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  1. This probably sounds weird for a mod name, but perhaps "Kerbalaxy"?
  2. I just want to say that this one mod is amazing, for me it's the perfect in-between of the normal stock tree and CTT, the stock tree has a good structure, but it slows down massively after the first couple of launches since you didn't take every single research point, and on the other side the CTT was simply too much too quickly, but it didn't feel as bad on the research part. But this mod kind of balances out both points, since you don't get too much too quickly, yet it still keeps you going with a stable structure, and research wasn't directly non-existent, but it was easier to endure with multiple (but not too many) options of structuring your rocket. (Note: This is solely my personal opinion and may not apply to others, so I'd say try it out for yourself and choose where to go from there.)
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