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  1. Exactly my feelings towards everyones efforts at Intercept...
  2. Not sure what people are running to get such long load times... I run around 170 mods and I'm looking at KSC in less than 3 minutes from running the game. And Intercept don't get to finish their game... Never mind a free pass! I know you have an uncomfortable stick for people who say that KSP is better than KSP2, but, it really is a superior game as it stands... Squad built the game but the community made it what it is, anger isn't going to change peoples opinions or get this damned game finished. [snip]
  3. They aren't talking to us, they're talking to the shareholders and I'm sure they're more than aware of their recent cost reduction program and the victims in that purge. I doubt the fanbase will hear anything until June (if at all) but all sign are pointing to a big nope for the future of KSP2 imo.
  4. I honestly think it's done for, certainly for the forseeable future. Understandable but still a damned shame.
  5. Yeah, that was the image that was posted by the Aziz... Also the only mention of ksp2.
  6. The game is dead... The image you posted is the ONLY reference to KSP2 and ZERO mention of Intercept. Also, this is one of the few references to Private Division, no mention of KSP2 even though they mention released games.
  7. The documents located here... https://www.take2games.com/ir/quarterly-earnings They're all entirely separate documents, you even said there were 4 earlier so I'm not seeing the confusion here. EDIT: No mention of it here either and they DO mention games already released. Source: https://ir.take2games.com/static-files/11d85d6a-d00f-43ac-a2a1-070937d92286
  8. But not the one the post is directly about? Yes?
  9. Nothing of what you've said is in the documentation released with the earnings call, if you can point me to where it does say that I'd be greatful. EDIT... Do you mean this from a totally separate document? If so, this means sod all. Source: https://ir.take2games.com/static-files/75cef79f-3814-4a46-9748-53db35eda24a
  10. You can have a read through it here... https://ir.take2games.com/static-files/e357ad06-0762-4e80-b80c-e3869252fdfe No mention of KSP2 or Intercept as I can see so far but if this is the contents of the call then we basically have zero news. Smashing!
  11. No... [snip] I happen to think people should place it anywhere they please and the fact you can only do that with a mod is somehow the fault of the game and not the developer who made the ruddy thing! Also... I thought that all would have well been gone by now... Wonders will never cease to amaze!
  12. *To you. Once again though, you started this by bemoaning the KSP1 navball so lets either stick to that or just knock it on the head because you're juggling games like it's a cirus to try and 'win'. EDIT: Yeah, I will just knock it on the head. This will all be gone in the morning and it's just a waste of keypresses at this point... Stay happy [snip]
  13. Intercept aren't a capable studio, they could put it round the back of my monitor and I still wouldn't care because I don't play it... Although we were talking about the KSP1 navball, nevermind eh.
  14. Because if the studio wont do it then the community stepped in and did it for them? Again, that's a dev issue, not the game... Highlight it to IG if it's a real issue to you and you want an official solution, bringing it up to users is silly as it just derails another conversation with the reciprocal nonsense that we have been doing.
  15. It's been over a decade, I imagine, without installing the relavant mod to fix it, that you're stuck with it.
  16. Yeah, I was there and remeber the majority landing on being in the middle was logical and the best placement for the majority of players involved in that discussion. I'll discuss whatever I like to thank you very much, including, but not limited to, the correct placement of the navball.
  17. Oh the good old days eh! It's not an issue and there's a mod to fix almost any problem you have, so, with the greatest of respect to everyone not in that position, I really don't care about the "issue" as it doesn't effect me.
  18. You say that but I'm not hearing the vocal majority to be honest... Just you.
  19. *To you. Also, you're the one posting pictures of the console edition to convince people that it's an issue... It probably is an issue on console but having never played it, I don't know or care. I have never played at less than 1080p so, again, I neither know nor care for the 'issue'.
  20. So, what is it? Are you blaming the game for something the developer hasn't done or are you mad that the mods available on the PC aren't on console? Either way this is a dev issue, not the game.
  21. That's a console only edition though... So, it's not apple for apples and effects a drastically lower number of users... Also, how far would you have to zoom if the PAW was there or the notifications? It would be unplayable.
  22. I was hoping for more than "people play other games"... My bad for expecting something of substance, I suppose. Again... The issues faced between the two games aren't comparable as, 99.9% of the time KSP1 works like a dream for me and I have a great time playing... Whereas it's just not the same for KSP2, it's a souless mask of what could have been if there was an ounce of talent in the room. There's a fix for that, just because it came from the community rather than the developer matters not to anybody who finds the navball obstructive and finds themselves with the tools at hand to change that. Mods are what gave KSP1 its longevity and ultimately, its seemingly ill-fated sequel.
  23. Well... Go on... What's your point? And... Some people play KSP2, it just happens that it is much less than the playerbase of KSP1 on a daily basis.
  24. Yeah, they "gave up" on the game being developed for over 10 years... Where as everyone else calls it "The end of the development cycle" Is it though? You keep saying it, yet, it has kept an extremely healthy playerbase for over a decade. I never experienced more bugs and frustrations than I did with KSP2 and that has been development for half the time of KSP1 already. Also, why would I be trying to get to "what KSP2 promised"? I play KSP1 for the game it is and the community that supports it... It's all there and I can play it now! That said, I'm having quite a hard time loading up those promises in KSP2 because they're not there and never will be... For a KSP fan you sure seem to hate KSP.
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