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  1. I guess Elon is eagerly awaiting the next patch...
  2. I keep seeing timewarp as a reason against co-op play. Well I played Elite:Dangerous extensively and it had supercruise which is a similar thing. You could see other players in supercruise as some sort of bright blob. Not saying this it how it will work but the problem isn't surmountable. That said I'll mainly do SP, MP for when I feel like it.
  3. Not at all...yet. Having fun doing stuff I'd never done in KSP1. Planes, space planes etc. Also I'm hopeful it'll stay that way till the first new content comes around , but we'll see.
  4. Thread = mind blown. Can't think of another game forum where you would see this sort of stuff. Really interesting.
  5. Better late than never. First a disclaimer, as others have mentioned I'm not as yet building complex crafts. But like for like pretty much everywhere. On the ground around KSP, in the air and in space. I've not seen the jitteryness that others have mentioned. On low settings mind you, I may try to raise them after work.
  6. I'm another who's getting around 2 times the performance. P.C. is at or below min spec (i5 4690k and a 1070ti). Overall it's pretty smooth.
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