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  1. I think this is just a quick explanation of what this system would do, not exactly what it does. Basically a TL;DR of the system
  2. I think just saying that you are looking into things is mostly enough. You gotta always remember that not everyone will be satisfied, but you can always try to make those the minority. Great Job guys!
  3. Can these Challenges be done in ksp1? I mean obviously there's no rules other than do the mission and no cheating but all of these screenshots of community highlights seem to be in ksp2
  4. So basically we wait longer, but its like we were already getting that stuff anyway so it just has more time to cook in the oven. Good luck team, can't wait to see what you can accomplish!
  5. This is the case for Yemen too where I live. Its just unfeasible to pay 50$ when all i earn per month is like 15$ (granted some things are cheaper to accomodate for the 1$ to 650YR exhange rates)
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