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  1. I thought for a second that you were implementing a survey capability Still nice to see you in the new year !
  2. Following the primary missions I got back to the where
  3. Also, even Nate uses the wrong picture that doesn't show the
  4. Nate being a real kerbal and point of interest on Laythe confirmed !!
  5. I sure hope we don't get a Kessler syndrome from all the unfocused crafts slowing down your save so much that you can't launch anything again
  6. Yarr, let's open the solar sails and smuggle some leeks to the outer colonies
  7. Another great lot of creation <3 Maybe with more procedural creative parts we could do more wink wink
  8. So hot and cool As a physicist, I can only nod in approbation about the spherical cow in a vacuum (Also, do we have a leek here)
  9. I think it would be a great case for a Moho colony to have a power generation purpose for the rest of the system and potentially in conjunction with solar sails, to beam us to the stars. (Extreme case would have Moho deconstructed for a Dyson swarm, but that may be beyond KSP, for now)
  10. Go by replies prioritise controversial suggestions or for people to write useless replies and the same person can post infinitely. I want democracy !
  11. While having the ability to burn during timewarp is a must, I think the game should allow to maintain a heading like prograde or radial with SAS while timewarping. An exemple of it's usefulness is an ion probe with low thrust escaping a gravity well (trajectory seen bellow). With the current system you need to constantly stop the time warp to reajust the heading or stop the engine and restart it during the next orbit over and over again.
  12. Here a suggestion from Kavaeric, instead of wobbling, joints should stay fixed and after too much stress, visually vibrate with metal bending sounds with to then fail spectacularly. Read more there:
  13. I think that would be fantastic, the rocket keeps heading in the direction you want, the SAS will struggle less AND you still get the explosion after a cinematic vibration after doing things you shouldn't. We need a voting system for suggestion so that goes to the top !
  14. Time to get the welding kit
  15. I'm no programmer, but I was wondering if this area-area occlusion could be used to calculate the rigidity of nodes between parts or simply using the node tier is ok ? I'm thinking that radially attached parts may be more structurally sound, or maybe do the same as for the procedural wings and add more nodes for big parts like attaching a XL tank. Also thanks for the explanation and the great parts you made
  16. What Dakota is not showing is that close to that chessboard I made this for the team
  17. Stop praising me or I'll send Megamaid to remove all the air in your office and I don't think you want to mess with her
  18. 1: sadly enough, because of the buoyancy in this game I could not keep both ship in water without them exploding 2: "Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region. Are you certain whatever you're doing is worth it?" https://discord.com/channels/1039959585949237268/1078459801522147468/1095032189319647362
  19. Without the science update, Jeb is stuck with middle ages technology and couldn't slay the dragon
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