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  1. The new King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard album is absolutely fantastic!
  2. Backed! Two great tastes that taste great together!
  3. Tried to figure out how to get this crazy thing into orbit so I can do the Moho challenge!
  4. That would be AWESOME! Guilt-free clipping, like 0 calorie chocolate ice cream... dare to dream!
  5. If it makes you feel better, you can reduce the resources of whatever you clip the part into to "make space". This PSA has been paid for by Part Clippers Anonymous
  6. I have no idea when I did this, but I found the screenshots from my last KSP1 mission today. It was at least a few years ago but if I recall correctly, I did something along the lines of a Grand Tour, visiting every planet and moon one last time after fully unlocking the tech tree (I think this one, all I remember is it was MASSIVE) in Interstellar Extended. Looks like the whole trip took a bit over 28 years! Not sure if it was a mod or base game but both Billey and Samrod's hair have gone totally white. Can't find a screenshot of it but I know the whole thing concluded with a white-haired Jeb using one of the escape capsules and planting a flag right next to R&D. It was a nice way to say "see you later"
  7. Val Level Complete This week we're fitting to get a bit silly on Gilly. Since it's so easy to get there and back, engineering finishes up early, applies a nice coat of Eve-inspired purple paint and takes a well-deserved 3 day vacation, proud of their "Aubergenie". When they come back, something seems slightly off. No matter, the transfer window is here and we must launch. Lubree Kerman is in the pilot seat, having met the requirement of having a name that rhymes with the destination. Phase One: Awesome Aubergenie to LKO Lubree gets to orbit without much of a hitch. They notice a bit of unexpected drag during the gravity turn, but eh, stranger things have happened. Phase Two: Eve Intercept Burn As they cross the terminator, Lubree hits the crew lights and uh... hmm, that's different. I guess that explains some of the drag from earlier - though there is word that it should be fixed soon . Well, at least whoever did it was nice enough to add a huge battery to keep things lit. Lubree basks in the glow, hoping it's not in the UV spectrum, kicks on some Prince and burns for Eve. About halfway there, they correct inclination to approximate Gilly's orbital plane. Phase Three: Eve Aerocapture and Gilly Intercept Swinging into Eve's gravity well, the Pe is corrected to 53 km thanks to research done by @Sivako Aerospace. All of the cool stuff is retracted - those panels are needed to keep the lights on, they're just too cool! Lubree checks the telemetry after capturing, and looks like that inclination adjustment didn't work out so well with an atmosphere in play... Oh well, there's plenty of extra dV! Once in Gilly's orbit, they take a minute to admire the scenery as they feel the bassline from Space Cowboy vibrate the hull. @Socraticatmust have left a mixtape in here. Phase Four: Gilly Docking and Return to the Aubergenie Lubree takes a deep breath and jumps, everything goes silent. They drift away... slowly... very, very slowly from the Aubergenie's warming glow. SLOW. By the time they finally set foot on Gilly, the orbiter is still basically overhead, moving at about 12 m/s around the diminutive moon. Lubree sets the timer on their camera and takes a single shot on Gilly to send back to KSC. A garbled transmission comes in saying something about "scratching" - must mean scratch the landing and return back, ASAP! Lubree bids farewell to Gilly on return to a parking orbit around Eve. Phase Five: Kerbin Return Lubree checks out the calendar and decides to make a few adjustments to the color scheme. After another aerocapture around Kerbin, they decouple it from the bottom stage, leaving it in orbit as a tourist attraction so KSC can recoup some of the mission costs. They wave at the center before splashing down. The cockpit sinks fast but Lubree eventually bobs up to the ocean surface, unscathed. Mission Time: 2y, 76d.
  8. @Socraticat I would love a video on your editing process. Video seems like so much more fun but the learning curve feels "work-y", at least to me. As you may have gleaned, I have a hard time figuring out how to edit down all of my screenshots
  9. @febrion I use in game Steam capture for every single one of mine. F2 disables the HUD. Feel free to DM me if you need more info.
