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  1. 7 hours ago, munix said:

    And in case you're interested in creating more of the classic stock-type missions (Shadow's mod is meant for procedurally generated contracts, if I'm not wrong), here's a preview of the mission editor that I've had kinda just sitting there since the end of December:


    I was very busy with exams during January, but I'll resume working on it soon.

    Yep my one is for procedural missions based on templates. And is oriented specifically for kapitalism.

    Current progress on my one.


  2. Kerbal App Repo

    This is a quick way to find everything KSP(2) related



    If you think something is missing please create a pull request or suggest it here
    When suggesting please include the following

    • Project / site / app name
    • description
    • tags - single words that relate to the Project / site / app (used in the search function)
    • image link
    • Quick links - can have multiple
      • link name
      • link src

    src = https://github.com/Bit-Studios/KerbalApp

    license = MIT

    examples of what you can find

    Key bindings - Suggested by me
    Suppise Dv calculator - Suggested by Suppise
    The Forums - suggested by dakota

    How to use the search

    you can search for tags, or app names
    you can also exclude tags or app names by putting a (-) symbol before the word

    example: calculator -dv
    that search would return all calculators except DV calculators

  3. 14 hours ago, Jorntmeister said:

    I'm totaly new to this but the idea is really cool!

    I have a multi monitor set up and I'd love to have in flight information on my 2nd and 3rd monitor.

    Such as map view and such. Is that possible to make with this mod and how should one go about making it? I looked at the wiki but the only thing I could find was the button tutorial. 

    Keep up the great work!

    yes that is possible to make.

    I would recommend using html and js for that.

    you can use the celestial body api to get the positions of the planets and their orbital characteristics
    when you have the game loaded go to http://localhost:8080/docs for more info. that page auto generates based on the apis you have installed with the mod
    if you want to get the craft position data you can use this api created by Steven_VaanUltra https://github.com/stevn999/VaansExpansion/releases/latest

  4. On 1/7/2024 at 3:01 AM, ToffeeTrish said:

    Very intuitive, any way to add custom parts?  Clicking the "Import Parts" button doesn't do anything.

    the import parts is not implemented yet. 
    its on my todo list but it has no eta atm.

    you can still add custom parts by putting the part id into the parts list on the node


  5. Tech Tree Manager & Editor

    Tech tree manager:


    This mod allows you to use custom tech trees, along with other QOL features:

    • Vertical scroll, used for larger tech trees.
    • Multi requirement display, Fixes the issue where multiple requirements are hidden.
    • Custom tree loader.
    • Tree selector

    License: MIT

    Install this mod using ckan


    The Editor


    This editor allows you to edit and create custom tech trees for Tech Tree Manager and Patch Manager 

    • TTM tree import & export
    • PM tree export
    • PM Node update export - (useful for modders to add and remove parts from the tree)
    • Part selector
    • visual tree editor
    • localization generation

    License: MIT

    Latest update:

    Editor Update



    • toolbar design and layout
      • Feedback wanted
    • Json to csv, csv to json code
      • Thanks to munix for the update to this
  6. On 10/28/2023 at 11:51 AM, mattihase said:

    Is there any way IG can set up an officially hosted wiki like with ksp1 so we don't have to put up with a wiki hosted on Fandom's garbage ecosystem?

    I think having a real wiki would also further... further the game's focus on being accessible to new users.

    if enough people are interested in moving away from the fandom trash, ksp2.kerbal.wiki could be setup.

  7. sorry about the late reply.

    yes you can get the data from them planets, 
    the Newtonsoft lib is included in the patch class so you could convert the Data into json and then log it into the log.sl

  8. On 10/29/2023 at 1:34 PM, Superfluous J said:

    Thank you! However, I'm having an issue and have 2 more questions

    The Issue:

    This errors out and won't run currently. I have Konfig as the only mod installed in CKAN. It installed BepInEx, Shadow Utility LIB, SpaceWarp, and UITK for KSP 2. I load KSP, and Mods has a /!\ error. I click that and see this:


    Here's the player.log (renamed): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l71jP_TYjDXtHOW7paVBCfZkPINxK1vc/view?usp=sharing

    The Questions:

    1) Assuming this is fixable, where do I put the config files? In the mod directory?

    2) How do I represent a Vector3d in the config file? I'm guessing something like this but have no clue:

    Data.axialTilt = (0.5,0.5,0.5);


    sorry about shadowlib. It had a file leftover from when spacewarp was required. I  will push an update to fix that issue soon.

    And yes filename.konfig can go in any folder within the plugins folder. 

    for the vector 3 part you can do this. new Vector3d(0.5,0.5,0.5)

  9. ME: Creates tool to help people with the registry since some people wont want to touch it.

    Some random guy: 

    11 hours ago, Buzz313th said:

    LOL, is this the guy T2 and IG sent to do damage control for shoddy coding?  Why not, he already does it on his You Tube Channel.

    Unreal and absolutely pathetic.   You are actually enabling this company to continue in bad faith business practice.  Anyone who doesn't see it is in denial. 

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