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  1. Hi! I really like the concept behind this mod and looking forward to integrate in my build may i ask if its compatible with Kerbalism? thanks!
  2. Hi @kurgut, currently enjoying your mod a lot! I've seen on your youtube series that you're working on a KV-2 Making History Pod IVA analog Retro as well to release in the near future, just wanted to point out how important this step is for retro-iva lovers: Currently we have: - Retro Mercury (Warbirds IVA) - Retro Gemini (Lonesome Robots) - Retro Apollo (MOARdV Plus/ROCapsule/DE_IVA/Max-KSP MAS IVA) - Retro LEM (MOARdV/ROCapsule/Max-KSP MAS IVA) - Retro Probe Control Room (yours!) - Retro Shuttle (Kermantech/UltimateShuttleIVA) who's missing the party? A proper retro Sojuz is the only missing pod for the retro-IVAs space nerd community as far as i know (if you know of any retro sojuz full working IVA, please let us know!) Your work with the KV-2 could fill the gap and make KSP a total immersive 60's space simulator, with proper green heads thanks for you hard work!
  3. Hi, i love the mod! Is it possible to forecast weather with satellites or ballons, in order to plan rocket launches accordingly? any idea or tips? thanks!
  4. hi, I'm in love with Principia! Just asking: is there the opportunity to set the Principia GUI show on/off functionality via a keyboard hotkey? I find myself opening and closing the GUI pretty often since it's pretty big on screen, and also, I have the Principia plugin icon right down my list on the toolbar, which makes pretty slow to scroll, open and close it every time. If not, are you able to provide a simple way to make me write down an MM patch or a C# function for it? thanks!
  5. Hi DeadJohn, thank you for the reply! Indeed, i want to dig deeper into KK to achieve this little goal. I have installed Vessel Mover that is pretty useful to move precisely in the KSC, Let's say i want to create a spawn point just near the Administration Building, in order to spawn my grounded vehicles there; once reached the desired coordinates with Vessel Mover, how can i create the spawn point? I see that i can open the editor with Ctrl-K but then i'm unable to find the set-spawn functionality, i only see a list of buildings. Just notice; im not looking to create new buildings or rocket pads, instead, i just would like to create new spawn location that are accessable from VAB menu, such as 'Hangar #1' or 'Vehicles Parking Lot' etc.. in the default KSC Thanks for the support!
  6. this was unintentionally random generated, but pretty kerbalish as well!
  7. i just love it i used this generator and gbt to make it. I'm a huge collector of ksp documentation for my campaign, and this is a perfect fit!
  8. Morning kerbs i was looking for a solution that makes me access more spawning points inside the KSC: i mean, no more launchsites, just more spawn points! Combined with Kerbal Konstructs, lets say i would love to spawn planes in the small hangar, parked on a side, trucks in a parking lot, etc... i just find boring to spawn wheeled vehicles on the runway or the launchpad, as well as other silly kerbalistic things i build for fun. I would love to have more options than just the classic two! any ideas? What mod or combination of customized .cfg editing black magic i can use? thanks!
  9. hi! I i love this mod, is awesome! Thanks a lot for supporting it. My question: the light inside the PCR is a bit too strong and steady, kinda breaks the atmosphere. Is it possible to dim the light or ad add a light control to the panel? It would be awesome to have a dark room with just controls and screen illuminating, like in the capsule
  10. Much love for the fast support! I will figure it out It's awesome to dive into KSP modding and looking forward to do more false results! Do you know that somebody think that KSP is a pc game? hahahhaha, losers! They even have fun with it
  11. Hi! I tried to make a basic patch with the script you suggested me, but it doesn't work. I still have Tantares IVA in my pods folder structure: GameData/TantaresIvaPatch/Parts/(patches.cfg here) i made one cfg. file for every pod i checked with kos "change name tag" function in VAB in order to check that i was pointing to the right pods. my script is: @PART[_tantares_orbital_module_s1_1]:NEEDS[HonkHogan] { @INTERNAL { @name = KV3_ASET_IVA_Internal } } i replaced "KV1_IVA" from your example with "KV3_ASET_IVA_Internal" since this is the module that HankHogan is using (KV1_IVA is stock one right?) Question1: maybe the flag :NEEDS[HonkHogan] is not enough? Question2: Is it possible that i need to indicate some sort of mod order to it? Maybe i need to say the system to overwrite Tantares' IVA? Question3:i see from DE_IVA Extension that the flag :AFTER[JSI] is needed, i tried to put that flag as well but is not working. I also see from HonkHogan mod that the code includes this: MODULE { name = RasterPropMonitorComputer storedStrings = v|12.08.2019| KV-1 'Onion' Reentry Module | A.S.E.T. // = (0)<version> |(1) <date> |(2) <name for MFD STBY screen & Flight Books. 18 char max>| (3,4)<full name (2 lines)> |(5) < version of flight books, manuals...>|(6) <short name> |(7) Company triggeredEvents = ALCOR_CALLRECOVERYTEAM|ASET_AUTO_GEAR_DOWN_EVENT } } any idea? thanks!
  12. Many thanks for the reply! First post here on the forum Well it looks doable, i will consider doing a patch for Tantares if it's ok for the community
  13. Hi, i have a simple modding question; let's say i love the soyuz pods from Tantares, but i would love to use the ivas from ASET IVA for Making History Pods to play full IVA Soyuz can i manually change the script from Tantares so that i can play with the interiors of the other mod? Any help? Thanks!
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