  10. I know it's not to everybody's taste, but I use mods to de-kraken my craft designs as much as possible before starting most missions. It cuts down on a lot of the trial and error time, in addition to getting me up to speed on what the do's and don'ts are. Like @herbal space program mentioned, I don't like gameplay-altering mods so really I'm using mods as a means to get to the fun part of flying cool stuff as fast as possible. Process outlined below. If you look through some of my posts, you'll see what I've been able to produce - I wouldn't say it's anything spectacular compared to other folk's stuff but they (usually) get the job done! I typically make space rockets as opposed to planes, rovers, etc. and the process reflects that, I'm sure some variation would work for most things KSP. 1. Start with a fresh campaign for every mission. Yes, every time. I'm not sure if it's voodoo or not, but I always minimize docking tolerance on a new campaign. 2. Optional: use the mod "Micro Engineer" for planning dV in the VAB. In my opinion, it's the best mod out there. Wish it was part of the base game. I HIGHLY recommend you add at least 25% extra dV to any transfer stages that pass through a SOI change to account for that bug. Along those lines, "Maneuver Node Controller" is helpful to optimize any burns. I don't have a better place to mention it, but I recommend setting all docking ports to 0 docking force. 3. Build your space vehicle and put it through its paces in LKO. I use a mod called "Lazy Orbit" to warp there. Iterate as needed until you're happy with it. Do the same with landers at their intended destinations, etc. You get it. I call this step "time in the simulator". 4. Break the craft down into payload(s) and set up on a launch vessel. Launch, iterate design until you've got a good, repeatable LKO situation. The general idea here is to have everything ready to go before the mission starts. This is a good time to start adding action groups as you've likely found out the things you need to fiddle with most. Action groups are a great way to bypass Parts Manager. 5. If I'm going interplanetary, I'll now use a mod called "Transfer Window" to get things aligned quick - hitting the transfer window exactly helps save on that sweet, sweet dV. I just leave a probe core on the launchpad, set the planet as target and warp to transfer. Once done, I recover the probe and prepare to launch my vessel(s). I wish this functionality was in the base game for sandbox mode. 6. Mission time! No mods needed at this point as I've now got a pretty reliable craft who's nuances I understand pretty well. I'll again plug Micro Engineer here though because it has so much useful information to help with your journey. 7. Post your content so we can see what you're doing! My favorite thing about KSP is seeing how people solve problems creatively. I'm inspired to do things when I look at what others have done, which is great since it's a sandbox right now. If you make something, share it! Similarly, if you find a helpful fix or workaround, please feel free to share it in @LoSBoL's KSP2 Bug Workaround thread!
  11. I know it's a silly design but gee I think this thing looks pretty cool all lit up.
  12. I'm pretty sure you could orbit Gilly by taking a running jump and throwing whatever you have in your pockets behind you a while later.
  13. I'm fixin to get silly on Gilly
  14. @BechMeister sorry I misunderstood the issue. AFAIK relays do not work yet in KSP2; you have to have a big enough antenna to reach from wherever you are back to Kerbin. I can tell you with certainty that setting up a relay network is cool - my normal routine in KSP1 was to always send a "Welcome Wagon" to any new celestial body which included, but was not limited to science equipment, an autonomous lander, and a series of relay satellites to set up. Only after all of that was done would I send a crewed vessel. I look forward to doing that again in KSP2 once all the features go live.
