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  1. 1/3 of June has gone by. Do we have a release date for this update yet? If you want to be more transparent, then do it. This definitely isn't that, it's clear as mud.
  2. Interesting. I have never approached landings like that. I do make sure that I have more than enough TWR to ensure I can lift off the target body. And I try hard to make sure I bring enough fuel, but have always used Delta V to assess that. At least on KSP1, there are Delta V tree maps for getting to and from each body that are really helpful. I used MechJeb in KSP1 and am using Micro Engineer in KSP2 to give me my horizontal surface velocity and vertical velocity then work at killing those as I near the surface. Sometimes I come in a bit hot, but I have never really needed to see fuel supply in seconds. It's just a different way of looking at it, I have always understood things in terms of change in velocity and acceleration. BTW, Happy Pride Month from a fellow queer and trans woman.
  3. To be honest, I am not sure why you would want that. Delta V is the important thing, all orbital maneuvers are really dependent solely on Delta V. Can you explain to me what value this would have?
  4. The lack of color differentiation makes me crazy. Each conic segment should have a different color as in your example. I still can't figure out the intercept markers.
  5. 13. Procedural Fuel Tanks in all sizes and all fuel types. 14. XL Reaction Wheels 15. Larger ullage motors (sepatrons suck) 16. Procedural Wings with fuel 17. Hot-staging capable stage separators (think Russian open truss with blast deflectos like on N1) 18. Nose cones with solid fuel motors for aiding radial separation to be used with 19. Radial separators incorporating solid fuel rockets to better eject boosters strapped to a core stage 20. Trusses with options to have fuel, RCS, batteries, and internal mounting nodes, etc. inside their structure to make building more compact stations or interplanetary vehicles/probes with fewer parts
  6. But it does show you the CoM for your current condition. Yeah, it sucks that it doesn't update in real time. And it would be very nice if we could get a full fuel and empty fuel state displayed simultaneously. And it would be nice if this was applied to all stages... but there are workarounds for these things. What really annoys me is there is no control of fuel flow priority, there are many times that is super useful with launching top heavy vehicles.
  7. Well, crap, I thought you could do that. It would have its (somewhat rare) uses if you could disable pitch, yaw or roll for them. I am glad that is an option for RCS, but that isn't applicable to your issue.
  8. I don't think that we know that, and I actually hope it isn't.
  9. So using a conventional aircraft layout, here is how you should think of them: Wings are for generating lift. They have ailerons on them for roll control/banking. Stabilizers are mostly a fixed fin with a smaller control surface area that depending on placement allow for pitch (horizontal stabilizer, elevator) or yaw (vertical stabilizer, rudder) adjustments. They help keep a craft flying in the direction you want while also allowing directional control. Control Surface is an all-moving fin that allows for very aggressive directional control. A lot of fighter aircraft in real life have such control surface, usually in place of a horizontal stabilizer or as canards to allow for very fast pitch changes. If you want to use fins on a rocket, use Stabilizers. Don't use Control surfaces or wings. On an airplane, use wings for lift, and stabilizers for your tail surfaces, unless you want to have a very responsive aircraft (that may be quite difficult to fly straight because it is unstable). I hope this helps.
  10. Oh, for sure. I am happy to provide it. I am also willing to be a guinea pig for testing new versions if you need one. I'm not one to actually do the mod code myself, I am an OLD C and FORTRAN programmer. This new stuff I haven't really bothered with since I no longer do code for a living. I'm more at the hardware architecture and systems engineering (requirements definition) level in the real world now.
  11. It's working much better now. And it's starting to get closer to MechJeb functionality for some stuff, and that is nice. Thanks for taking this project on. Suggestions... For Hohmann transfer, can you add the ability to set a desired Periapsis? Sometimes it gives a solution that completely misses, or it gives an impact trajectory. Same for course correction. Adjusting Periapsis and Apoapsis, you can't adjust Periapsis at Periapsis... Same for Apoapsis at Apoapsis, so those choices should not be available. New LAN doesn't seem to be working for me. Set semimajor axis would be nice.
  12. Please, please , please do NOT over-simplify heat management. A large part of what I enjoy in KSP 1 is solving difficult issues. I used Nertea's excellent mods and the heat control model with different heat sources having potentially different operating temps that necessitated multiple heat control loops is something I absolutely want in KSP 2. Perhaps a toggle in game for those of us who want the increased difficulty. But please give us the option to do things "the hard way" as for some of us, that is what we want and enjoy.
  13. Just downloaded those updates, I will definitely be giving it a go. Thanks so much for this tool, I find it quite useful. Oh, and while we are at it... is there any plan to add a warp helper like Mechjeb had?
  14. Its working within Duna SOI, I was able to enter orbit and then use Flight Plan to get to my planned orbit. I will see a little later if it is still doing the wonky UI weirdness when I am in interplanetary space. I have to get to the DMV (how fun...)
  15. I just did that and it is working with 0.7.4. Thanks for the help.
  16. I have both. With any version <= 0.7.2, it loads and shows in the mod list. 0.7.3 and 0.7.4 it does not.
  17. Node Manager is there. It was installed when I updated to 0.7.2. With 0.7.3 or 0.7.4, Flight Plan does not load. Is there a log file I can go look at? I still have problems with Flight Plan not displaying text outside of Kerbin SOI
  18. Do we even know if we are actually going to get a tech tree? One of the things I enjoy about KSP1 is challenging myself to progress as fast as possible by packing as much "science" into every mission I can. But for now, I would like if we could turn the suit's lights on, deploy/retract a sun visor, and have parachutes. Being able to change colors or even suit appearances even without any function changes would be nice too.
  19. Gimme dis! I have a MIGHTY Need! Another thing that would be nice would be if there is some way to move standard in-game and mod dialog boxes to another screen to reduce clutter.
  20. Help! I am unable to get either 0.7.3 or 0.7.4 to show up in the Mods list. They do not seem to be loading. 0.7.2 does load, but it breaks on me. I can use it in Kerbin SOI and it works fine there, but when I leave Kerbin SOI and try to use it, it displays one small grey block with no text when I open the window. I am currently running just the following mods as well (pared down mod list to the minimum I need): K2-D2 0.8.0 Maneuver Node Controller 0.8.1
  21. I had to go try it, and yes, it works, but I really don't like that it is neither explained anywhere I recall seeing, and is tied to the same key as that used to reduce the time warp factor. That is poor UI design. And it should be something I can map to another key entirely.
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