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  1. I'm not using reshaders but this is my KSP2 folder. Mods go under BepInEx plugins
  2. Just a thought but it would probably be nice if this mod's name was changed to just SORRY" or S.O.R.R.Y in the Spacewarp mod list. It's currently long enough to enable horizontal scrolling which offsets the other mod names and there is no way to adjust the panel size. The full name is shown in the right hand info panel.
  3. I set KSP2 so it is windowed mode 2560x14404 or 1920x1080 and Borderless Gaming sets it full screen borderless. There are no sidebars since its it matches my display resolution aspect ratio.
  4. There's a mod now on Spacedock called K2-D2 that automates precise maneuver burns
  5. I was using Scale UI mod at 75 - 80% but have since removed it and I still have this issue with the destroy button being mostly hidden.
  6. In the VAB when enabling shift for part "View More" the green launch flag shows through the information panel. https://imgur.com/61q1BF1
  7. I'm on a 27" at 2560 x 1440. I totally agree some of the UI HUD elements are too large. I tried out the UI Scaler mod and dropped the UI to 75% which was really nice for the Nabvall and staging etc but then the burn timer was tiny in comparison and pretty hard to read. If its possible a mod to reposition and scale HUD elements up/down individually would be great.
  8. I would think it's legal related as other games have similar. A compromise might be to allow us to skip the full duration of the health warning using the ESC key once it appears. If you don't ESC past the warning it displays for the full duration. Having said that the ability to fully bypass would be preferred.
  9. I don't care much for the for the maneuver burn timer UI. It doesn't really match that well with the other HUD elements and overall I wish it a bit was larger with bigger numeric timer fonts. Information wise it seems fine but could use a redesign IMO.
  10. I was having the same issue and someone on the Discord pointed me to a utility called. "Borderless Gaming" You can purchase on Steam or D/L free from GitHub. https://github.com/Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming I run dual monitors and this utility scales windowed mode to full screen borderless. I'm now able to mouse back and forth between monitors without KSP2 minimizing. Not sure if this will help on Linux but there is a source tar.gz on the GitHub so you can try compiling.
  11. Thanks, I checked out the GitHub site and it looks like lots of potential for this addon in future. Did a quick test and seems to be working fine with patch 1. I'm running UI Scaler set to 80% however at this size the maneuver burn timer is pretty small and hard to read so positioning and scaling of individual elements would be super useful. Another item I was thinking of is the ability to pin mods to the app bar from the overflow list "if that is even possible".
  12. Being able to collapse the Parts Catalog in the VAB is very handy, thanks. Do you have other features planned for AUI? Is it possible to reposition and or scale individual elements of the in flight HUD / controls?
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