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  1. I had a private discussion with someone else, it seems the jumping I am experiencing is a result of using the Lazy Orbit mod. Which sucks, because I am just trying to practice docking. And now SAS isn't working on my assembled station. It just tumbles. Yes, I know this is early access and things aren't reliable, but this is just ridiculous.
  2. I am not a dude, do not call me bro. And the point of the post seems to be utterly missed on you. So if you have nothing helpful to contribute, just don't. I hate the way it's done now, I want the old right-click mechanic back, with the ability (where appropriate) to type numeric values in. Oh, it definitely renames crap, but no longer to "debris" but I am unsure if that is any sort of improvement. I never had a problem selecting a docking port in KSP1 because I could focus the camera on the craft I was docking to and zoom in to select it. I don't even know if it is even possible to set the camera view to anything but default in KSP2.
  3. What an ableist thing to say. Some of us deal with significant mental health issues that make that extremely difficult. It must be a very rosy world for you.
  4. I am playing around practicing docking and am having a bad time. I like to build my space stations a module at a time just like the ISS was put together instead of trying to hurl some monstrosity into orbit in one go... I have played KSP1 for a long time and can execute a docking fairly well, even manually. So I know how to do it. But, I am having a hell of a time even getting near to the station with a new module. Everything will be going great, I'll be within a reasonable distance, then several problems pop up. The first and most annoying one is that the distance between the target position and the module I am flying jumps, it never gets closer when it does, only further away. I will be say 25 meters away and suddenly, the station is 200 meters away. The next problem is RCS wigs out when using SAS target mode, it's using all my monopropellant (I am aware this is a known issue). It's really very annoying. This makes things more difficult overall IMO, in KSP1, I would set the port I am docking with and the one I am docking to as control points on each ship then use the target alignment in SAS to make things a lot easier. Setting a docking port as a target is difficult, sometimes it works, sometimes I can't figure out how to make it work, even though I think I am doing the same thing each time. So I end up playing tricks with SAS orbital alignment to get a good orientation on the craft I am docking to. Attitude oscillations, seriously a pain in the butt. Control wheels and RCS both induce such oscillations, especially when rolling the craft to align it to the position you want and so I can reliably translate the craft I am flying. RCS, especially with regard to translations done perpendicular to the orbital path is really sensitive and hard to control. Cancelling those vectors is super finicky. Undocking is far more energetic than it ever should be. By the time I can switch to the undocked craft, it's far away and probably has an induced pitch or yaw rotation. Sometimes that doesn't matter, sometimes it really does. If you want to reposition a part, it can get tricky. And yes, I am using the [ and ] keys to cycle from one craft to another. (I currently have docking force at 100%, so I have no idea if reducing it will affect this). Vessel naming? What [snip] is going on here? Why is there no vessel naming management in KSP2 like KSP1 had? Disappearing orbit tracks and craft sprites in map mode after docking... and sometimes I can't get it to ever come back. Half the time, my station disappears completely, cannot find it in the tracking station when this happens. It's random and it disappears when I switch to the VAB to build another module. And right now, I think my most complex station is roughly 50-60 parts and has 4 modules. I built craft in KSP1 with far bigger part counts, 300 to 400 was workable for me and 10 or more modules docked. Now I am using Lazy Orbit to skip the tedium boost and rendezvous while I am practicing, I have no idea if that mod is affecting anything.
  5. I hose myself in games all the time... I am quite good at it. And I have had ZERO interest in multiplayer games of any kind. Ever.
  6. First impression, definitely seeing improved framerate on the launchpad. So that's promising. And you fixed a bug I reported about lighting of Kerbals on EVA on the launchpad at night, they weren't being illuminated like the ship by the pad lights. Looking forward to seeing how things have improved in general.
  7. I didn't say you can't change it in the VAB, I said you can't change it in flight. Everything in the VAB is dumbed down compared to KSP1 IMO
  8. This can't be real: "charcuterie boards". Charcuterie is cured meat, not cheese plates... we all know Kapybaras do not consume ham and sausage.
