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  1. This is week 1 of an early access physics sandbox game, it is going to take way more than a single patch before things become noticeable stable. I have no clue what you were expecting for an early access of this game but this is what KSP1 was like when it was first released as well. The point is for those interested to get in while it is still being figured out, and help find weird bugs and guide the direction a bit. I am not expecting this to become a smooth polished experience for MONTHS much less within the first couple weeks
  2. I wish maneuver tool would let you set % of throttle so that for the <2 second burns you could change the maneuver to be 70% throttle and get a more manageable burn time
  3. I think it would be interesting to include Food/water requirements into career mode. Nothing to tedious, say standard command modules come stocked with 5-10 days food, and with cargo bays you could load up a couple years worth of food on a rocket if you wanted. I just think it would be neat to have a reason for sending re-supply missions to space stations. Eventually you would unlock 0G farming modules that would negate the need to ship up food. Just something I think about every time I notice poor Bob who ran out of fuel on his way back from Duna and has been living in his little command module on his own special orbit for the last 5 years with no food or water
  4. I believe the fuel issue is caused by a bug where the medium landing gear causes crossfeed from the fuel tanks it is attached to, so any stage with medium landing gear attached to a fuel tank will share all their fuel with other stages
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