  15. Primary - Jeb Level Objectives (so far) The team at Aran Aerospace is feeling a little ambitious this go around and felt this mission a good opportunity to show other programs just what can be accomplished in the present day. To this end, they've come up with a vessel that can travel as a traditional rocket and assemble itself into a space station once at its destination! Phase One: Solar Module (SM-1) to LKO First thing's first, let's get this thing into space! First to go is the "Solar Module" - the artfully named SM-1: (1) Deep space antenna (1) Wayfarer crew cabin (2) autonomous solar truss probes Truss structure for probes Despite its unusual shape and radially mounted trusses, SM-1 makes it into LKO without much issue. The orbital tug cleans itself up after reaching a stable orbit. Phase Two: Fuel Depot Module (FDM-1) Rendezvous Next up is the fuel depot module, FDM-1: 66 t Methalox capacity (1) Wayfarer crew cabin (2) additional small docking ports (2) additional medium docking ports Due to its high center of mass, FDM-1 has to take a very steep and inefficient trajectory into orbit. By the time it docks with SM-1 there is about 14 t of fuel missing. The orbital tug heads back to Kerbin on fumes. Phase Three: ITM-1 Rendezvous OK. Cool. We have a space station in orbit. Is it interplanetary? No, well, it'd be a lot cooler if it was! But where to go... this thing has a solar farm, a fuel depot and plenty of space inside for activities... Some place where such a thing would REALLY come in handy... hmm how about Tylo?! With that goal in mind, the third in the series of launches is ITM-1 (no prizes for deciphering the acronym): 160 t Methalox capacity (4) Skipper engines Approximately 4.7 km/s dV once laden with SM-1 and FDM-1 To save on weight and complexity, ITM-1 powers itself into orbit after ditching the first stage around 36 km. After docking with the main craft, fuel inventory is taken - we are about 103 t low for our trip! Phase Four: Refueling Missions Time to gas the thing up! 2 separate refueling missions are sent to top off the vessel's reserves. Speaking of which, the assembled craft doesn't have a name yet... for now, we will call it "TBD-1". Phase Five: TBD-1 to Tylo Nothing left to do but hit the big green button! TBD-1 transfers out of Kerbin's SOI and temporarily deploys some of its solar panels in situ to keep systems online during the years long voyage. In order to keep extra some fuel in reserve for future missions, the craft enters a somewhat eccentric orbit around Tylo. Phase Six: Space Station Assembly Space Station: assemble! The solar truss probes separate from SM-1's crew cabin and dock with the main support. Some of the engineers joke that the station must be T-shaped for Tylo. Once both probes are position, all panels are extended. Nevermind that one of the arms is slightly off-plane. It doesn't bother us at all. We did not try to reseat that thing for like an hour. Nope. Fuel from ITM-1 is transferred into FDM-1 before the former undocks for its final mission: touch Tylo. Current fuel inventory aboard TBD-1: Methalox: 18.3 t Monopropellant: 4.8 t Current mission time (approx.): 2y, 98d. Phase Seven: ? The next logical step would be to send a crewed lander to TBD-1. Will R&D have enough time to come up with something before the next Jool transfer window? If so, will they be successful where so many have failed before: returning from Tylo without a rescue mission? Will they figure out a better name for TBD-1? Will anybody care? Stay tuned. Or don't!
  16. Started work on the Space Station Weekly Challenge Edit - Here's its story:
  17. You can also see antenna ranges by holding Shift while hovering over the part. In fact, the shift menu gives good info for nearly every part - I wish it was more prominent or even the default. The tool tip is near the bottom of the screen and honestly I think I overlooked it for nearly 70 hours of gameplay.
  18. Odds are if you're stuck on a certain topic in KSP, Scott Manley will have made a very thorough video on it. Very quick version: Scorsese cut:
  19. They fail until you run out of things to fix (and sometimes even still). Welcome!
  20. @Audaylon I love the step changes in the altimeter, ha!
  21. Possible workaround: I've had limited success by going back to KSC from the game menu and resuming control of the craft through the tracking station. Seems like it forces everything to reload.
  22. A few of my favorites from the Dres Weekly Challenge
  23. Val...ish Entry Dres ring viewing protip: Vessels and Crew Transfer Stage Launch Crew Launch Rendezvous Dres Transfer, Transfer Stage Deorbit Dres Landing The "Jump" Rendezvous II Ring Insertion and Lander Conversion Eve Gravity Assist and Return to Kerbin
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