  9. KSP Version: Operating System and version: Windows 11 Ver. 21H2 build 22000.1696 CPU: Intel i7-11700F 2.50 GHz, 48 GB RAM GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti 6 GB RAM This is a weird one but easy to recreate. Lighting not properly applied to a Kerbal on EVA. When doing an EVA from a vehicle on the launch pad at night, the vehicle is well lit but the Kerbal on EVA is dark, it is not lit at all by the launch pad lighting.
  10. Realistically, some parts should just tear off. Left your solar cells deployed... oops, there they go. Not an explosion, just gone, and causing further damage if they happen to hit your vehicle as they go. I also agree with @RealKerbal3x about the heating effects, we really should never see them on launch in the vast majority of cases, it should take into account both velocity and atmospheric density and also drag which has a huge impact on shock fronts.
  11. I am seeing the exact same behavior. This sucks. I would much prefer it to automatically transition between ladders that make a continuous path. Much like KSP1 did. And this is with Patch 1 installed if that even matters.
  12. Yeah, this is a problem, can't move from one ladder section to another, or even off of the built in handholds on a capsule to a ladder. At least, I haven't figured out how to do so. Makes building a large lander for say Duna a problem because the jetpack can't get you back to the hatch.
  13. Which is quite disappointing to be honest. It should have been there at EA launch. That's my opinion and I am sticking to it. But then again, there are a LOT of things that should have been there that aren't. I paid my money and I didn't ask for a refund, because I think it is important to be part of the dialog on the game development, finding bugs, etc. But there isn't a lot of playability here at this point. And the part selection sucks. I like optimizing rockets, including things like fuel flow priority, and that can't be done now. There are a lot of KSP 1 things I believe should have come straight over and should be working now but they aren't and that's a big let down for many of us and why a lot of people did go for refunds. And I really dislike the dumbed down VAB. I WANT the technical details on parts and the ability to tweak all the settings, can't do that in KSP2 and you can't change things like parachute deploy height in flight, which you should be able to do.
  14. Each to their own, I love the black and red theme.
  15. When will we get re-entry effects? I was sorely disappointed in them not being there. And honestly, the part selection is grim.
  16. Patch 1 put everything back to stupid noodles. PLEASE FIX THIS. It is impossible to build anything that works like it should.
  17. I mean, if you like vodka, Absolut isn't bad.
  18. Thank you. OK, I had a super busy week at work so didn't get back to this until today. I have successfully installed this and a few other mods. This makes me happy, so much easier than pulling those stupid, finicky arrows. KSP2 developers, if you are listening/reading, this must be native functionality in the game. Now if I can just figure out why my lander stage fuel is being burned by my booster stage... it's driving me crazy.
  19. Yes it is. But more to my question, which location is the right location to put them in?
  20. Can someone please explain to me in detail how to get this to load? I installed the BepInEx + SpaceWarp plugin and I see it in the mods list from the game start menu. But I cannot get any other mod to work. I have placed the folders in various places and none of them work. I can't access any of the mods in game. I installed the game using Steam and launch it from there, if that matters. I am out of ideas here. And once I do get them to load, I am assuming they are accessed through the app bar? Yes? Nothing beyond vanilla game options there so far. What am I missing? Please help, because this mod and a couple others will make things a lot easier to play this game (all functionality that should be IN GAME, but that is beside the point). Places I have tried dropping mod folders, with zero success: In the KSP2 Root folder directly [KSP2 Root]\BepInEx\plugins [KSP2 Root]\BepInEx\plugins\SpaceWarp\mods [KSP2 Root]\SpaceWarp\mods
  21. I have worked on gigantic programs with hardware and software integration, I actually do know how it CAN work. So please do not try to explain engineering to me.
  22. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  23. I have to say that I am disappointed at the apparent tempo of patches. three to four weeks is a LONG time. Pick an issue, squash it, patch it. Repeat.
  24. Hey now, stop making sense... I have no idea why anyone still uses Twitter. It has always been an awful platform.
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