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  1. Hello! There is a little visual bug i have noticed. When i turn on a light source, which is under the engine, the engine plumes "virtual" place gets luminated. I don't think that's supposed to happen https://imgur.com/a/wulxjMm
  2. Will there be seasons on planets with axial tilt? That would make a lot of fun when planning a colony to consider.
  3. Yes. Heat shield didn't do anything. My way of solving the problem was to use the new A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.-s
  4. I didn't know about this, as i usually try to do my missions in one go ^^" I don't have good memories with the quicksave button, so thank you for the solution.
  5. The no drag while returning also broke the Orbits are weird -> Deorbiting tutorial as well. After performing the deorbit burn until orbit touches the ground, spacecraft "jumps" back to space from atmosphere. I'm sure everyone noticed, but i didn't see written here so: Mk1 tincan only lost drag when its bottom is facing the prograde vector. The sides still experiences the drag. I belive the reason it flies back to space is, around 5000m-10000m it loses control, rolls, the angled sides gets exposed to airflow, acts like a big wing, causing lift, and changes the trajectory to fly back to space.
  6. That sounds frustrating, i'm sorry. Notes since last entry: I'm also getting the no engine sound bug, and the no drag command pod bug. What is fascinating for me, is that everything was fine the first time i launched 1.3.0. And now it's not. (I started a new save after the patch) For me, the fps got kind of worse on avarage, when i'm playing in 3440 * 1400 (that's my normal resolution). On the other hand, playing in a lower resolution is better now, compared to what it used to be.
  7. I don't understand, i can't reproduce the bugs you guys are writing here. How the heck is this even possible. I can't do this, my return capsules are slowing down just fine. Or you are talking about airplanes? Because that one i have not tested yet.
  8. Question1: How do liquid hydrogen tanks behave? I'm asking because it's not clear to me. Visually, when nothing is connected to them, they seems like a big streamlined orb, with a little metal skeleton. Mostly is shouldn't be a draggy part. However, i can see that in the front and back (and also on it's side) there are connection nodes. According to ksp1 logic, if those are not covered, they should have big draggy surfaces right? But when i do cover them up (maybe with an aerodynamic nose cone), especially looking on it's back side, they seem super blunt. Is this really actually helping? Or i have to use some kind of fairing or cargo bay to have it covered? https://ibb.co/3h5Vr34 Question2: Can we get back the F12 aerodynamic debug toolbar thingy? It would make it much easier to see the changes in the next patch. It would be even better if it was represented with vector arrowes like in ksp1, so we can direcly see how much drag / lift is being generated. edit: how do i upload images lol? this url thing is not what i was looking for.
  9. Why are we so fixated on player numbers? I don't understand because it doesn't mean anything. Are you guys trying to prove something? Noone is playing because probably the hardcore ksp1 players bought the game as well mostly, and compared to that there is nothing to do. We know the gameplay, nothing new to learn, no point playing the toturials more than once. In the sandbox mode, you can easily do that 20-30k dV big ball nuclear rocket, and with that you can literally reach anywhere even with the orbital bug plaguing the interplanetary travel. Our only porpuse at this point is to report bugs, which we are doing fine. (At least i haven't encounterd anything new which was not reported at this point, expect for one) I'm just waiting for the new patch to come, so i can finally work on checking the changes, see the new parts. Even when science will come, i don't see big changes in player numbers, since science was already part of the ksp1 gameplay. Only colonies, interplanetary and multiplayer will bring new players to the table, Which are all worked on right now, simultainiously, only we don't see that unfortunatly.
  10. I'm sorry you guys have to keep repeating this, but seems like we players have the brain and memory capacity of a goldfish....
  11. I wonder when will we have wings with fuel stored inside them.
  12. Not sure i agree with the comical term. The SR 72 (which of the whiplash engine is based off) can go at least mach 3.5 (~1200 m/s), the Skylon, which will use the S.A.B.R.E., analog of the R.A.P.I.E.R. , while not jet built, will aim for mach 5 (~1700 m/s) speeds in air breathing mode. I can see that compared to a commercial airplane, which usually goes just beyond mach 0.9, they are comical. But for me, this is just dream come true. I can build and fly planes, which i will never be able to ride irl. I'm having a fan girl reaction every time i reach speeds high like that. Also to my knowledge, in real life, the limiting factor for thiese supersonic planes was also heat, not engine performance. Titanium simply can't cope with temperature above mach 3.5-4 for long time, you need other materials. This was literally the first thing i did in ksp2 after buying it, building a plane ssto, and was horrified when it had huge problems speeding past 350 m/s, when in ksp1 a similar plane whould have no problem. I was devestated. Of course leaving out any inline part fixed the problem, but then it was useless ssto lol. I'm so excited about the next patch, i get here every day multiple times to check on it. We don't even know what correct means for them. Of course i don't want planes to be able to reach orbital speeds just on air breathing mode lol. Or have the same exploit like in old ksp1 where you put a lot of air intake on the craft. I just want to fly fast please?
  13. Hy, i have a question here about drag. You are saying that the problem is so fixed, spacecrafts and airplanes can fly too fast now, like it's a problem. How do you test this, with or without the heating effects? I'm curious because in KSP1, you can make planes, which can fly 1500-1700 m/s in low atmosphere (under 10km) with thermal effects turned off (too fast basicly), but WITH thermal effects, it's balanced, because over 1500 your plane starts to blow up from heating. Can you please leave it in the "too fast" state? The heating should correct the issue anyway right?
  14. Thank you very much for the answer o7
  15. What does axial tilt means? Kerbin has an axis now, like Earth?
  16. I'm glad that the comments can finally shift to a more positive and optimistic direction. Reading through last week's was depressing. Honestly releaved. We've gave moderators a lot of work, haven't we,? (sorry lol )
  17. Wow, 1.3 is coming sooner then expected, good job I can already smell the burning of my rocket. Thx for the update Nate, o7
  18. I went to low kerbin orbit, just started my transfer burn to Duna, then suddanly i saw the Sun goes Supernova. In just 2 seconds, it started growing, filled my whole screen with light, my spaceraft's AP an PE become -600.000m, end everything froze. I couldn't even acces VAB, or tracking station, anything. I was very amused, has anyone encountered similar? (I'm only halfway through reading the comments here)
  19. My spacecraft i build still has the same bugs as patch before. Incorrect stage delta V readout, struts / fuel line not attaching to center part. And i only got to orbit so far.
  20. Do you expect an answer to that other than " be patient" ? I get you. I'm literally sitting here, coming back peridically to press F5, so that i can finally try out the new patch. I'm so excited i feal like a 3 year old getting a ballon. Reentry heating is not included in this patch yet.
  21. I hope that fuel flow, and cargo bay drag gets fixed as soon as possible ^^ I'm missing asparagus staging.
  22. I can do asparagus staging. ( Altough, i can't do it the normal way, as attaching all the side boosters on the core stage. But, if you attach the boosters ON the boosters (2 layer basicly) , then it works ) I would show it if this thing would let me upload picture, but i can't. Edit: I might be wrong sorry. Pre patch, it was possible the way i described, but i just tried to recreate it, and i wasn't succesfull. Maybe i messed up staging, i will keep trying.
  23. I can not attach multiple Rapiers to the engine plate, but other type of engines do attach. Am i doing something wrong, or is this a bug?
  24. We learn something new and exciting every day. I'm getting used to the new controls.
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