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  1. So Steam didn't spam my regestry. That was KSP 2. But I followed their advice and wrote an email to Steam support. Wahnfried
  2. I requested a refund after 1.8 hours of KSP2. These 1.8 hours left 369 PQS Object State entries in my registry. I expect it to be resolved in a reasonable time. Will we also get a bug fix? mfg Wahnbert
  3. @Spicat Steam Roles for EA Overview What is Early Access? Steam Early Access enables you to sell your game on Steam while it is still being developed, and provide context to customers that a product should be considered "unfinished." Early Access is a place for games that are in a playable alpha or beta state, are worth the current value of the playable build, and that you plan to continue to develop for release. Releasing a game in Early Access helps set context for prospective customers and provides them with information about your plans and goals before a "final" release. What Early Access Is Not Early Access is not a way to crowdfund development of your product. You should not use Early Access solely to fund development. If you are counting on selling a specific number of units to complete your game, then you need to think carefully about what it would mean for you or your team if you don't sell that many units. Are you willing to continue developing the game without any sales? Are you willing to seek other forms of investment? Early Access is not a pre-purchase Early Access is not meant to be a form of pre-purchase, but a tool to get your game in front of Steam users and gather feedback while finishing your game. Early Access titles must deliver a playable game or usable software to the customer at the time of purchase, while pre-purchase games are delivered at a future date. Read more about Pre-Purchasing on Steam.
  4. What happens to wobbling rockets when air drag comes into the simulation. Then every launch ends automatically in 3000 Kerbal meters or feet? It is clear that rockets can break due to air resistance or excessive G-forces, but connections must withstand normal forces, especially when air resistance and positive G-force thrust are pressing the connections together. In my opinion anyway.
  5. Is formatting used instead of capitalization now? I see that in all posts.
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