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  1. It seems like this mission is trying to urge the player into using multiple launches to accomplish the task given. If that is the case, the problem I have with it is that there were no missions to intercept and/or dock two vessels together. I would suggest to replace this mission with a simpler, ' Dock two vessels together in Kerbin orbit' and give it the 35 Science. Then, ' Dock and refuel a vessel in Minmus orbit' for 100ish science, and then a ,' land 200 tons' for 300ish science. Use earlier missions to teach concepts on how to achieve the goals of later missions.
  2. I'd like to report the same behavior that I have experienced from day 1 of the game coming out. I hopped the patch would include a fix. I've always placed my Mun and Minmus orbits between 12 and 20k and this has become quite annoying. Personally, it is my primary bug in the game. I can deal with parts sometimes failing... I look at it as just an engineering flaw of the Kerbals and understand that It'll improve as they get better. On a positive note... the frustration of going to the mun or minmus has forced me to learn how to build/fly/land aircraft... something I was never liked doing in KSP1.
  3. From what I can tell, this happened after the patch. I originally had built a fleet of aircraft ranging from small to large and had no issues taking off, flying, and landing them. After the patch, all the medium winged craft could no longer take off as the flaps were moving down. I set them to Inverse but then the banking was swapped.
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