19. Release v1.9.1What’s ChangedFix Simplified Chinese localizations by @fengyuan0529 in https://github.com/SpaceWarpDev/SpaceWarp/pull/291Add Spanish localizations by ValenX in https://github.com/SpaceWarpDev/SpaceWarp/pull/290Full Changelog: https://github.com/SpaceWarpDev/SpaceWarp/compare/spacewarp-1.9.0…spacewarp-1.9.1 Download on SpaceDock
  20. SpaceWarp 1.9.0 What's Changed - Add Italian localization - Add Chinese localizatiob - Fix mods save data loading when reverting to VAB - Add the option to keep addressables in memory after loading them by label - Fix KSC app bar buttons - Waypoints API
  21. A lot of reordering is for maintaining balance, the text tweaking is mostly for some immersion. The constraints can easily be changed if I wished to
  22. It should be, as long as you have enough EC, it takes about 30 EC per report I'll look into the balancing a bit more, I was thinking of making a few tier one things a bit cheaper
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